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Complete Guide Early Access Edition
Por DarkusTheFirst
This is the final version of this specific guide. Being that the Early Access is now over, I will be making a new guide encompasing Act 1 of DIvinity Original Sin 2. I will be starting it completely from scrath, though I will reuse what information I can and go hopefully into a level of depth that this guide lacks.

You can find the new guide here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135262362
Introduction and Character Creation
As mentioned above, I will be going into great detail about every single bit of the game I know. That being the case, since I do not want to make this longer than it is already going to be, I am going to assume you have basic knowledge of the game and have managed to complete the Early Access at least once.

For the purposes of this guide, it might help you to know I am gathering most of my information from a Customized Red Prince run where I have a full party of four (Only the Red Princce was customized). The Red Prince acts as my caster. Sybille is a high damage solo target rogue. Ifan is a ranger with some assorted other skills. Lohse is my front line Tank for knocking down, and absorbing damage the others cannot. I have Cameleon skin on ALL of them to ensure I can give myself some room to heal in even the toughest of fights, or can otherwise flee if things are looking too grim.

With this group I managed to defeat Dallis at the entrance to Fort Joy Ghetto at level 4. Dallis moved far before any of my characters, and had she been able to stick around she could have easily takken out any of them. But it worked with some thorough planning and otherwise careful positioning. My purpose in stating this is that I am not a min-maxer. The information I will provide might allow you to do so better, but be aware I have no interest myself.

Character Creation
This is arguably the most important part of the game for now, the initial creation of your character. There are a number of presets, but you can customize nearly all of them to your hearts content. I'll mention a couple of my favorites later on.

Now, the first thing of importance to the game is deciding if you want to play one of the Origin characters, or if you want to make a custom character. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the Origin Characters each have a unique Source Power only they can use. But, if it works properly, The Source skill a custom character gets can be unbelievably powerful.

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf
The Red Prince - Demonic Stare
Lohse - Maddening Song
Sebille - Break the Shackles
Custom - Time Warp

The second decision (Unless you are choosing a Origin character,as their Race is set) is the characters race. This does have a number of impacts on the game since each has two talents you cannot change, and one race specific skill.

Humans get Ingenious and Thrifty, which grant 2 Wit, 3% Crit Chance, and 1 Bartering.
They also get the skill Encourage.
Elves get Elegant and Corpse Eater, which grant 2 Finnese and the ability to get memories from certain corpses/body parts.
They also get the skill Flesh Sacrifice.
Dwarves get Sturdy and Dwarven Guile, which grant 2 Strength and 1 Sneaking.
They also get the skill Petrifying Touch.
Lizards get Sophisticated and Spellsong, which grant 2 Intelligence and 1 Persuasion.
They also get the skill Dragon's Blaze.

The third primary choice is what 'class' to start as. This will effect your starting items which can make a MASSIVE difference in the initial part of the game. They have set base stats and skills, but you can customize those so take them with a grain of salt. They are however very much applicable to any NPC companions you might get since you cannot customize them unless you do so with three friends at the start of the game.

Starts game with Primitive Axe, Primitive Axe, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Fireball Scroll.
Strength, Intelligence, Consitution gain 1. Aerotheurge, Warfare, Presuasion gain 1. Comeback Kid Talent. Skills Blinding Radiance, Shocking Touch, Battering Ram.

Starts game with Makeshift Club, Makeshift Shield, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Holy Hand Grenade.
Strength gains 1, Intelligence gains 2. Hydrosophist, Necromancer, Bartering gain 1. Hot Head Talent. Skills Decaying Touch, Restoration, Blood Sucker.

Starts game with Makeshift Wand (Fire), Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion.
Finesse gains 1, Intelligence gains 2. Leadership, Summoning, Loremaster gain 1. Pet Pal Talent. Skills Conjuer Incarnate, Dimentional Bolt, Elemental Totem.

Starts game with Makeshift Wand (Water), Makeshift Shield, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion.
Intelligence gains 2, Constitution gains 1. Aerotheurge, Hydrosophist, and Loremaster gain 1. Far Out Man Talent. Skills Electric Discharge, Hail Strike, Restoration.

Starts game with Knife on a Stick, Makeshift Shield, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Firestorm Grenade.
Strength gains 1, Constitution gains 2. Geomancer, Warefare, Bartering gain 1. Opportunist Talent. Skills Battle Stomp, Contamination, Fortify.

Starts game with Improvised Staff (Fire), Backpack, Resurrection Scroll. Healing Potion.
Intelligence gains 2, Constitution gains 1. Necromancer, Warfare, Telekinesis gain 1. Executioner Talent. Skills Battering Ram, Crippling Blow, Mosquito Swarm.

Starts game with Busted Twohander, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Firestorm Grenade.
Strength gains 2, Constitution gains 1. Two-Handed, Warefare, Bartering gain 1. Opportunist Talent. Skills Battering Ram, Crippling Blow, Rage.

Starts game with Primitive Harpoon, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion.
Strength and Finesse gain 2. Two-Handed, Polymorph, Persuasion gain 1. Opportunist Talent. Skills Tentacle Lash, Chicken Claw, Bull Horns.

Starts game with Primitive Bow, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Fire Arrow, Knockdown Arrow.
Finesse gains 2, Wits gains 1. Huntsman, Pyrokinetic, Lucky Charm gain 1. Arrow Recovery Talent. Skills Ricochet, Haste, First Aid.

Starts game with Shank, Shiv, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Poison Cloud Grenade.
Finesse gains 2, Wits gains 1. Dual-Wielding, Scoundrel, Theivery gain 1. Back-Stabber Talent. Skills Throwing Knife, Blacklash, Adrenaline.

Starts game with Pocket Knife, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Terror Grenade.
Finesse gains 2, Intelligence gains 1. Scoundrel, Necromancy, Sneaking gain 1. Back-Stabber Talent. Skills Chloroform, Backlash, Mosquito Swarm.

Starts game with Toy Crossbow, Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Explosive Arrow, Poison Arrow.
Finesse gains 2, Intelligence gains 1. Huntsman, Geomancy, Bartering gain 1. Pet Pal talent. Skills Marksman's Fang, Contamination, Fossil Strike.

Starts game with Makeshift Wand (Fire), Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Poison Flask.
Intelligence gains 2, Consitution gains 1. Geomancy, Necromancy, Persuasion gain 1. Talent. Skills Contamination, Poison Dart, Raining Blood.

Starts game with Makeshift Wand (Poison), Makeshift Wand (Poison), Backpack, Resurrection Scroll, Healing Potion, Fireball Scroll.
Intelligence gains 2, Consitution gains 1. Geomancy, Pyrokinetic, Loremaster gain 1. Far Out Man Talent. Skills Searing Daggers, Fossil Strike, Ignition.

After this your choices are far more open ended. You can swap around the 3 attribute points, 2 Combat points, 1 Civil point, 1 Talent point, and choose 2 Tags.
Levels and Stat Caps
There is no technocal level cap. You can go all the way to level sixty and beyond, however there is limited experience available in the world. I will try to help you squeeze every ounce of Experience out of the first act I can, but there is still only so much you can do. Regardless through some testing I have managed to create a table outlining how much experience is needed to attain every level all the way to level thirty. Do be warned, if you get too high in level NPCs will no longer stock new items making it difficult to actually get gear if you do find a way to attain these levels.

Me personally, I suspect the soft level cap will be somewhere from level Twenty to Twenty-Five given there are level twenty things around, and The Seven themselves are all level Twenty-Five.

There are Stat Caps in this game. But they are very high and shouldn't be possible to reach through normal gameplay in the Early Access Edition. Keep in mind that Talents, Potions, Status Effects, and Gear do NOT effect you BASE stats.

Maximum Base Attributes: 40 to any one stat.
Maximum Base Combat Stats: 10 to any one stat.
Maximum Base Civil Stats: 5 to any one stat.

Note: There is a bug where if you spam-click the button that allocates the points you can sometimes make your Base Stats one or two higher than it should be.

