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Cities: Skylines

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Remove Decoration Sprites ("Grass" and "Rocks")
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2015년 11월 3일 오전 11시 56분
2016년 11월 30일 오후 5시 46분
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Remove Decoration Sprites ("Grass" and "Rocks")

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If you are like me and dislike the games "decorative" grass and rock sprites, this mod is for you. With this mod enabled no decoration sprites will be rendered in the game, possibly even saving on some FPS and making the game nicer to look at from first person mode(in my opinion).

This mod was inspired by and is entirely a modified copy of hyperdrive_engage's Cliff Decorations Remover mod, except it also removes the grass and fertile land "decorations".

It's meant for people who are design/aesthetics oriented and want to get rid of those obnoxious sprites for better screenshots :)

NOTE: Images are taken using custom textures and Terrain Textures Replacer. This mod only removes the decoration sprites and will NOT make your grass or gravel look like in the images.

Imcompatible Mods

Cliff Decoration Remover - Does same thing as this mod for Cliff Decorations.

Enjoy! (rate+fav if you like it : )

If you're feeling generous and would like to buy me the morning paper or a drink, you can donate using the link below.


UPDATE: Added options menu for the mod, where you can pick which sprites to remove. It's sort of buggy if you use the options in-game. Trying to fix it, but if you set your options from main menu everything should work fine.

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KaitouShunUS 16시간 전 
I dislike the fake looking rocks so much! They look like weird bubbles which gave me trypophobia... Thanks for making this mod!
victoria.sheahan 2019년 4월 28일 오후 3시 21분 
what are sprites????
CreativeFraser 2019년 4월 16일 오전 9시 37분 
Wanted to say thank you! but also wanted to mention that to anybody who uses Hide It! that that mod also has options to remove grass, fertility, and cliff sprites. Not saying that people should stop using this mod, just wanted to put the info out there
FAILZORD 2019년 3월 23일 오후 5시 18분 
@Catratio This does increase your games FPS slightly, only about 2-5fps, since the GPU doesn't need to render all these sprites. Less work load to render, more FPS.
Catratio 2019년 3월 21일 오후 3시 55분 
Not only does this make the game look way better, but I swear after using this my frame rate went way up too. I don't think I'm crazy or imagining it. I suppose not having to render all these tiny blobs and tufts it helped performance.
ssgteverett 2019년 2월 15일 오후 3시 53분 
Just wanted to say 'thanks', TPB a nicely done Mod... Works just fine for me [83+ Mods in-use], and 6 DLC's loaded. Don't have a 'super-fast' PC, have been using since end '18... No issues!
Thanks again.
xonedl 2019년 2월 15일 오전 9시 44분 
if this didn't appear to work for you, just go to the menu setting, turn it off, and turn it on again. (this is not a tech support joke...)
Mister Doctor 2019년 1월 25일 오전 5시 58분 
To Netflix and Kill.. I've had that very same issue after adding a different mod. I honestly believe we were just unlucky and it was more to do with the game its self rather than any mod.
tired-broad-53 2018년 11월 15일 오전 10시 13분 
I just wanted to take a moment to personally say “Thank You!” for your time, effort and hard work to provide this mod. It enhances my gaming experience, and I do so appreciate you for providing this to all of us.
[LMAO]iDestroya 2018년 9월 26일 오전 6시 31분