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Skies of Nazca
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2016年7月8日 8時16分
5月7日 8時48分
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Skies of Nazca

aMAP ID: 720200839

Support the cause so i can continue to build and work for your enjoyment

May 7th 2018 update is the first part of 6.
- Chupacabra added to cave areas.
- Rock Drakes added to caves and mountain regions.
- Some rock settings had no collision, fixed
- Sky issue with night sky fixed (night was pure black for some players)
- Texture update
- Asset update

Updates will come slowly but will be coming. THERE MAY BE ISSUES WITH THIS UPDATE.. I"M FULLY AWARE and will be looking at it tonight. I am not getting paid to do this anymore, so updates won't come super fast as I have a day job.

Main Map name: skiesofnazca (if by chance this does not work use Skiesofnazca)
I was inspired so I finished the cave I started awhile back.;

Skies of Nazca is 99% complete on building (the landscape and layout)
Skies of Nazca is 70% complete on Bugs and optimizations
Skies of Nazca is the largest landscape mass you can make in the ADK currently. In other words if i tried to make the MAIN landscape (included ocean floor) any larger the editor couldn’t push it live. so ...its big...its VERY big.

Skies of Nazca will be done with preliminary building in Sept. then a pass will be made on optimization, details and bugs in Oct and Nov, a Second pass with more world detail added, more bug fixes and console optimization will happen (Console opt is MY request only and not a hint at things to come)

After Dec 2017 the map will ONLY be updated for bugs and updates from the Main game.
Nazca was once a gorgeous and peaceful island. Aliens brought war to Nazca, fracturing the main island, resulting in mysterious, floating islands. Testing has been done on the native animals, creating horrific monstrosities.
Nazca still has a healthy abundance of metals, minerals and food as well as a very healthy diverse landscape of dinosaurs.

Donating helps with buying assets, hiring people to help me with things I can't do. and helps keep this map being worked on. You want updates...donate to help the cause.

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6月21日 1時04分
6月3日 8時23分
ピン留め: Servers running this Map?
7月16日 16時16分
low frames
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Enigmic Azn 8月17日 22時15分 
After playing this for 2 full days, i can conclude the idea was great but execution was done poorly. There are several areas in-game that teleports you randomly above x amount of feet. There is one area that was really annoying in the island in the center, there is an obnoxious amount of trees that look like the creator just put them to make it not look barren. Walking through it on anything short of a Giga and all you see are trees and leaves not to mention FPS drops.

There are some common sense things that probably looked cool in theory but from a player's point of view, just terrible. Thank you for the experience however, i wish you the best on your current project and future games.
Enigmic Azn 8月16日 20時35分 
Wow first time playing this map. Optimization needs work, i have a 980 ti OC'd and i get between 25-50 FPS depending where i go, no building or dinos tamed yet. The map itself seems badly choiced in certain areas. I'm currently in the desert near the obelisk and there is literally no bushes or anything to get fiber. Also in certain areas, i get glitched and teleported to the top of cliffs.
Beetho 8月15日 17時33分 
Try this one, is at the begining of the description :p aMAP ID: 720200839
FrAnKy 8月15日 4時34分 
For our server we need the Mod and Map ID but i can't find the mod ID? Anyone knows what it is?
WaKKO151 8月8日 15時22分 
Does this have all bosses and ascension? All critters from ab and se? Is this stil being worked on? Really enjoying this map. 7月25日 6時18分 
Hey, I'm trying to host this map to explore it with some friends, when I start it up, it hosts successfully but when I try to connect, the server crashes with a fatal error. I've tried listing the Map name as "Skies of Nazca" in ASM and also as the file directory path to the mod ID folder, neither seem to work, any ideas?
Nightmare 7月24日 16時27分 
yes, please performance fix. (gtx 1080)
DragenDraconus 7月24日 14時14分 
Why is this map mod failing all attempts to download and update when starting my server? It was working fine last night, and now I get a map invalid message.
Trilithon 7月24日 8時40分 
This map is beautiful and I would absolutely love to be able to add this on my server for the public to play but I just can't right now. The performance is very bad and the fps in most areas is quite low. This map need some serious optimizations before being a great map. Keep up the good work Alchemist. I really hope you optimize this map to make it run as great as it looks!
Megalithic 7月23日 11時34分 
dose this map run abberation dino's?