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Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
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2016年9月21日 2時02分
2017年12月20日 1時26分
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Blastcore Edited (standalone version)

*The original author of the Blastcore mod is Opticalsnare. He didn't update Blastcore more than a year. I could not find information about Blastcore license, I tried and could not contact Opticalsnare via Bohemia Interactive forum to ask for permission to modify it. Opticalsnare, if you read this and you don't like what I have done, please contact me via Steam and mod will be removed from Steam Workshop.

**Please, don't upload this mod on any other sites or hostings without permission (read above).

Blastcore is one of the best mods ever made for Arma series and it is a big loss for a lot of Arma players. Hope Opticalsnare return to continue his work on Blastcore mod series.


This version is standalone. You should not run Blastcore Edited (standalone) together with Blastcore Edited (a fix version). You don't need any other mods to run.

Set particles quality on High.

Dependencies: none

This mod is based on Blastcore: Phoenix with edits taken from Blastcore: Phoenix 2 and Arma 3 vanilla effects. This version fixes a lot of errors caused by Arma 3 updates and changes some of the effects. I have put a lot of work in it (more than a year), but not as much as Opticalsnare, of course.

You download this mod AS IS. Some effects may be broken or don't work at all. Test it on vanilla only. Effects may be broken with RHS mods or any other mods that uses custom or edited effects. Feel free to contact me if you find errors.

Original author of Blastcore: Phoenix and Blastcore: Phoenix 2 is Opticalsnare.
Modified to Blastcore Edited by ruPal.

Additional downloads (read descriptions of each mod):

Server side smoke:
Vanilla smoke:
Extended vehicles fire time:
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2019年11月10日 8時03分
Campfires get a lot bigger
2019年6月1日 5時11分
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AustinDA 1月12日 13時37分 
what is this?
arismagic 2019年12月21日 4時34分 
@Rogue. Thank you mate. Cheers
Rogue 2019年12月6日 2時08分 
@arismagic it’s a client side mod, you just need the key on they server
@Drako Uzi it’s both
Drako Uzi 2019年11月19日 17時06分 
Description doesn't say what this is, so is this explosion effects or smoke effects?
arismagic 2019年10月26日 10時07分 
Ehm... Guys, excuse my ignorance but is this a server-side, client-side or globally run mod? Thanks a lot.
Rogue 2019年9月13日 4時16分 
@Eastkhan please contact me, I'm interested in working on some fixes and uploading them here.
Artful_Dodger 2019年9月13日 3時23分 
Does anyone know how to make this mod not to remove ACE fragments from Slammer HE shells?
de5ync 2019年8月28日 7時51分 
Arma 3: Michael Bay Edition
SoulTechnology 2019年8月26日 17時46分 
for issues with vic smoke use the vanilla smoke mod linked in the description also AI don't react to the new larger smoke (they behave as if it was tiny stock smoke that blows away) unless blastcore is loaded on server as well so another reason to just sue that mod to disable that effect (or delete the smoke section of the mod from the pbo if u know that much). the serverside smoke is also linked if you don't care about borked vics (ACE fixes it as it seems to mess with smoke aswell)

dependencies issues are common but avoidable. ideal to load a 'just the basics' modset when making missions. if you want to 'recover' a mission just open the mission file in a text editor and ctrl-f search 'Blastcore_VEP' and delete the single line instance 'in a list of other dependencies, should be first result. DONT DELETE THE SECOND INSTANCE, should be apart of a block to spot it and will break ur mission.
Drift_91 2019年8月7日 13時17分 
Hey, I know this isn't maintained anymore but I'm just putting it out there in case anyone works on it in the future. For some reason the mod seems to set 'Blastcore_VEP' as a mission dependency under certain circumstances. Would really be appreciated if anyone who takes over development fix that issue. Thanks.