Total EXP
Next Level
Level Bonus
Character Creation
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Talent
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil, 1 Talent
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Talent
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil, 1 Talent
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Civil
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, 1 Talent
2 Attribute, 1 Combat
2 Attribute, 1 Combat, ???
Character Builds
In this section I will be inlcuding some of my prefered builds as well as those suggested by commenters. I will make special emphasis if it is meant to be a Solo Build.

My Personal Favorite
The Sorcerer
Race - Lizard
Initial Class - Conjurer
Initial Stats - Intelligence + 4, Wits + 2
Initial Combat - Summoning + 1, Polymorph + 1
Initial Civil - Persuasion + 2
Initial Talent - Pet Pal
Initial Skills - Conjure Incarnate, Elemental Totem, Chameleon Skin

Early on this build relies heavily on the Incarnate and Elemental Totems to stay alive. Use Chameleon Skin to get out of a sticky situation if you need to, or to just get clear enough to Flee.

Intelligence and Wits are the most important stats when leveling, however the full build requires 15 Memory to function properly without using equipment to suppliment the abilities.

Your goal is to unlock a new skill option every level. Aerotheurge first, then Hydrosophist, Pyrokinetic, Geomancer, then finally Necromancy. Once you have all of these pour the points into summoning.

For Civil stats, I personally put them all into persuasion so as to be able to talk myself out of any nasty situation, the benefits of persuasion exp situations, and the initial boost it gives when talking to people.

The Talent Point obtained at level 4 should be used on Mnemonic, All Skilled Up, Far Out man, or should be saved til level 8 for One Man Army (Mostly if a solo run).

The Skills used by this build are Dragon's Blaze, Hail Strike, Fossil Strike, Electric Discharge, Conjure Incarnate, Power Infusion, Farsight Infusion, Rallying Cry, Restoration, Chameleon Cloak, Teleportation, and either Time Warp or Demonic Stare.

When in action, this build should allow you to control the field of battle and set up for nearly any kind of fight whether alone or with a party. You can easily cover an area in oil if you suspect enemies may come from some different areas, set those same oil feilds ablaze , or cover an area in ice only to elecrotucte it late on. These very same fields can be used to give your incarnate different buffs, and with your Chameleon Cloak even should things take a turn for the worse you should always be able to safely escape.

Crafting Recipes
Every single recipe I list here I have unlocked in the game. If you discover one that I do not have listed, by all means please do inform me and if possible I will test it. I'll be listing them all by the categories they are referenced by in the Recipe Menu. And remember, there is a LOT of luck involved with actually being able to complete all the recipes available in the Early Access Edition. For example, it took me three playthroughs to obtain a Mortar and Pestal, something needed to craft a number of other things.

Note: Try to avoid crafting anything until near the end of Act 1 if you like your menues looking orderly. Crafting Recipes remain in your Recipe Menu in the EXACT order you discover them in. If having things scacttered all over the place annoys you, then save all the recipe books you find, but DO NOT read them until you are ready to begin crafting. That being said, know that if you ask the Doctor if she has potions she teach you the recipe for minor Healing Potions.

Be aware, the weapons created will be at the level your character crafting them is currently at. So you might want to save these materials until later on so you can make higher level weapons either to sell or use yourself.

Shiv = Sharp Piece of Metal + Cloth Scraps
Shiv = Sharp Piece of Metal + Leather Scraps
Sharp Stone on a Stick = Sharp Rock + Short Branch
Sharp Stone on a Big Branch = Sharp Rock + Long Branch
Big Tongs Roped Together = Tongs + Cloth Scraps
Big Tongs Roped Together = Tongs + Leather Scraps
Improv Wand = Short Stick + Skull
Improvised Staff = Long Branch + Shell

There are only ONE of some of the items listed here. So chose what you do with them VERY carefully.

Minor Healing Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Penny Pun Muchsroom
Medium Healing Potion = Minor Healing Potion + Minor Healing Potion
Healing Potion = Medium Healing Potion + Medium Healing Potion
Healing Potion = Minor Healing Potion + Augmentor
Healing Potion = Medium Healing Potion + Augmentor
Huge Healing Potion = Healing Potion + Healing Potion
Huge Healing Potion = Healing Potion + Augmentor
Healing Elixer = Empty Potion Bottle + Yarrow Flower
Physical Armour Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Amadouvier
Medium Physical Armour Potion = Physical Armour Potion + Physical Armour Potion
Large Physical Armour Potion = Medium Physical Armour Potion + Medium Physical Armour Potion
Large Physical Armour Potion = Physical Armour Potion + Augmentor
Large Physical Armour Potion = Medium Physical Armour Potion + Augmentor
Small Magic Armour Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Whisperwood
Medium Magic Armour Potion = Small Magic Armour Potion + Small Magic Armour Potion
Large Magic Armour Potion = Medium Magic Armour Potion + Medium Magic Armour Potion
Large Magic Armour Potion = Small Magic Armour Potion + Augmentor
Large Magic Armour Potion = Medium Magic Armour Potion + Augmentor
Small Poison Bottle = Empty Potion Bottle + Fly Agaric Mushroom
Medium Poison Bottle = Small Poison Bottle + Small Poison Bottle
Large Poison Bottle = Medium Poison Bottle + Medium Poison Bottle
Large Poison Bottle = Small Poison Bottle + Augmentor
Large Poison Bottle = Medium Poison Bottle + Augmentor
Minor Finesse Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Boletus
Minor Constitution Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Farhengito
Minor Wits Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Puffball
Altar of the Black Rose = Empty Potion + Blood Rose
Minor Resist All Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Trumpet of Death

I am listing these in the order of materials needed to make grenades, then the grenades in the order they would appear in if you 'auto sorted' your inventory.

Bottle Filled with Oil = Empty Bottle + Oil Source (Suggest Oil Barrel)
Fuse = Rope + Rope
Chemical Warefare = Empty Canister + Intestines
Fire Storm = Bottle Filled With Oil + Fuse
Nailbomb = Empty Grenade + Nails
Nailbomb = Empty Grenade + Broken Bottle
Oil Flask = Empty Flask + Oil Source (Suggest Oil Barrel)
Poison Flask = Empty Flask + Poison Source (Suggest Ooze Barrel)
Water ballon = Intestines + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)

As with the Grenades I will list things here in the order of materials used to make things for the arrows, then the arrow recipes themselves in the order that the arrows would appear if you 'auto sorted' your invetory.

Arrow Shaft = Long Branch + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Knockdown Arrowhead = Antler + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Explosive Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Explosive Arrowhead
Fire Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Fire Arrowhead
Freezing Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Freezing Arrowhead
Knockdown Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Knockdown Arrowhead
Poison Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Poison Arrowhead
Slowdown Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Slowdown Arrowhead
Smokescreen Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Smokescreen Arrowhead
Static Cloud Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Static Cloud Arrowhead
Steam Cloud Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Steam Cloud Arrowhead
Stunning Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Stunning Arrowhead
Water Arrow = Arrow Shaft + Water Arrowhead

To my knowledge there isn't much you can craft here that actually matters.

Thread = Hair + Hair
Thread and Needle = Thread + Needle

There is a LOT to cover here, so to keep things as tidy as possible I'll be putting the drinks at the end, with the foods themselves first.

