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Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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13 DIC 2012 a las 4:08 a. m.
26 ENE 2016 a las 7:40 p. m.

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Now Available on Steam Early Access!
Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire launches on Steam Early Access today!
Fecha de lanzamiento: Q3 2014
Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a futuristic, 3D turn-based strategy wargame that puts you in brigade-level control of infantry, armored companies and massive super-vehicles. This is war on a massive scale that will appeal to those who enjoy games like Rome: Total War, and in particular EPIC 40,000: Final Liberation.

Freedom comes at a cost
With a unique, streamlined command system, fast-paced battles with Chess-style alternating activations, customizable armies and simple--yet deep--strategic and tactical play, our game lets you tell the story of the Exodus Wars, a bloody civil war fought between the Guild and the Royal Empire of Man. Our theme is the Price of Freedom.

Buy today to play the latest Early Access build right now!
You can play Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire right now by visiting FracturedEmpire.net (http://FracturedEmpire.net/) and buying the Early Access version (with a 50% discount!).

We have been are greenlit by Steam now, so all customers will receive Steam keys when Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire launches on the Steam store.

Game features
  • An engaging and fully realised sci-fi universe set in a period of interstellar civil war -- play your part in the Exodus Wars.
  • The Royal Empire of Man against the Guild Legions -- each faction has an extensive roster of units, from infantry and medium armour up to the Empire's Baron small behemoth and the Guild’s Elektra and Enforcer heavy tanks, and with more units being added all the time.
  • Deep strategy via army building -- what you bring to the battle is every bit as important as the tactics you employ.
  • Manoeuvre warfare -- gameplay that rewards solid tactics.
  • Easy-to-learn, difficult to master -- the intuitive user interface enhances the game's depth and balance.
  • Chess-style, interleaving activations-based play that enables quick games -- give your formations orders and see these executed on the battlefield; no long waits like you find in typical "You Go, I Go" games.
  • Cover -- use cover to reduce your opponent's effectiveness.
  • Overwatch -- achieve superior positioning and control the battlefield.
  • Single-player or challenge a friend -- online real-time multi-player is being implemented with full Steam integration.
  • High replayability -- given the large array of units and near-unlimited combinations possible via the Force Selector interface, not to mention the multiple tactical options available for inflicting your will upon your opponent, every battle offers new challenges and experiences.

What are people saying about Fractured Empire?

I love the look and art-design.
-- Cinema Blend
the extremely impressive sense of scale...not to mention its marvellously hand-crafted art style
-- IndieGameMagazine
It’s all the hard-core strategy of a turn based, tabletop, wargame with all the shiny animations but without that sense that a unit is just moving from one square to another ala the Civ games or the long forgotten Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War ... what EW:FE has is potential. Bags of it. Bags and bags.
-- The Shell Case

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28 OCT 2013 a las 6:00 p. m.
Looks sort of EPIC
21 SEP 2013 a las 5:33 p. m.
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UmKa ‡no fear‡ 27 MAY 2017 a las 8:20 a. m. 
Magos Mark  [autor] 17 MAR 2015 a las 4:35 p. m. 
Thanks for your interest! :)

If you're looking for the finished game, it's now available for sale here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/297270
michu society.gg bets.gg 17 MAR 2015 a las 11:51 a. m. 
Vyzerá byť dobrá hra
Fayde 10 SEP 2014 a las 9:32 p. m. 
Well it's looking like it'll be fun - so that's worth some dollars :)
Magos Mark  [autor] 10 SEP 2014 a las 9:18 p. m. 
Thanks! Stay tuned--we're launching in the not-too-distant future. Hope you'll considing buying the game when it hits Steam. :)
Fayde 10 SEP 2014 a las 9:15 p. m. 
Congrats, on the Greenlight :)
Magos Mark  [autor] 5 SEP 2014 a las 4:12 p. m. 
We've been greenlit, Inucan, and we're working hard right now getting Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire ready for Steam. Keep your eyes on the Coming Soon section! :)
Inucan 5 SEP 2014 a las 6:50 a. m. 
nice hope this comes to steam so i can buy it
Protagy_32 2 AGO 2014 a las 1:54 a. m. 
crap game
Dr.TimurLeng 25 JUN 2014 a las 3:01 p. m. 
looking nice