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Slay the Spire

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2018년 12월 31일 오전 12시 16분
2019년 9월 1일 오후 3시 42분
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A general content expansion mod for Slay the Spire.

Currently adds:
  • 50+ Relics
  • 20+ Cards
  • 6 Events
  • 2 Bosses
  • 2 Custom run modifiers

Includes crossover content with the following mods, play with them as well:
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2019년 11월 13일 오후 5시 48분
Bug reports and conflicts
2019년 6월 24일 오전 5시 11분
Fix GrandSnecko or Remove it
The Complex
2019년 9월 7일 오전 4시 47분
Breaking the game with Zylophone.
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댓글 135
AvangionQ 2019년 10월 27일 오후 12시 16분 
Please update the text body for the red cleric event
MrDoctorProfessorWho 2019년 10월 24일 오전 8시 26분 
I managed to crash the game by using duct tape to put two gems from the guardian mod together and trying to slot them into a card. I knew better, but I wanted to see if I could do it.
753 2019년 10월 3일 오후 1시 48분 
Quality mod, fits very well with the base game.
astrafunz 2019년 8월 27일 오후 12시 07분 
How can I find the last secret relic? (test447)
Nidmight 2019년 7월 29일 오후 1시 49분 
I would love to do the art for the cards
smb 2019년 7월 22일 오후 4시 14분 
cool mod

Can u remove tin flute or have an option to remove it? There's a reason the devs ditched this concept after like 2 weeks, and its even worse in this since you have to give up a relic as opposed to skipping an event.
KingS 2019년 7월 22일 오후 3시 51분 
Iviv, I never knew one could do that with Replay the Spire. That helps soooo much as I love the Hubris mod. ^_^
Iviv 2019년 7월 22일 오후 1시 35분 
For those who don't like the Grand Sneko, if you use the 'Replay the Spire' mod, you can disable certain bosses from the mod options.
KingS 2019년 7월 13일 오후 3시 04분 
Hey now. I don't like the Grand Sneko boss either, but there's no need for all the explicitives. Honestly, there may be some people who DO like the Grand Sneko. I am not one, obviously, but an easy answer would be just setting the boss to be disabled in the mod's configuration. The easiest answer, however, would be just not using the mod if you don't like it.
Mr.Gaytes 2019년 7월 13일 오후 2시 08분 
listen up bug. you fucking guy. grand snecko, has to be, the most unbalanced, piece of fucking shit, garbage boss i've ever fucking seen in this fucking game. i've fucking installed 20gb of shitty slay the spire mods and played broken chiense crapware where the images didn't even load, but even those were more fucking balanced then the goddamn grand snecko. only reason i won was because i was so overpowered nothing int he game literally killed me

delete this fucking boss