Cooking Station = Cooking Pot (Limited Resource, choose locations carefully) + Fire/Campfire/Bonfire
Flour = Wheat + Mortar and Pestal (Seems to be a VERY rare item)
Dough = Flour + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)
Cheese Bread Dough = Dough + Cheese
Apple Pie Dough = Dough + Apple
Fish Pie Dough = Dough + Any Fish
Tomato Sauce = Tomato + Repair Hammer
Pumpkin Soup = Pumpkin + Cooking Station
Boiled Potato = Potato + Cooking Station
Cold Fries = Potato + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Rivellon Fries = Cold Fries + Cooking Station
Dinner = Any Meat + Cooking Station
Dinner = Any Fish + Cooking Station
Elven Stew = Dinner + Tomato Sauce
Dwarven Stew = Dinner + Mug of Beer

Apple Juice = Empty Cup + Apple
Orange Juice = Empty Cup + Orange
Cup of Water = Empty Cup + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)
Cup of Tea = Cup of Water + Tea Herbs
Glass of Wine = Empty Cup + Grapes
Mug of Water = Empty Mug + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)
Mug of Beer = Empty Mug + Beer Barrel
Mug of Wine = Empty Mug + Grapes
Bottle of Water = Empty Bottle + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)

Backpack = Rope + Leather Scraps
Lockpicks = Soap + Any Key
Lockpicks x4 = Nails + Repair Hammer
Long Branch and Wood Chips = Log + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Wood Pulp = Wood Chips + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)
Bucket with Water = Bucket + Water Source (Suggest Water Barrel)
Feather = Pillow + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Inert Voodoo Doll = Wooden Figure + Needle

Bonedust = Any Bones + Mortar and Pestle (Seems to be a VERY rare item)
Untested Crafting Recipes
These are all either recipes I vaguely recall but do not currently have in any of my save files, or something I spotted in discussions or other places I have looked into while trying to discover crafting recipes myself. I will also put any commented recipe here until I have a chance to test it myself.

I do not garentee that any of these recipes will in fact work. So attempt at your own risk.

Strength Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Amethyst Deciever
Intelligence Potion = Empty Potion Bottle + Calocera
Fire Resist = Empty Potion + Guepinia
Water Resist = Empty Potion + Bluegill
Air Resist = Empty Potion + Jellyroom
Earth Resist = Empty Potion + Earth Tongue
Poison Resist = Empty Potion + Drudanae
Electric Skin = Empty Potion + Air Essence
Stoneskin = Empty Potion + Earth Essence
Stong Will = Empty Potion + Fire Essence

Cluster Grenade = Empty Grenade + Fire Essence
Frost Grenade = Empty Canister + Water Essence
Thunderbolt Grenade = Empty Canister + Air Essence
Tremor Grenade = Empty Grenade + Earth Essence
Razzle Dazzle Grenade = Empty Canister + Jellyroom
Terror Grenade = Empty Canister + Tormented Soul
Love Grenade = Empty Perfume Bottle + Pixie Dust

Potato Porage = Potato + Milk
Pizza Dough = Dough + Tomato Sauce

Magic Needle and Thread = Needle and Thread + Pixie Dust
Spool of Thread = Hair + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Yarn = Wool + Wool
Rope = Yarn + Yarn
Quill = Feather + Cutting Tool (I suggest keeping a level 1 Shiv)
Inkpot and Quill = Inkpot + Feather
Magical Inkpot and Quill = Inkpot and Quill + Pixie Dust
Real Voodoo Doll = Inert Voodoo Doll + Pixie Dust
Milk and Honey = Milk + Jar of Honey

Moondust = Moonstone + Mortar and Pestal (Seems to be a VERY rare item)
Stardust = Stardust Herb + Mortar and Pestal (Seems to be a VERY rare item)
Pixie Dust = Stardust + Bonedust
Pixie Dust = Stardust + Moondust

Sheet of Paper = Wood Much + Furnace (???)
Rain Scroll = Sheet of Paper + Water Essence + Herring
Fortify Scroll = Sheet of Paper + Earth Essence + Whisperwood
Teleportation Scroll = Sheet of Paper + Air Essence + Feather
Blank Scroll = Sheet of Paper + Elemental Essence
Random Blank Scroll = Sheet of Paper + Pixie Dust
Empty Skill Book = Blank Scroll + Blank Scroll
Skill Book = Empty Skill Book + Skill Scroll

Stunning Arrowhead = Cutting Tool + Tooth
Walkthrough Disclaimer
Everything I explain in this walkthrough will be from my own personal experience. I have seen some misleading or otherwise false information about what is or isn't in the game passed around. I personally have done everything I list in this guide and recorded as I have gone about it. That does not mean I have experienced every single way to go about all the quests, battles, dialogue trees, and so on. If you see something missing, please mention it in the comments below and when possible I shall test it out myself. If the information is true, I'll add the information and thank whoever brought it to my attention.

That all being said, the remainder of this guide is dedicated solely to giving a path that will take you all across Act 1 and grant you every chance to get as much Experience and loot from there as possible. Though I will usually put more value in the path that leads to the most experience. If you dislike how I do a specific thing, try it another way. There might be other ways to get experience from an encounter. I will generally give the one I find to grant the most experience.

If you find anything not listed in this guide, or know the numbers for something I have listed as unknown or '???' feel free to comment that information. I'll grant credit as it is due.
The Hold
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
First Floor
- 1,260 Potential EXP
To obtain as much experience and gold worth as possible you need to spend some time in the starting boat known as The Hold. You need to loot everything prior to Magister Payde, and for the purpose of this guide you do not want to talk to Magister Payde just yet. Once you have looted everything you can including barrels, sacks, and crates, go back to the first room where Magister Siwan is. You have three options if you want the decent chunk of experience from the starting Magisters.
Option 1
- 2 Persuasion Required - You want to kill Siwan out of sight of everything else. Preferably just close the door and kill her, when asked about it deny involvment and you should pass under most situations. After this go to Magister Waters, another solitary Magister. Close the door, and trade with her first. Trade all consumables to her and take everything from her trade invetory, gold included. Once you have all the items she originally had and the door is closed, kill her. You should be able to get back everything you traded to her other than any gold she had left on her. Repeat this process with Magisters Cadoc and Marel if they are still alone in the room just outside Water's room. That should leave you with only Magisters Jalen, Viktar, and Payde. Just like the others go trade with them for all their goods using nonconsumables, then attack the one furthest from the other three and their Source Hound. If successful then none of the prisoners will die, nor will their attitude towards you change. From here you need only attack the Magisters Yona, Ygritte, and Williams before Windigo does her Source Blast. Range helps here.
Option 2
- There is no secret strategy here, you initiate combat and hope for the best. I would only suggest this method if you have a multiplayer group that just doesn't like Magisters as you have a high liklihood of having someone, player or companion, die.
Option 3
- The Finest Cheese - For this you either need multiple players, or Chameleon Cloak. Make sure Payde opens the door before you start this. With that door open, and Magister Siwan closed off, kill Siwan and then get caught by the Magisters. If playing Solo, go invisible, run into the part of the first floor with all the NPC allies before letting yourself uncloack near Payde, once all the Magisters are aggroed attack Windigo. If playing Multiplayer, spread your team out have one person near the OPEN Magister Payde door while the other players are spear out, but can all see at least one other player before combat begins before similairly you initiate combat with Windigo and let her wipe out all the Magisters for you.
Once Windigo has done her Source Blast, go back throug the First Floor looting all the corpses, including Namiyah's since the blast will also kill her. With all your loot in bag procede to the Second Floor.
Note: Killing Magister Siwan after the Source Blast awards NO EXP.
Note: Killing Gil or Namiyah Awards NO EXP.
Note: Paulie, Trice, and Sandy are unkillable.
Note: Killing Ifan, Lohse, The Red Prince, Sebille, or Beast awards NO EXP. Additionally these are all either currently companions or can become companions later on.

Second Floor
- 620 Potential EXP
You should notice all the fire around. Try to avoid that since odds are you do not have magic armour yet. There is a Source Hound nearby all alone, go and kill it then loot the room. There is a locked door, break it down and start looting. If you have Persuasion you should be able to talk the magisters out of attacking you. Do so for a small bit of EXP, before brutally murdering them both. Finish looting the room before breaking down the other locked door.
Loot this room, especially the golden cup which you can sell for a decent price later on before starting into the middle section of this room. Loot all of the bodies, and take as many of the barrels and crates as you are willing to carry. One of the bodies will have a key in it, use that key to open the skull-faced door. Enter and gain some more EXP. If you are a living character, avoid the deathfog as it will kill you. Undead however can freely enter the deathfog for the bit of loot in that room.
Once finished looting and exploring this floor, move on to The Deck. But be sure to bring a water barrel or two with you. They might well save your life.

