Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Crash Bandicoot: Left 4 Dead 2 [Part 2 of 2] -both parts required
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Game Content: Campaigns, Sounds, Miscellaneous
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2013년 1월 18일 오전 4시 47분
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Crash Bandicoot: Left 4 Dead 2 [Part 2 of 2] -both parts required

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Crash Bandicoot: Left 4 Dead 2 [All files collection]
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Hey everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it. Well it’s time for this campaign to become a little bit more Crash-tastic! Follow on facebook for exciting new screenshots on the development of the next update which includes all new boss battles, new level segments and a♥♥♥♥♥♥ton more crates to smash!



Be sure to download both parts, the file was too large to have as one http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121137971

Crash Bandicoot: The Return of Dr. Cortex, is a campaign based on the awesome Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation. Survivors will have to travel through various levels to collect crystals for Dr. Cortex, can they trust him? Featuring plenty of familiar levels remade in source engine this should bring back some epic memories! Also included are a couple of survival maps and a scavenge map too with working warp room.

Known bugs
- If the campaign freezes or crashes shortly after gameplay starts try disabling anti-alias and disabling other mods
- If you get an error about the boomette you will also need to disable other mods
- If the campaign does not load or everything is purple make sure you have downloaded both part 1 and 2 of this mod.
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👻ベルクレネル👻 2019년 6월 15일 오후 9시 46분 
muy bueno
The Lord Of The Underworld 2019년 6월 8일 오후 5시 56분 
Icewaters77 2019년 3월 21일 오후 7시 54분 
can not get past the bridge in the second level. hitting the exclamation box does nothing.
js-lsousa 2019년 3월 12일 오후 5시 24분 
CHOCOLATITO 2019년 3월 10일 오후 4시 30분 
Ł3Øǿƞ4ЯĐ ک Ł4UŘ4 2019년 3월 1일 오후 1시 14분 
ola ke ase
マーロン [VoN] 2019년 2월 10일 오전 8시 35분 
Cuando selecciono las dos partes me da error... Qué hago!!!
Scorp The Saltmeister 2019년 2월 5일 오전 8시 44분 
Having trouble with conflicting files
(skynet)KorbenDallas 2019년 1월 6일 오전 8시 51분 
nop beug:steamsad:
[LG]DEATH ツ 2018년 9월 29일 오후 9시 15분 
Error :steamsad::steamfacepalm: