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Platforms: PC
Players: Multi-player
태그: Utilities
2013년 9월 28일 오후 8시 56분
2015년 7월 18일 오전 11시 43분
출시일: Already available - Free download on
A better-than-ever reinvention of the original visual chat software! With PalaceChat, you can turn yourself into any image, move around as you chat, play exclusive games and more. In your own rooms, you can change the background to any image as well, decorate, paint, display video for all to see, open video chat and more. Run your own server and you can create a world truly your own, with everything from permanent rooms to entire games! New features like a new default Palace and opening tutorial have also been added in preparation for Steam. The best part? It's FREE, and you can get it right now on our website,

  • A better-than-ever reinvention of the original visual chat software!
  • Change your appearance to any image
  • Move around large full-color rooms, or make your own
  • Decorate or paint anything from rooms to your own avatars
  • Display video for all to see in your rooms, or video chat
  • Check out multiplayer PalaceChat-exlusive games, like the 250-character Colosseum
  • Completely and permanently FREE! Already available at
  • Create limitless scripted rooms, games, and more with a hosted server

OS: PC - Windows XP or above
Processor: 1.6Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 75 MB
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댓글 94
404 2017년 3월 6일 오후 7시 39분 
I also often mistakenly searched "TheHotel" because I forgot the name of it. I actually discovered this today when I Google searched "thehotel chat client smiley avatars". First link was the new site.
404 2017년 3월 6일 오후 7시 38분 
I remember playing this years ago! I also remember a lot of people using these weird mechsuit sprites with weapons that were interchangable pieces in the avatar creator. I haven't seen any of those mechsuit sprites ANYWHERE since and it's probably been 10+ years. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about, or perhaps know of a place where all of those different mechsuit sprite pieces were archived? I remember the helmet reminded me of Metal Sonic.
mintiejellie 2017년 2월 21일 오전 4시 56분 
Oldschool user. Used to hang around Nobodys Home, Studio Dust, and Firebirds Forest. I loved Palace back in the day.
Powerlust 2017년 1월 26일 오후 12시 48분 
Memories :)
KennyFloggins 2016년 5월 26일 오후 2시 07분 
Wow. I'm shocked The Palace is still alive. I spent so many hours on this platform. Lots of memories, friends made and lost, and nostalgia here. Almost brings tears to my eyes to think about it. Hopefully it's still relevant in this day and age.
ThePsycrow  [작성자] 2016년 5월 1일 오후 10시 21분 
There won't be any buying of the software, it'll be free like it is now from :) has great hosting which isn't very expensive if you're looking to run your own server. Of course you can make your own rooms and such at pretty much any server.
djfxw 2016년 4월 30일 오전 11시 43분 
I am so happy that The Palace was saved! I was on it so much back in the 90's and would make a lot of different Palaces. If it does become available on Steam, would buying the software include server costs? OR can I host my Palace on my own site? I will look further into those questions but thank you for staying alive!!
@#$%in' Terrence ✔ 2015년 12월 2일 오전 5시 56분 
Developer needs to talk with Steam. I searched multiple times for "PalaceChat" in the Greenlight search bar 0 results were returned. It only popped up after I clicked "Most Recent" and then clicked "Relevant" again.

That being said, I am so happy that this chat program is still around!
ThePsycrow  [작성자] 2015년 11월 28일 오후 8시 48분 
Just a copy-paste from the item stats as of the time of this post
(Though I think that's pulling the 1,810 from something else since there are 123 software titles right now)
Hmmsphil 2015년 11월 28일 오후 5시 05분 
This could revolutionize digital communication if it were on the workshop.

I don't understand the hesitation. These comments indicate this product. Steam files this as a utility but is mentioned as a game after voting.

"Let the developer know why you're excited about their game." But this is filed under a utility, not a game.

This utility crates interaction on a personal and safe level. Even if you use it once you understand why it's so addicting. I had this built into my PC when I received my system from Microsoft itself. What else do you need? Affiliates? Look into it's history.

Steam needs to utilizing the steam - isn't that the category?