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Don't Starve Together

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Supports all versions of Don't Starve (Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Klei Forums[].

This mod enhances the HUD to better show the player's stats and various information about the world, such as temperature, season, and moon phase.

This is a client-only mod, so whoever has enabled it will see the changes, and whoever doesn't won't, regardless of what server you're on and whether the server has the mod or not.

Note that unlike Kiopho's Always On Status, I use the game's temperature units directly here, so player temperature can safely vary from 0-70, with freezing/overheating warnings occurring at 5 and 65. (you can change it to C, which works like Kiopho's version, or F if you want)

Credits to Kiopho (Always On Status), Soilworker (Season Clock), and hotmatrixx (Better Moon) for making the original mods. I completely rewrote all of the code to be more compatible, aesthetic, and easily maintained going forward.

Configuration Options

Whether to show the temperature of the player. Defaults to Show.
Show World Temp
Whether to show the temperature of the world. Defaults to Hide.
Show Temp Badges
Whether to show small images to indicate which temperature is which. Badges only get shown if this is set to Show and both player and world temperatures are enabled. Defaults to Show.
Temperature Unit
Whether to use the game's internal units (default), or approximations of Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • In Game Units, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 70, with warning occurring 5 away.
  • In Celsius, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 35, with warning occurring 2.5 degrees away.
  • In Fahrenheit, the player freezes at 32 and overheats at 95, with warning occurring 4.5 degrees away.
Show Waning
Whether to show if the moon is waxing or waning by adding new icons. Defaults to Show. (The game normally only shows icons for one direction). In Don't Starve Together, this is now a feature of the main game, so the option doesn't do anything.
Show Moon
Whether to show the moon only at Night (the game's default), during night and dusk (Dusk, the mod's default), or Always.
Predict Full Moon
Whether to predict the day of the next full moon, shown when hovering over the moon icon. Defaults to Yes.
Flip Moon
Whether to flip the moon phase icon to show it like it is in the Southern Hemisphere, instead of the default Northern Hemisphere. Defaults to No.
Season Clock
Clock, the default, shows a full clock of the seasons. Compact shows a smaller badge with the season and day count, while Micro shows an even smaller badge. No disables the season clock entirely.
Whether to show the naughtiness of the player. Doesn't work in Don't Starve Together, as naughtiness is not available to clients. Defaults to Show.
Log Meter
Whether to show the log meter for Woodie when he is human. Only relevant to singleplayer, as Don't Starve Together always shows the log meter already. Defaults to Always.
Cave Clock
Whether to always show the clock in the caves. Only relevant to singleplayer Reign of Giants, as the data is not available in vanilla and the clock shows in Don't Starve Together. Defaults to Show.
Stat Numbers
Whether to show the sanity, hunger, and health numbers without having to mouse over the badges. Defaults to Always.
Show Max Text
Whether to show the "Max:" text when hovering over the sanity, hunger, and health badges to see their maximum values. Defaults to Show.
HUD Scale
Lets you adjust the size of the badges and clocks independently of the game's HUD scale. Defaults to 1.
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Segiw 2018년 4월 18일 오전 1시 47분 
Awesome mod
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有用 :steammocking:
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rezecib  [작성자] 2018년 3월 22일 오후 6시 57분 
sometimes a problem when other mods mess up networking in general