Killing Floor
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Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
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13 JUN 2013 a las 11:02 a. m.
15 JUN 2013 a las 4:52 a. m.
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Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

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Author: HekuT
Helpers: Gwynbleidd / UltraKill / Rainishe

Code in ServerPerks.ini:

Tripwire Interactive: Link[]
KF Russian Community: Link[]
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Suu "Slime Girl" 25 JUN 2017 a las 4:47 a. m. 
I love Tali !!!!
Grim Reaper 18 OCT 2014 a las 9:40 p. m. 
Whisky 6 JUL 2014 a las 8:03 p. m. 
hey its my space girlfreind sweet
HekuT  [autor] 21 FEB 2014 a las 4:53 a. m. 
@Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, keelah
Guardian_Angel 20 FEB 2014 a las 8:07 a. m. 
Keelah se'lai :)
Snowfall 5 ENE 2014 a las 1:31 p. m. 
i am nice enough as to add the link to the dam thing:
Snowfall 5 ENE 2014 a las 1:30 p. m. 
for those of you who are wondering what next? will after you download ServerPerks use the notebook (which says ServerPerks) (yes after you remove Default) than copy and past
CustomCharacters=TaliZorah to the bottom of the list. make sure you have subscribed for it to work fully than after it downloads the skin go to solo and enjoy.
HekuT  [autor] 2 ENE 2014 a las 3:13 p. m. 
@>>KilleR>>, через ServerPerks
>>BLackCat >> 11 DIC 2013 a las 12:11 a. m. 
Как добавить? Подскажите!
HekuT  [autor] 31 OCT 2013 a las 7:57 a. m. 
@Black_Cat, не такой уж и глупый вопрос. Вроде бы можно, но честно пока не знаю, как именно, знал бы, сказал.