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Shidan's Tweaks & Fixes
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2017年4月25日 13時49分
1月17日 14時21分
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Shidan's Tweaks & Fixes

This mod is a collection of various simple bug fixes that have yet to be implemented by the devs, and some tweaks to the game that in my opinion improve the experience. I've tried to avoid any major changes, but of course major is subjective.

The list is relatively small right now, as it's just the things I thought of off the top of my head. More things will be added as time goes by. And I'm open to any suggestions for some more changes. :)

Requires Import

If you plan to use this mod alongside Dark UI, make sure to load DARK UI after this mod in the load order. If you fail to do so, the text may have issues with being unreadable.

There are a couple sub mods, disabling certain changes that some have voiced complaints over. These are listed below.

No Tech Hunter Alliances

No Research Artifacts

No Prosthetics on Skeletons

Looking for a place to discuss Kenshi or Kenshi modding? Feel free to join the Kenshi Community Discord[] We're always welcome to new faces. :)
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1月17日 15時15分
List of Tweaks & Fixes
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Shidan  [作成者] 24 分前 
Indeed. It was never added officially.
Infiniverse 7 時間前 
Is the prosthetics tweak still relevant did they not update this ?
Shidan  [作成者] 1月20日 8時58分 
No worries, as I said I'm happy to help. :)
timmercado1975 1月20日 8時55分 
Ohhh...! Ok, that is my noob mistake, Sir, I only had gamedata.base checked! I did not have the other ones checked. Thanks a ton, Shidan, sorry for the mass-posting xD
Shidan  [作成者] 1月20日 8時49分 
Odd, the only dependencies it should have are gamedata.base, Newworld.mod, Dialogue.mod, and rebirth.mod. Which are all base game files. You have all four active in the FCS?
timmercado1975 1月20日 7時48分 
Ok, please pardon the double-post. But, I just tried to make an compatibility patch in the FCS, following the instructions on the NCE guide (on that mod's page, but in the discussions section). I have my 'mod' checked ('NCE for Shidans Tweaks n Fixes') and this one, but whether or not I have the base game thing checked, I get a pop up warning me I'm loading your mod without dependencies. I'm unclear how to continue! Sheesh! Us noobs are so needy xD Any help, Sir?
timmercado1975 1月19日 21時52分 
Thanks so much, Shidan... I'm likely off to bed soon, but I'll certainly ask you about this if I get hung up tomorrow sometime!

Thanks again for your mods, man. I'm a VERY new player... I came in after 1.0, but I'm HUGELY addicted. And your tweaks n' fixes mod here is just phenomenal stuff, and I really appreciate your offering it. Have a great one!
Shidan  [作成者] 1月19日 21時41分 
Yes, this is the mod in question. And what you want to do is entirely possible. The value you'll want change is "cut to stun" as I recall. There are also a few more items I added colourable variations for, namely the other leather shirt items, and the plate jacket.

Let me know if you have issues with the changes. I'll be happy to help. :)
timmercado1975 1月19日 21時34分 
Hello there, love your mod here! It's excellent work.

I do have a question, though, is this where the item 'Dyed Leather Turtleneck' comes from?

I'm trying to find out because I also use the 'No Cut Efficiency' mod and with that, the normal turtlenecks don't list cut efficiency but the 'dyed' variety do... So I presume that mechanic will still function against them.

I'm not good with the FCS at all, but if I can narrow down which mod this 'Dyed' variety came from, then I can at least see if it's feasible to locate the normal leather turtleneck, look at it's 'No Cut Efficiency' values, and see if I can copy and paste them into the dyed one.

Борг 1月18日 0時05分 
So Shidan, since you asked for suggestions, there are two particular nests types in the game Wolf Dens and more rare Boneyard Wolf Dens but they all spawn regular bonedogs which I think is an oversight. Could you perhaps fix it?