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Don't Be Patchman
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
2015년 2월 23일 오전 4시 19분
2017년 10월 19일 오전 4시 41분

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출시일: Winter 2016 Release - Fall 2015 Beta - Summer 2015 Alpha
Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army! The Sheeple are in trouble - they've been enslaved by the Drones - and it's all Patchman's fault! Now it's up to you to redeem Patchman, rescue the Sheeple, and uncover the awful secret behind the Drone army. Stay out of sight, wear clever disguises, search the forest for seeds, grow fruits and plants, tear down propaganda, awaken the Sheeple to break the control scheme, and power down those nasty robots! All that and more awaits in Don't Be Patchman, a sneak-and-grow action/adventure game.

Coming to Windows, OSX, and Linux in 2015. Medium-end system required.

Dangerous Drones
There are three different kinds of drones (so far), each with their own characteristics such as speed and attack damage. Each has a different weakness and can only be defeated by finding, growing, and correctly utilizing the right plant. For example, the Blue Square Drones are immune to the Growth Plant but are destroyed by Exploding Cactii. The Purple Triangle Drones will only get stunned momentarily by the cactus, but that might be enough to sneak by one when it counts.

As of now there are seven different plants to grow with more in the works. Each has their quirks, and some are even dangerous to grow, like the Exploding Cactus, because you have to harvest it at just the right time, or else BOOM! You'll have to find suitable soil to drop your seeds on, but there are also pots laying around on some levels. Be warned: if the Drones see any plants they don't like - ZAP!! Disable the drones or move those pots out of sight to somewhere secluded like a janitor closet.

The Sheeple
A Sheeple collects Symbols from a Repeater in order to eat from a Vending Machine. Yeah, Patchman has to rescue these guys, even though it might not be too appealing at first. If you take a gander at our Sheeple Brochure teaser, you'll get a glimpse into the life of an average Sheeple as they go about their day at home. Ignore those tubes tho...

"Pfff... I can stop being Patchman anytime I want... sounds easy"
Does this game look too easy, like it wouldn't be a challenge? Well, the first few levels are fairly easy, but the difficulty ramps up quite high as you progress. Often there are multiple solutions to a level, but the most obvious one will be the hardest to accomplish. For example, on the Sheeple Rush level, you can throw fruits at them one by one. Or, with timing, you can grow some trees in their path and have an avalanche of fruits hit them. Or, if you are super clever, you can run back to harvest some Growth Plants, eat them, and belch smoke everywhere. During our last public demo, we offered cash payouts for anyone who could beat the tougher levels. No one could.

Reflex Strategy
Once you experiment with the plants and figure out the best strategies, then it all comes down to timing, patience, and reflexes. The Drones can be extremely deadly, so staying out of sight is best when you have no offensive capabilities. Sure, you might be able to outrun them, but they alert the other Drones to your location and then the hunt is on. They'll search the last known area, so merely ducking behind a wall won't help you for long. Maybe you can find a decoy blow-up doll, put together a clever disguise, or convince a follower to run out and distract them. It's not just pixel-art button-mashing - there are many live action puzzles and interesting emergent scenarios to experience from this game.

"Spill every detail, pal, I need to experience this via osmosis"
Please watch our trailer all-the-way-through and check out our game clip videos! All the vital stuff is in those. A lot of time was spent crafting the gameplay mechanics and interface. Every scene in the trailer is 100% real gameplay footage of activities you can do in the game. We only disabled the HUD and positioned the camera for some shots, but even when the camera is following the Sheeple, you do that in the game by pressing tabs on the left of the screen to spy from afar. At key moments the engine automatically letterboxes for a scene, such as when a Sheeple ascends. Players are free to zoom in and out as they please. You can even have a boring office meeting about Symbols if you really want! As long as your disguise fools the Sheeple, they won't alert the Drones. For the tinkerers, there are development blogs to watch and technical articles that show how some of this was made, just check our game website. "Coding the Sheeple: AI in a Realtime Physics World" was featured on Gamasutra.

Red Circle Drone

Defeating the Drones
How do you damage, disable, or defeat those dastardly devious drones? Do you want us to spoil everything? Please don't make us spoil everything. Each drone has a different weakness. There are clues in the trailer. We know it's confusing, but we want players to have a challenge. On some levels you won't be able to disable them - you have to sneak. Later, you'll discover plants that you can chew for abilities. Every plant affects the drones differently. Some only stun them. Some blind them. Some explode them into sparking smoking pieces of silicon junk.

A Kickstarter campaign is running this February into March 2015!

PLEASE VOTE AND PLEDGE! Or you'll never not be Patchman!
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2015년 3월 3일 오전 8시 47분
Should you be Patchman?
2015년 3월 16일 오후 5시 36분
What feature do you want to see shown on Twitch.TV?
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댓글 67
Nod 2015년 7월 31일 오후 10시 44분 
Great music, Linux first ... love it.
DaVince 2015년 7월 22일 오전 2시 31분 
I'm not fond of words like "sheeple" at all, but after looking at what the game is about, it seems like a very appropriate word to use, and the game looks fun and intriguing. Looking forward to seeing it on Steam.
Psychotron 2015년 7월 16일 오후 4시 17분 
Sweet Music!
GoodPlay 2015년 7월 12일 오전 9시 16분 
Okay, thanks for the answer.:happy_creep:
NaturallyIntelligent  [작성자] 2015년 7월 11일 오후 8시 06분 
@GoodPlay, the game itself has no words, only numbers. However, the menu options have words like PLAY and QUIT. We will port those to as many languages as possible - it will not be difficult. Also, the menu options have icons that illustrate what they do. For the moment we are just putting "English" as the language listed for game until we actually add the support, but realistically anyone could play this game regardless of language.
GoodPlay 2015년 7월 11일 오전 5시 51분 
What languages are supported in this game?
Psychotron 2015년 7월 5일 오전 8시 44분 
Looking forward to taking down some propaganda! Some cool original ideas here.
Super Joe 2015년 5월 4일 오전 7시 33분 
Love the style, the music and the idea. What genre is this, a stealth subvert-'em-up-harvest-moon-like? ;)
NaturallyIntelligent  [작성자] 2015년 4월 30일 오전 11시 29분 
@z0Omer - That was a blast having you check out the game!! And wow - thanks for the nice compliment!! Surely wasn't expecting that. Hope you stick around and come back for release :)
NaturallyIntelligent  [작성자] 2015년 4월 28일 오후 4시 30분 
@Iclements Thanks for checking out the game, was really cool to meet you and hang out with you for the short while we did! And - really appreciated your feedback!