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Donner Pass Redux
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Donner Pass Redux

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This is an extensively redone Donner Pass.
It's been redone using Google Earth Imagery, to better reflect the actual terrain colors and side hill mountain railroading of the Sierra Nevada.
Bloomer's Cut and other landmarks have been added or modified.
It includes desert outside of Reno/Sparks Nv.

Assets needed: Donner Pass Southern Pacific and Cajon Pass or the U.S. Loco and Asset Pack, European Loco and Asset Pack.

Note: Supplied scenarios are Quick Drive.
There are standard scenarios in the Workshop.

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2016년 9월 16일 오전 5시 34분
what exactly do I need to play this version
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ericmopar  [작성자] 2017년 2월 5일 오후 8시 27분 
"will it overwrite the purchased donner pass route?"
No it will not. This is a separate route base on the original.
A person can actually copy the Scenery, Mixmap, Terrain and Networks folders from this route, into the original Donner Pass Southern Pacific folder to get the scenery there as well.
If someone attempts this, don't try to stuff the folders into the .ap folder, just copy them into the Donner Pass Southern Pacific folder.
elbry1006 2017년 2월 4일 오후 4시 46분 
will it overwrite the purchased donner pass route?
ericmopar  [작성자] 2017년 1월 2일 오후 2시 10분 
Yes, Cajon Pass is used for some of the scenarios as well as scenery items.
Glazed Donut 2017년 1월 2일 오전 12시 41분 
do we HAVE tto have cajon pass
Nr. 11 | András 2016년 12월 9일 오전 2시 01분 
Oh thank you :)
ericmopar  [작성자] 2016년 12월 8일 오후 10시 15분 
You can go from Roseville to Sparks in Quick Drive.
Nr. 11 | András 2016년 12월 3일 오후 6시 44분 
Awesome route, but can you make it possible to go from Roseville to Reno in free drive?
ericmopar  [작성자] 2016년 11월 15일 오후 11시 00분 
You're welcome and thanks jiggywatt.
jiggywatt 2016년 11월 7일 오후 4시 04분 
Great route thanks!!!!
The Old Dessauer 2016년 9월 13일 오전 6시 45분 
Okay, thanks!