The Deck
- 360 Potential EXP
A Magister Knight will die the moment you get here. You can neither save him nor kill him yourself. You can however kill both Voidlings with relative ease. DO NOT USE THE FIREBALL SCROLL! You want to save that so you can kill the Captain and the other Magister with him. To do this, I suggest you use the two water barrels I suggested you bring to put out the fire just past the ladder, and blocking the stairs that lead to the life boat.
Carefully put out that fire with the barrels before inching your way closer to the front of the boat. There will be an oil barrel you can barely hit with the fireball scroll. If possible try to also light the oil aflame with the same fireball. Then wait until the fire fades. The moment it does you can move forward unhindered, except by all the oil. Initiate combat with the Captain and other Magister before lighting the oil aflame. That done, use the two water barrels below the wheel to put out the fire and get your loot before going to the lifeboat.
If Gil survived he will be trying to shove off while leaving everyone behind. Call him a coward and agree to go save them yourself.

First Floor Revisit
- 640 Potential EXP
As you move to help your possible companions, a total of four voidlings will attack. Kill them, loot them, then return to The Deck. Saddly before you can escape, The Kraken will appear knocking you down and scaring your companions into leaving the ship without you.

End of The Hold
If you did everything listed, looted everything possible, and managed to successfully squeeze every ounce of experience from The Hold you should have gained a total of 2,880 EXP, more than enough to get you to level 2 before you even leave the 'Tutorial Area.' If you were lucky you should have anywhere from 50 to possibly 500 Gold worth in items, armor, and weapons as well, a decent starting ground for getting stuff done with the merchants.
Fort Joy Beach
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 1,420 Potential EXP
You will arrive on the beach regardless of what happened on the boat. Activate the nearby Waypoint before talking to Tam. There is a chance he will be seeling something of value like lockpicks, Trap Disarming items, and sometimes even grenades. You likely really want to offload some heavy junk anyways if you looted The Hold as harshly as I tend to.
Regardless continue once finished dealing with Tam until you reach the Voidlings. Kill them before looting the area. Once done, continue along the beach until you run into The Red Prince. Add him to your party for now unless you either are him, or a teammate is playing him.
Head east, staying close to the cliffside. A mound of dirt should become visable near a wooden cross. Dig it up and kill the freshly buried corpse for a small bit of EXP and some loot. Start going south from hear staying near the east wall. A Black Cat likely has found you by now. For now the Black Cat does nothing, so kill it for a small EXP reward and some minor loot. You should eventually run across a crate near some suspect looking vines.
Do not enter those vines just yet, there is a mound of dirt nearby to uncover. It should have a pouch with leather armor and a unique bow in it. Take your loot before entering the Secret Alcove. You'll need some form of fire to clear the way to the vines, but once cleared climb up and gian some exploration exp for going near the hut. Talk to the girl Coral, if you make the proper Dialogue options (Generally be nice to her) she'll give you a scroll and you'll gain some EXP. Next talk to Unnis, if you sense an opportunity take it as you'll gain another pouch with a varying amount of gold in it.
Once done carry on to the beach beyond the hut where you'll see a numbr of turtles. As you go along the beach they'll turn. Kill them before looting the area, including a buried mound near one of the boat parts. If you cannot unlock the chest on the farther side of this beach section, simply pick it up until you can or destroy it for its contents.
On your way back through Unnis's camp, you can kill her for some exp and then take all her stuff before continuing back out of the Alcolve. Once out, head west and climb the bridge part that has a campfire on it for some small amount of loot and a shovel. Continue west again looting as you go, but keep a close eye out for three things. There is a Yarrow Flower on the beach somewhere and you need one for a quest later. The ladder near the wall surrounding Fort Joy. And the proper Entrance for Fort Joy itself. Avoid the proper entrance for now as approaching activates a cutscene that will end with Atusa's death, and the group of Magisters leaving. You do not want that since that is a massive amount of EXP and a unique item going to waste.
Avoid the proper entrance and continue looting the beach all around it. Near the east side of the beach, there is a tree you can walk behind that has a chest with some more loot, including sometimes magical items. Once finished looting the beach to the best of your ability, locate the ladder entrance and enter Fort Joy Ghetto that way.

First Revisit
- 1,800 Potential EXP
The first time you revisit this beach should be when you are about to complete The Teleporter quest, and you should enter the area from the Beach Waypoint. The broken bridge you couldn't cross earlier is no problem for the Teleportation gloves, especially since you can send them between party members. next to one of the towers is a secret path leading to some unique loot and some exploration EXP. Be sure you loot everything in the area.
This part of The Teleporter quest is rather simple. Have the initiator of the quest meet Gawin just outside the Secret Alcove before following him into it. Once inside, do as he commands until you are both on the ledge with the Tree Stump. Have the rest of your party return to the Ghetto and enter Withermoore's secret entrance to the Underground Tunnel.
Before you Teleport Gawin over, make sure your party members are near the Underground Tunnel Waypoint just inside Withermoore's Entrance. Saddly, its not possible to kill Gawin yourself and get credit for the quest. Let the Magisters take care of business for you after you teleport him across.
Note: Need to test what happens if he past the magisters alive.

Dallis Revisit
- 11,180 Potential EXP
The attempt to fight Dallis and her crew. Do not take her or them lightly, as they will completely curb-stomp you if you are not absolutely ready. You should be level 4 with a large number of skills aqquired before attempting this, and even then you should probably have decent gear as well.
Set up well in advance. Tar pits blocking easy access to your characters, characters in high ground to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible, do not be afraid to use consumables at any point in this fight as they can determine the course of battle.
Once you have prepared as much as you can/want to. Begin the fight by preferably seperating Dallis far from her goons into a location you already prepared for your allies/party to ambush her at, with hopefully a massive field of oil in between her goons and that location. But make sure that Atusa is still within sight of one of your characters until she is dead.
If you cannot take her down in two turns, reset to the last save and get stronger before trying again. Because if the combined might of essentially your entire party isn't enough to reduce her to half health, then you cannot hope to survive her goons when they arrive.
When she falls below half health, get your team away from her otherwise they will ALL be knocked down. When she leaves with the Bishop, take out her pets ASAP because even without Dallis they can hit like a truck and will take out your team in a few turns if left unchecked.
With a bit of luck and skill, you should be abl to take out both Hammers Pets, Magisters Timery, Hansa, Sevek, and Borris. Collect your golden hammer and bask in the glory that is you for you having beat Dallis at likely half her level!

