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Dino Aid
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2016년 8월 23일 오후 1시 04분
2016년 10월 1일 오후 8시 02분
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Dino Aid

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MOD ID: 750483861

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The current version adds the new Dino Aid X.

Mod to help heal high level dinos for people playing with difficulty mods. Gone are days of waiting real life days for your prized dino to heal. The 3 primary aid items are designed to make you work a bit for the quick healing and keep a balance. Dino Aid X is for fun and those that want it all right now. Here is what you get...

-Dino Aid heals your dino 4,000 points over a 10 minute period of time. Good for about an hour in player inventory. Level 40 engram.

-Dino Aid Fight Fuel heals your dino 5,000 points in a very short period of time. Good for about 1 hour and 30 minutes in player inventory. A bit more pricey than Dino Aid but a must for cave hunts and brawls. Level 50 engram.

-Dino Aid Mega instantly heals even the most beat up dino but it comes at a price. Lasts about 2 hours in player inventory. Level 60 engram.

-Dino Aid X instantly heals 100% and is cheap, only requires one mushroom and a few mejos. Available at level one and it does not spoil. Dino Aid X is intended for servers with difficulty offsets that create dinos that would take forever to heal. Specifically Scorched Earth baby Wyvern that hatch at over level 1000. A few points in health and you'll need weeks to reach full health. That's no fun :)

However the engram can be removed by an admin if you want to play a bit more honest.


If you have suggestions, please comment because I would love to know your opinion and hear ideas.

Admin Codes:

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoAid/PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid.PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid'" 1 0 false

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoAid/PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_FF.PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_FF'" 1 0 false

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoAid/PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_Mega.PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_Mega'" 1 0 false

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoAid/PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_X.PrimalItemConsumable_Dino_Aid_X'" 1 0 false
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2019년 5월 11일 오전 9시 31분
Servers using this mod
Yami Rafa
2017년 7월 7일 오후 2시 09분
고정됨: Change Engram and Crafting costs in Game.ini (example)
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PickPay 2019년 5월 9일 오전 9시 20분 
What is required to craft these items ?
lilWeevil 2019년 5월 7일 오전 8시 35분 
we run this mod and many other mods on our server. Why don't you come and check it out ? I'm sure you will love it :D

steam group :
MasterOfBlades 2019년 2월 27일 오후 12시 36분 
PLEEEEASE make a player-aid. Its dino aid but for players
Lord Sapito 2019년 2월 1일 오후 9시 01분 
@DTM.. looks like you forgot a quote mark (before EngramEntry_Dino.....). Try this:

BinnsyBoi 2018년 11월 23일 오후 10시 32분 
I have the same trouble as DTM. i'd love to just have everything else but the Dino Aid X
DTM 2018년 6월 25일 오후 9시 02분 

I seem to be having an issue removing the DIno Aid X potion. I just cant remove the engram and I can still craft it on my inventory...?

This is what I have in the game.ini file, its at the top and I'm not sure if it matters...?


K4 2018년 4월 2일 오전 10시 27분 
Hi! Is there something wrong with the mod or is it just so that you can not use these with waterdinos? I forcefed Dino Aid Mega to my basilosaurus in the middle of alpha Mosasaur battle and my basilo died instant and of course me after that for that damn mosa. Just wanted to point this out because if there is a problem then I may need to take this mod away from my server.
TheKewee 2018년 1월 25일 오후 3시 02분 
@BastyNitch is it possible to prevent use in Boss fights? or even better prevent use at all while in battle? I've used a teleport mod that prevented use while being engaged in battle with another play/dino
BastyNitch  [작성자] 2018년 1월 23일 오후 7시 48분 
@Pedro ich weine gleich: The materials are hard coded, as in no .ini so there is no way for an admin to change it. You can comment out the engrams for admin only use.

@Zerberus252: Thanks for posting the end results.

Hey, BTW if you haven't tried the Gaia mod check it out. Well done and the dev did a great job making what is almost a total conversion stack better than anything I have seen before. Please give the Gaia dev some love.
Senior Pedro Sanchéz 2018년 1월 15일 오전 6시 13분 
is there a way that only admins can use dino aid x oder change the recepie beacouse of pvp