Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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German class E 44 | 144
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Locomotive
タグ: Train, Engine
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2016年12月22日 12時27分
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German class E 44 | 144

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Deutschland (DRG, DB, DB AG)
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German Class E 44 / 144 Deutsche Bundesbahn

The electric locomotives of class E 44 was a concept of a universal electric engine, to be used in passenger as well as in freight services. Deutsche Bundesbahn took some of the E 44 from Deutsche Reichsbahn after WWII and even rebuilt some. The engines have been very valueable in service and have been in service for a long time.
The german class 144 was renumbered after 1968 from E 44. The class 144 have been in service by Deutsche Bundesbahn until 1983.

Vehicles List

  • Type: Electric
  • Maximum speed: 90 km/h
  • Power output: 1.860 kW/h
  • Tractive effort: 196 kN
  • Available: 1933-1945, 1945-1968, 1968-1983
  • Usage: all services
  • Different Models Included in this mod: 3


Thanks to Bandion for the mesh model.
The HDR lights texture used by friendly permission of Grimes.
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5 件のコメント
LB_Industries 2017年11月8日 12時57分 
e44_rad3.msh fehlt
elisadouwe 2017年8月11日 10時47分 
dank je wel
uwe.justy 2017年6月6日 12時57分 
Schöne Arbeit. Leider ist die DR-Variante nicht korrekt ausgefallen. Das Fahrgestell müsste rot sein. Evtl. kommt da noch ein Update!?
dragontrain LP 2016年12月23日 1時23分 
Super jetzt fehlt nur noch ein altes DB logo und eine BR01 Und silberlinge.
GrijzePilion 2016年12月22日 12時44分 
What are the specifications? I don't tend to download any rolling stock if I don't know if it'll be useful to me in-game.