End of The Beach
If you successfully completed everything mentioned above, you should obtain a total of 14,400 EXP from the starting beach.
Fort Joy Ghetto
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 8,880 Potential EXP
Assuing you entered via the Wall Ladder, talk to Magister Yarrow to initiate The Merderous Gheist. Have a human party member talk to Fara to start Every Mother's Worst Nightmare, have said same character talk to Jeth, then talk to Fara again to complete Every Mother's Worst Nightmare. That done go and unlock the waypoint before talking to the Elf Elodi.
For the maximum experience gains, talk the thugs out of fighting her then have someone add Ifan to their party if anyone wants him. Then attack and kill both Kana and Burro for their exp. Go talk to Nebora who should be within sight now and learn that she can possibly remove a collar.
From here go west near the big bonfire, Gawin should talk to you as you approach. Accept his quest then continue through the breach in the wall towards the crocodile location on your map. You should come across a crab named Septa along the path, kill him for some small amount of EXP.
You should be near the crocodiles now, sneak and set up your position before having everyone unsneak, or have your most durable character charge in and have all your teammates/party members unlcoak by doing their most powerful attack/skill. The crocs should fall rather quickly.
Loot the area. You should find a journal that gives you the Vault of Braccus quest and the Teleportation Gloves. You're not going to continue The Teleporter quest yet however so continue along the beach until Narin confronts you (You should still have the Red Prince in your party). Kill him for some decent EXP, look for Margo she should be nearby and will give you an item for letting her talk about her family.
That done look for Baladir and Saam, they should be arguing nearby. If you talk to them, Baladir WILL kill Saam, so I suggest you shorten the process and kill them both. More experience that way anywho, try to time it so no other camp members get aggroed though. Do not kill Laslor or Rezik yet and flee if they are initiating combat with you.
Once you are done with Baladir and Saam, head south past their tent and have Ifan talk to Buddy to initiate Finding Emmie. He should unbury a key for you as well. Head east from here til you spot Doctor Leste and Dain. If you have restoration on a character, seperate that character from the party, and have The Red Prince talk to Doctor Leste. Have The Red Prince give her the booze but remain in conversation. After the booze have been given to Leste, have the character with Restoration heal Dain. For even more EXP, have The Red Prince ask if she has any potions, then use his special dialogue about the Yarrow Flower.
Dain should be talking to your healer, and should give you the Sparkler Card once you exaughst dialogue with him. Continue from here to the east. You should have a Yarrow flower by now, give it to Migo when the option is available and he'll give you his ring. Go to the Camp Kitchen now where Griff is. Talk to Sebille and have her join if you want her on your team, or otherwise ignore her or possibly even kill her.
Go talk to the elf Amyro to initiate his quest, though technically Griff gives it to you. Talk to the elf again, show Griff the Sparkler Card then talk to everyone in the Camp Kitchen. Once done with that go talk to Nebora and you should learn that she can remove a collar. Return to Magister Yarrow now and give her the ring. Talk to the Card Sharks next, use the sparkler but do not mention how you got it for some decent gold and avoiding the fight.
You can then immedietly kill them all for the EXP, which I suggest. Go from here to Stingtail, make sure you leave Sebille far away as you deal with him. Checck the Marked Crate near him, before talking to Stingtail himself. You will need persuasion to get him to willingly give you the oranges which also gives EXP, but regardless of how you obtain them, do not kill stingtail.
Send one party member to Griff with the orange, tell him who stole it, then attack Silence with your party when she attacks Stingtail. Talk to Stingtail afterwards (Make sure Sebille is far away) for some EXP and gold reward for saving him. From her return to Migo, and talk to Magister Yarrow for your reward.
Once you obtain it kill Migo and Yarrow. Be warned, Migo is healed by poison. Try to either always keep him on fire or otherwise prevent there from being poison as much as possible. When you have won, you should go to the Cavern and complete everything for the initial visit there.

First Revisit
- 760 Potential EXP
After you complete everything in the cavern, you should go talk to Gawin again now that you have the gloves and send him on his way to the Alcove, but do not follow him yet. First you need to start clearing out some NPCs in the area, but be careful to avoid getting Rezik or Nebora irritated. I suggest taking out Brother Bire, Dominic, Fara, Jeth, Myra, and Vissar. You can kill Laslor if he gets into the fight, but mostly youare just trying to clear the area out for when you eventually fight Dallis the Hammer. Do not attack any Magisters yet.
Once the generally area is clear and you can sneak from the Waypoint all the way up the ladder without being detected, from a numbe of angles, you should be good. Go to the Arena of The One now.

Second Revisit
After completing the Arena of the One, go talk to Nebora and have her remove one Collar from 'The One.' Be sure to keep that character out of sight of Magisters for the remainder of your time in the Ghetto. Generally keeping them in the Kitchen will keep them safe. You should either be very close, or at level 4 by now. Regardless, there is a bit of EXP you left in the Arena of the One you should go and collect now.

Third Revisit
- 4,080 Potential EXP
There isn't much left to do now, search for Margo and kill her. Most of the items around the Ghetto should be unclaimed by now, go gather the vast majority of them and sell them to Nebora or one of Griff's Merchants. You should be level 4 by now, so go collect all the skillbooks you want from the merchants. Once you have everything you want from the merchants, you can begin slaughtering them all. Nebora, the entirety of Griff's Crew, Maol, Stingtail, Doctor Leste, and Dain if he isn't already dead. Try to avoid aggroing the Magisters for the moment. And set up the area in preperation for fighting Dallis for the first time. Also open the secret passage Wither had told you about, but don't enter it just yet.
Note: If Sebille is in the party, talk to stingtail with her nearby when you intend to kill him. You can trade with him just before you would kill him. DO NOT FINISH SEBILLE'S DIALOGUE OR YOU GET NO EXP. Look for the dialogue that mentions Griff, and attack him then, that way the quest progresses, but you still get EXP for killing him.

Fourth Revisit
- 2,800 Potential EXP
Once you return after beating Dallis, go around and murder the hell outta every single Magister that you see. Kill them, kill their dogs, bunrn everything they love and cherish to the ground. Leave only Rezik, Laslor, Maol, and Mona to remember your deeds on this place, and recall the day you crushed these magisters like the puny insects they are. Once finished flexing your newfound power, reminice that once you were nervous about attacking these people. Your business here is done. You should only come by now to sell thins to Rezik, Maol, or Mona from now on or if traveling to one of the areas connected to the Ghetto.
Be sure to return to the Starting Beach at least once before moving on to claim things before unreachable thanks to teleportation.
You should now go to the beach where Migo was and uncover the entrance the Elves told you about before coming back, then going into Withermoore's entrance instead. This will take you to the Underground Tunnel.

End of The Ghetto
If you have completed everything listed above, you should have managed to gain a total of 16,520 Experience from the man
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 3,480 Potential EXP
If Lohse is in your party, send her outside while you talk to the elves. Have someone other than The Red Prince initiate conversation with the Lizard Kalias, as he strongly dislikes The Red Prince. Once you are finished talking to the Elves, go break through the blocked off section.
You should gain some EXP after you get past the initial poison, not far beyond that you should see a small circle slightly off your path in the minimap. This is Mody's Secret Area, and you get some EXP and items from teleporting a party member up there. If playing multiplayer, everyone has to go up there to get the EXP.
Return to the path, and continue until you get ambushed by frogs. Kill them with extreme prejudicce,and try to avoid their corrupted ooze. Return to the elves once finished for a exp reward. Talk to Mody now and comense with the Hide and Seek. The first time he will be visible, the second time he will be invisible. He'll be near the ladder you can climb but a it furth into that alcove.
Once you find him, he'll reveal a mound of dirt you can dig up if you don't have the wits to do so yourself. Dig it up and Enter the Forgotten Cell.

First Revisit
- 760 Potential EXP
Once you no longer have a need for them, you can kill all the elves in the cave as well as Kalias. The children however cannot be killed, though Mody should still be with Withermoore. Only do this when you are sure you need nothing more from Kalias.
Note: This may have long term concequences in-game in regards to Sahelia.

End of The Cavern
If you have done everything listed above, you should have gained a total of 4,240 EXP from the cavern as well as a number of items from the different characters here.
Forgotten Cell
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 720 Potential EXP
You gain some experience simply for entering the Forgotten Cell, once inside go talk to Mody, and then to Withermoore. When he asks, have your character with the highest strength pull out the spear, and hold onto that its part of the fabled Braccus Set. Withermoore should give you his quest to find his souljar. Agree to his terms and return to the Ghetto for now.

First Revisit
- 1,400 Potential EXP
The only reason you should revisit this place is to break Withermoore's Souljar with him, which I suggest you do so you can get his belt anyways.

End of The Cell
If you have done all this, you should have gained a total of 2,120 EXP from this area alone.
Arena of The One
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 1,560 Potential EXP
Loot the pots around once you load in before talking to Mia. Tell her you're a believer, and she'll wave her arms in the air before giving you a buff that lasts for 50 turns. Talk to the Thorny One and assent to fight in the tournement for The One.Destroy your enemy, before taking on your friends if they don't wish to allow you to be The One. Once a victor is decided return to the Ghetto.

First Revisit
- 3,360 Potential EXP
During your first and last revisit, kill all of the competitors. Try to keep Gordon away from oyur DPS as he hurts. But they should be easy enough to mop up. Loot whatever remains before carrying on to the Ghetto once more.

