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SD card - Best fix ever!
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This guide will show you how to fix the most hard issue to getting your SD card back to normal.

The main fix that this guide has is if your SD card is formatted and in a read only state with low amount of space then it's original size.

The only reason the guide is posted in the source SDK hub is due to there ain't no where else to post it that is related to software etc.
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How to get your SD card fully working again!
if your SD card is with a issue that is relating to it being read only and also formatted to only a small size then the fully original size of the card.

Firstly you must have the SD card to be unlocked state, then put in the card and run command prompt as admin, type in diskpart then after that you put in list volume. all the volumes will be shown, then select your volume shown, put in select volume 6 for example, once you done this, you then put in Clean, it shall completely wipe the SD card and then you will then need to repartition it via typing in create partition primary, after that you should have a fully working SD card again. put in det dis command to view your SD card on command prompt.

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