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Little Knight's Adventure
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4
Etiquetas: 4+
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Little Knight's Adventure

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2-6 Players / 60-90 minutes / 12+

The King is dead! The castle is now controlled by the terrible dragon, and the kingdom is going through a very dark period. Explore the world, find powerful weapons, armors and loot in dungeons and arenas.
Be the first to triumph over the dragon and become the new sovereign!

- You have 4 movements per turn.
- Difficult terrains (Forests, Mountains, Canyons and Rivers) count for 2 movements.
- Move into the kingdom and reach the Dungeons.
- Roll 3 dice to defeat a Dungeon. Win the associated armor and loot that increases your character's power.
- Place your armor tokens on your Champion.
- Get both a sword and a shield, essential to attack the dragon.
- Visit the arenas to get more loot.
- Fight other players to steal their armor and spoils.
- Be the first to triumph over the dragon and become the New King!