End of The Arena
Once you've done everything here, you should have gained a total of 4,920 EXP, a sizable amount considering how little there is to be done here.
Underground Tunnel
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 3,840 Potential EXP
After doing your initial visits via the Beach Elf entrance and Withermoore's entrance, you'll stick with Withermoore's entrance be sure you hit the lever to open the door rather than using a lockpick on it. If you are completing The Teleporter, the character/person doing that should complete it at around the time you go past that Cell. For the moment the only four things you need to worry about are the Magisters at the end of the hall interigating Deloris, Vasyna, Verdas, and the Caved In Holding Cell.
The first thing you should do is deal with the Houndmaster and his goons. Try to teleport the oil where it won't light Deloris on fire since you want him to stay alive. Destroy the other Magisters with extreme prejudice. Once they are nothing but corpses use restoration or the dialoge option to give him a healing potion to heal Deloris. He'll give you some information before running off. (Unsude if you can get EXP from killing him)
Now loot your goodies, and go explore that caved in holding cell. That done go open all the cell doors and loot everything within them. Do not go through the hole in the back of Vasyna's cell yet. You can talk to both Vernas and to Vasyna if you want but don't expect any help from either of them currently. That all being done, climb the stairs and prepare to enter Fort Joy Prison.

First Revisit
- 3,600 Potential EXP
You can return to try healing Vernas anytime after you leave, though I have no confirmed way to remove Decaying from him currently. Aside from him, there are the Fire Slugs you can deal with. You can get some dialogue with them if you have Pet Pal, including a note you can only get via dialogue with them. You can still kill them afterwards for the EXP and epic item.

End of The Tunnel
Once you've finished everything in the Underground Tunnel, you should have gained a total of 7,440 EXP.
Fort Joy Prison
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 14,680 Potential EXP
You should enter via the Underground Tunnel. Immedietly start weeding out the Silent Monks one by one. But be careful not to get within range of the Magisters yet. Once all the Silent Monks in the hallways are dead, go talk to the Magisters with one character and have the others set up to ambush the Magisters as they try to leave. Do as Deloris instructed and tell them about the Madam, but DO NOT tell them that Deloris is the one that told you.
You'll get some EXP when Han talks to that character immedietly after. Swap to one of your other characters and fight the two Magisters. They should go down easily. With them down, loot the area then go and talk to the Hounds. If you have Pet Pal, tell Emmie about Buddy. This'll give some experience, and you can still kill them afterwards if you want.
Enter the Houndmasters room for some EXP, then open Birdie's cage with the elaborate key for some more EXP. Persuade him for another batch of EXP before making your way into Kniles Playground. Kill him and all his pets with extreme prejudice. He can be difficult so split up your party and prepare appropriately.
With them all dead, leave Hans alone for now and go near the stairs you entered at. Look for a Lever near there, and use it. This will reveal the way to the Ancient Passage. Enter and take care of business there. Once you return, go UP the staircase just near there.

First Revisit
You should only return once Fort Joy is completely Empty of Magisters and anyone else you intend to kill. You'll talk to Han to leave the Fort and enter the Hollow Marshes.

End of The Prison
At the end of the Prison you should have obtained a total of 14,680 EXP if you followed this guide.
Ancient Passage
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 3,480 Potential EXP
You will immedietly gain some EXP for entering the place. There are two fights in this room initiated by you interacting with Souljars. Facing towards them all from the stairs, the farthest one, and the closest one on the right will initiate fights. One will have all melee skeletons, the other Magic Skeletons. They can be healed to death if you so please.
The Souljar furthest on the left side is Withermoore's. Pick it up either before or after interacting with it. You'll be bringing it to WIthermoore himself. Climb up the ladder where the Aeromancer Guardian was. Interact with the statue and scratch it. This should drop the Braccus leggings.
Loot the tomb before leaving, and provided you did both fights with the skeletons there is no reason to come back.

End of The Passage
If you did everything you could here you should gain a total of 3,480 EXP.
Fort Joy Proper
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 14,940 Potential EXP
You should immedietly see someone talking to magisters outside the building you are in. Turn completely away from them and enter the part of the building behind you. You should encounter High Judge Orivand here. He will start some dialogue with you, I suggest you iniate a fight with him though you can learn some lore via the dialogue.
Kill him and his goons, prioritize Orivand and his mages. Once they all go down, go raid Orivand's room. There is a Teleportaion Tome in there and I am sure that'll be useful to at least one member of your party. Take wahtever you want from the area before returning to where you first entered and exit the building to help Paladin Cork.
There are Six Magisters in this courtyard area. Keep Paladin COrk alive and destroy them all. Be aware you cannot get EXP for both saving and killing Paladin Cork here. YOu can only do one of the two, and saving him now is a net gain overall.
Once Paladin Cork is saved and talks to you for a moment, he'll vanish leaving you to loot the area. One of the Magisters should have a key for the gate to the Harbour. Open said gate and you should recognise this as where Gawin abandoned you at. Continue unitl you no doubt spot his corpse and the Magisters responcible. Kill the Magisters, but be caretul to avoid having them hurt the Silent Monks. You'll want to kill them yourself for the EXP.
With all the Magisters dead, loot the area before locating the crank to lower the draw bridge, then return to the Prison to talk to Han and enter the Marsh.

End of Fort Joy Proper
If you have done all of the things listed above, you should gain a total of 14,940 EXP.
Hollow Marshes Part 1
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 15,800 Potential EXP
You'll gain some EXP for entering the area with Hans. He should talk to you giving you options for how to procede. Explore the aera along the beach and collect whatever loot you can, there isn't much but you might've burned some items on one of the previous fights. Slowly head north. You should notice a few paths leading east. One will have strange bulbs, another will have undead, and once you pass the Lucian waypoint you should come accross Zaleskar.
He is a good place to sell and buy gear, so do not kill him now. If ever. Once done talking with him, continue north. You should see a Source Hound, but ignore it for now. You should hear some kind of magical discharging going on. It is Windigo, way back from The Hold. Thank her for her courtesy by killing her and talking to her rat. You should also search this island as there is a dig spot. Continue north along the beach until you spot another small island you can walk to. There should be another dig spot here (Might be on you minimap), then continue further still down the beach. You should eventually run across the bottom of a tower, keep this location in mind for later because there is a piece of the Braccus set in it.
Return to the Source hound and talk to it and learn what happened. Kill it afterwards for some small EXP. Do not bother with the undead for now and avoid getting too close. You should take the Bulb path the first time through. Teleport them out of the way of your path as you go through, but keep an eye on the right side of the path for a dig spot, and for the impaled heads.
When you reach the impaled heads, teleport ALL of the bulbs away out of the water and FAR from the chest. Once every single bulb has been moved, get rid of the water via contamination then fire. Then, and ONLY then should you open the chest. With the loot obtained, continue onwards until you come across a small ruin.
Some Voidlings will attack you here in three waves. Three in the First, Four in the Second, and Five in the Final wave. Once they are handled, look around the ruins for some more of those noxious bulbs. Teleport them out of your path and get rid of the lingering poison afterwards. Ring the bell and Bahara will come talk to you. Mention you saved Hans and she'll throw down a rope letting you climb up and enter the Sanctuary of Amadia.

First Revisit
- 7,560 Potential EXP
You should have left out the other side of the Santuary of Amadia, so not far along the beach should be a few Void Salamanders. Kill them before continuing along the beach, there should be a dig spot in the wrecked ship. You should continue until you see the illusionary cave entrance. Don't enter that yet, head from the beach to the area you were attacked by the voidlings before heading north. You should find some flaming pigs, have someone with Pet Pal talk to them and persuade them that you'll help them.
After succeding both Persuasion checks, the pigs should stay still making it easier to bless them later on. From the pigs head east, but be careful. A massive ambush lies in wait for you. Split your party up and take whatever ground you need the individual members to take. Kill the undead first with either healing spells of via brute forcing them down with magic or physical damage. Take out the Void-Dweller as quickly as possible afterwards.
Once the area is clear, go up to where the void-Dweller started and interact with the Statue to enter The Hall of Echoes for the first time.

