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Arrowhead Valley (Official LUT)
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2016年10月27日 18時59分
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Arrowhead Valley (Official LUT)

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Arrowhead Junction (Official Collection)
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This LUT was created for our YouTube series: "Arrowhead Junction" (links below) and it was designed specifically for our "Arrowhead Valley" map and map theme. Check the dependencies on the sidebar.


What is Arrowhead Junction?

Arrowhead Junction is a Cities: Skylines collaboration project that aims to bring a new type of series to the city building community. The series features a totally custom map and map theme featuring 100% unique textures and a hand-picked selection of assets and mods from the Steam Workshop, which complement the style of city that is being built. Each player has total control over their respective episodes, but the final outcome is the sum of all three builders efforts. While the basic plans for the region are in place, the endeavor will be completely inspired by each individual's creation per their episodes. We certainly hope you share our enthusiasm for this project!

YouTube Playlist:

Fluxtrance -
Freshpopcorn -
Strictoaster -
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29 件のコメント
Alphsad 2018年10月29日 4時34分 
Hi, do you still work on this map? I'm using it. It's fine until i load the game i was saved. It goes back to green grass.
CrazyGraham 2017年3月19日 19時35分 
Thats great thanks for that i knew you would be the right guy to ask. Keep up the good work and keep the vids coming loving them.
Strictoaster  [作成者] 2017年3月19日 19時29分 
@grahamdunstan we are using Pres' U.S. Reworked -

You need to adjust all of the sliders all the way to the left in the settings tab for Roads United to get dark roads.
CrazyGraham 2017年3月19日 19時03分 
I have got the core + and tried most of the US road packs for it however while they all change the highway in one way or another none of them that i have found ever give me the dark highways that you have in arrowhead is it a specific road collection for the roads core+ that you are using ?
Strictoaster  [作成者] 2017年3月19日 17時49分 
@grahamdunstan you need the "Roads United Core+" mod.
CrazyGraham 2017年3月19日 17時10分 
Hi Strictoaster watched​ one of your arrowhead YouTube videos have ended up watching them all now great stuff absolutely brilliant creativity. I have been trying to workout how you have the black highways i think the info would have been in episode 2 however it does not seem to be available anylonger on YouTube. Would you be able to tell me please thanks.
Bezirksschornsteinfegermeister 2017年2月12日 12時20分 
Thank you for the responce!
Strictoaster  [作成者] 2017年2月12日 9時59分 
@Tesla66 we will probably upload the savegame once the series is finished.
Bezirksschornsteinfegermeister 2017年2月11日 4時06分 
I love this series and map, and I have a fealing that someone has already said this but, would it be possible to to post the current version of the save game to steam? I feal as if the map and city is fine as it is. Anyway, I hope that you don't find this annoying.
Dung Beetle 2016年12月3日 19時32分 
Even when I use this LUT and zoom out on the map there are particular trees that "glisten" in the light making it hard to play the game because its distracting.