Second Revisit
- 6,300 Potential EXP
You should now have Bless on all your characters. In the Early Access this costs no Source, it supposedly will cost 1 Source in the Full Release. So I would suggest not revisting the pigs yet, but instead continue north to where there is a blind Magister named Loke.
Against what you likely want, let him try to shackle you. Before he can succede, a number of undead will attack. They can be rough so save before you talk to him, or while talking to him. Regardless you can kill Loke afterwards for some more EXP. Slightly to the east is a bear cup you can kill for minor EXP. Afterwards, you should head west to the two points you saw undead earlier but didn't attack them. Now you attack them before heading up the vine near a dead magister to the area Tarlene is at.
Head past her for now, and teleport a character with HIGH Magical armour into the electric cloud filled tower. Have them quickly grab Braccus's Boots before getting them the hell outta there. With the boots obtained, save. Gareth SHOULD be fine, but you do NOT want him to die to the magisters.
Go to the Lucian Waypoint and return to The Sanctuary of Amadia Waypoint, but do not linger, you need to go to the Illusionary Cavern entrance you discovered earlier and enter The Dark Cavern.

Third Revist
- 10,080 Potential EXP
You should have obtained a Purging Wand from the Dark Cavern. Time to start making use of it. Return to Tarlene and kill the Shrieker with a single cast of Source Vampirism. You do not want to use the Source Vampirism too much as for the moment your ways to get source are VERY Limited.
With the Shrieker killed, Tarlene will help you assault the Magisters in the ruins. Kill them all and kill them fast otherwise they WILL kill Gareth, and that is not something you want to happen. Once the Magisters are dead, and Gareth is still alive he'll return to The Sanctuary of Amadia. You'll be going there soon, but first explore the Decrepit Ruins.

Fourth Revisit
- 5,400 Potential EXP
With the Mask of Braccus obtained, you should be able to get enough source between the Wand and Helm to bless all the flaming Pigs, so make use of the Magisters you left dead. Not lot they were doing much with their souls to begin with. Try to avoid using the Mask 4 times since I believe a level 8 demon will spawn when you've used it 4 times. You want to save him for later on.
Bless all four pigs, and a skeleton named Scapor will appear. Mislead them into leaving you be for the most experience. You cannot get the persuasion EXP and the EXP for killing them. And the persuasion EXP is the best option if you have it.
The pigs all blessed and skeleton takken care of, loot her bones for the Torch of Braccus. You should have the boots, legs, chestpiece, helm, spear, ring, and now mace of Braccus. Head south and near the ruins you fought the voidlings should be a vine you can climb leading to a crumbled building. Otherwise known as the Gargoyle maze.
Since you have the Band of Braccus you can skip the entire thing by showing it to the gargoyle. I suggest you do this at first. Once past the maze, you should enter the Necromancer Tower.
Hollow Marshes Part 2
Fifth Revisit
- 2,940 Potential EXP
Having completed the Necromancer Tower, talk to the statue just outside and it should send you back to the start of the maze. Enter the maze itself now using the first flaming skull to open the door to the room with the Historian. Three flaming skeletons will attack you. Use healing spells, or hydro spells to deal with them, but DO NOT USE FIRE!
You will need at least one source to help the Historian. I suggest using one of the charges from the wand if any remain on one of the many dead magisters about. If none remain, use the Mask instead. You should have only have cast bless a total of 7 times before this, meaning you will likely summon the demon if you hadn't already.
Try to set up for this and drain a Magister near some high ground you can make use of, and rain hell upon it. Once the demon is dead, loot it before blessing the blood under the Historian before blessing the Historian himself.
You aren't done yet though. Now you will head back to where you found the bear cub and head a bit further east. You should see Feder the Pig. Tell her to go to The Sanctuary of Amadia, and remember this spot for later. You'll be coming here again.
With all of this finally done, you now should return to The Sanctuary of Amadia yourself for the First True revisit.

Sixth Revisit
There is not much left to do. If there was anything that needed Source to complete, your wand Should be refreshed now so go drain some magisters to finish them, and top your characters off in terms of Source. You'll refill it once more before leaving the Island unless you really enjoy palying with Source Powers. Return to the place Feder was as a pig and continue on that path.
You should see a dragon named Slane there. Breach the chains that bind him and agree to help him. If you truly intend to help him prepare for a difficult fight as you head to the end of the beach he is on and into the skull shaped cave known as the Witch Cave.

Seventh Revisit
After Exiting the cave, no doubt worse for the wear. You have a choice. You can return the wand to Slane and he'll help you a when you attack the magisters in a few moments from now. Or you can kill him for Experience. This is the only case where I will not include the Experience in the Potential so you can make an informed choice when deciding this.
If you give him the wand, he will kill Five Shriekers blocking entrance ways into the Fortifications where you will be attacking the Magisters and you gain 120 EXP.
If you keep the wand (A second Purging Wand), and kill him you have to deal with all the Shriekers yourself, but instead gain ??? EXP. Be warned, he hits HARD.
Once you have decided what to do and successfully accomplished either goal. Return to the fork in the road and rejoin with Gareth and his crew. Use all the charges remaining on your purging wand(s) and have Gratiana refill them.
You'll notice every Seeker you healed is here, as well as a number of others. On the by and large they will not be entering the fight about to come, but if they are not at full health, top them all of with a restoration or two. You should still have Migo's Ring given its a quest item and cannot be sold.
Once you have fully prepared yourself you are ready to begin the Final Push. Make sure you have done everything else you want to on the island before moving on.

End of Hollow Swamp
If you have completed everything listed above, you should have gained a grand total of ??? EXP from everything.
Sanctuary of Amadia
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 300 Potential EXP
As you enter, talk to Bahara. If the Red Prince is in your Party he can benefit from talking with her in his personal quest. That done continue onwards and talk to Han and the Lizard caring for him. You can give Han a potion to help him feel better but it has neither benefits nor consequences other than spending a single potion.
You should see the woman Simone just past them tending to the wounded. Talk to her and insist on helping. You should still have Migo's Ring so even if you do not have the Restoration Skill learned (At least One character should know it by now), so make use of it to heal Jules, Klaud, Matis, then Simone herself. Once you are all finished healing them, you can talk to Simone once again.
Continue down the pathway and talk to Exter. He should tell you about Gareth. Agree to help find him before carrying onwards. Talk to Dysan and Leya with everyone in your party, as they will give more inofrmation on removing the collars. Once done talknig with them, talk to Gratiana to leanr more about where Gareth is exactly as well as the Goddess Amadia. I suggest you be nice to Gratiana as for the entirety of Act 1 she is your ONLY way to replenish Purging wands.
Interact with the Statue of Amadia after talking to Gratiana and be supportive of it in order to bless the water there. This is important for later on and can effectively nullify any damage sustained during fights by running through it.
You'll talk to Kerban afterwards, you can obtain a unique rapier here though you will need to repair it. Its not a great weapon, but clearly has some realm of importance to the character and who knows what'll happen if you actually kill Dallis with it.

First True Revisit
- 4,200 Potential EXP
Your first real revisit to the place you actually will want to put the helm of Braccus and Purging wand on the ground before talking to Gareth. He'll suggest you talk to Gratiana to find the very same purging wand you set down. Go pick it up as well as the helm again and offer her the Souljar that be hers.
She will now recharge your Source Wands when they are empty, which the wand should be by now so recharge it. Feder the Pig should also be here so go talk to her. Tell her she should soak in the shrine's water and she will turn into one of the best merchants in Act 1, provided you interacted with the statue earlier.
With these things done, talk to Leya with a character that still ahs their Source Collar on to get them all removed once and for all. With that your should be good to return to the Hollow Swamp.

End of The Sanctuary
If you did everything properly, you should gain a total of 4,500 EXP from The Sanctuary of Amadia.
Hall of Echoes
- 600 Potential EXP
Certain events will occur here that will end with you obtaining the Bless Skill. In Early Access this skill costs only AP, but supposedly in the Full Release it will additionally cost 1 Source Point. After obtaining this skill, you will be returned to the Statue you interacted with.
Dark Cavern
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 22,860 Potential EXP
Upon entering you'll gain some EXP. begin exploring the area, but on the by and large ignore Trompdoy. You can loot everything jsut be aware most things are illusions. There is a illusionary bridge behind the illusionary crates. And yes you are going to be SICK of that word very soon.
As you venture deeper into the cavern Trompdoy will assail you with yet more illusions of himself. Three for this first fight. There are a few secret paths hidden around. Check the walls carefully, and always double check the minimap.
You should eventually reach a rat and a statue. The rat gives a hint about the statue, and should you successfully figure out the riddle you gain some EXP adn the proper door opens. Though one of the 'fake' doors has some loot behind it.
Once you take the proper way through, Trompdoy will attack you again. This time additionally with his real self. I do not know for certain if killing the illusions here grant EXP, but I will include what I obtained at the end of the fight. Focus on killing the real one ASAP otherwise. If you wish to compare numbers, when I killed the real Trompdoy I got 2400 EXP for killing him, followed by 7200 as his illusions all vanished and the journal updated.
Once you enter the Vault, go wild and take whatever you can. The chestpiece of the Braccus set is also located here. Pick up all the souljars here minus the Illusionists. As you approach it he will implore you to smash his souljar. I suggest you agree and do so given the EXXP reward. Also make sure you take the Purging wand, that is the singular MOST IMPORTANT item in the vault.
With all your loot obtained, you can pull a lever to shut down the barrier and leave at any time.

End of The Illusion
If you did everything right, you should have obtained a total of 22,860 EXP from the Dark Cavern.
Decrepit Ruins
- 2,400 Potential EXP
As you enter you will spot a decaying Magister. You cannot save him, nor should you want to once you realize what he was going after. Regardless with Purging Wand in hand, you should be able to drain three dead magisters and use 1 Source to bless the Lever. With the lever no longer cursed, you should be able to carefully manuver a singe character to use it. Successfully activating the lever will grant some EXP.
Once you have done that, teleport a character with source and bless over the cursed blood. (Repeat for multiple Players). You should gain EXP upon entering this room. Have a character with Source Bless the object that you are clearly meant to interact with before using the third Source Point while interacting with said object.
After a moment the Helmet of Braccus will be available for you to grab. It also gives Source Vampirism just like the Purging wands, but with a catch. If you use it too much, a Demon will spawn intent to stop your shenanigans. Save that encounter for later on regardless and try to use the helmet sparingly. With these tools in hand, return once more to the Hollow Swamp.

End of The Ruins
If you completed everything above, you should have obtained a total of 2,400 EXP from the area.
Necromancer Tower
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- ??? Potential EXP
Upon entering the Necromancer Tower, you should quickly spot the three skeltons for which the place is named. Go talk to them, with a persuasion check you can avoid a fight and obtain their quest. I am not sure if this was bugged for me but I obtained no exp doing this quest, and as such do not have the actual numbers you can get from regularly killing them.
Regardless of how they die, oncce the necromancers are dead, you can get a key from them to open the big door. You should see a pit that has fire in it. Move an vace onto the center of the fire to stop the trap. Avoid the pressure plate and unlock the metal door near the vace you just placed. Enter and look for a pipe. Interact with it to travel to a different section of the tower. Pull the lever before returning to the area you were just at.
Carefully explore the now open doors in the area. you should eventually find yourself at a big blue barrier. Reach out to the mechanism and when prompted nteract with it using source. This should cause the barrier to drop, allowing you in to take the loot, including the gloves of Braccus. The final piece of the set you were missing.

End of The Tower
The current amount of EXP obtainable from the Necromancer Tower is currently Unknown to me.
Witch Cave
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
- 5,460 Potential EXP
There are a large number of traps immedietly in the start of the room. Either destroy them, disarm them, or tyyr to avoid them. But do not activate them all at once otherwise you will tak massive damage and possibly die.
Once you have circumvented the traps, the difficult part begins. You need to set up for the inevitable battle against Radeka. She will summon forth five Bloody Corpses, three Carrion Beetles, and an Undead Medat. I have no advice here except be ready to flee if or when things go south. It is a difficult fight even if you are fully prepared for it.
Consider using heaing spells on the undead, and keeping some poison spells for when you are inevitably decayed. Because it will happen at some point. And unless you want to use a sourcce point to bless someone and remove it, Radeka is just as likely to use restoration on them.
When you manage to beat her and all her minions. Loot them all for the Black Rose as well as some unique items and the Second Purging Wand that Slane wants. Combine the Black Rose with a empty Bottle to make perhaps the most powerful potion in the game. The Altar of the Black Rose. Leave the cave when you are finished looting.
Final Push
===== ===== ===== ===== =====
Last Minute EXP
- ??? Potential EXP
As you are preparing to leave the Reaper's Eye for good, there are a number of characters you can kill if you so desire I haven't mentioned above. I'll list them here, as well as the EXP gains from each individual NPC, provided they actally provide EXP.

The Last Battle on the Island
Until some time after the full release, this battle is where my guide will end. There is a little bit more to Act 1, but if you have made it this far I have full faith you can figure out the puzzles and tricks it offers, and can likely think of a few ways to solve any, if not all of them just beyond this last battle.
Regardless, as to the battle itself. Bishop Alexander and a number of Magisters will be in the area and you need to distract them so your remaining allies can take the boat. I suggest you take out Bishop Alexander ASAP. He is the greatest threat on the field when you first start the fight.
This will quickly change once the Void Wurm attacks. Get all but your most survivable characters OFF THE GROUND. Pick off magisters when you can, but otherwise focus all your fire on killing that Wurm. Because it CAN attack NPCs outside the building, and will if you do not keep it preoccupied. When the Wurm finally goes down, quickly loot everything you can, as you do not have much longer on the island.
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DarkusTheFirst  [autor] 13 OCT 2017 a las 9:32 p. m. 
I am happy that even with the Early Access being finished, this guide can still offer some form of help to people. Eventually I will do the other 2 Acts, but for now I am still working on the updaed version of Act 1. Most things are the same, as you no doubt noticed, but there have been enough small cahnges to things here and there that the are worth mentioning and making a new guide for them.

I do have the link for said guide in the description if you want to follow along as I update on roughly a weekly basis, as work allows.
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I love the guide man!! Thank you very much for the effort you put into this. This guide made the game a lot less confusing when going through the early parts of the game, and sofar haven't found any others that match the level of detail with this walkthrough. I am looking forward to more from you, and I wondering if you have any idea when you will be posting info on the remaining acts. Thanks again.
P.S. the tips for who to murder were excellent.
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@A Big Hairy Monter I Appreciate the information, however this specific guide is discontinued. I'm making a new one for each individual act of the Fulll Release. But I'll be sure to look into that in the new guide at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135262362
A Big Hairy Monster 16 SEP 2017 a las 12:08 a. m. 
Something useful to know for the crafting area:

You can combine Arrowheads and Arrowshafts to get just plain old 'arrow', which can then be substituted for any of the arrow type recipes. Ie. add poison, get a poison arrow. Add oil get a slowing arrow. Add elemental essence get some kind of elemental arrow. Its useful, because instead of making specific arrows, just keep the mats on you and make a bunch of generic arrows to make stuff as needed
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pretty good guide
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@Morsk Thanks for the heads up, mostly just want credit to be given where it is due as you can likely tell from a bit further down the comments I don't mind sharing the information, otherwise this guide would remain as only a document on my laptop. I just want proper credit to be given.
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@Jellostorm I understand, and I had planned to do that the entire way, but I thought about what the devs have said. This is at most just 25% of waht the full game is going to be. And even with me massively shortening what all I included in the walkthrough, its still utterly massive. I just don't think I have teh fortitude to get all the individual numbers spread out that far across that much game.
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This is a great guide but I personally like the previous version more, the one with all the details about EXP
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Oh hey, I managed to come across another Arrowhead recipe.
Any Cutting Tool + Tooth = Stunning Arrowhead.
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