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No Outpost Influence Maintenance
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2016年5月9日 16時19分
2017年9月26日 14時23分
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No Outpost Influence Maintenance

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Update 17 May: 1.0.3 Compatible. All my other mods are too.
Update 27 May: 1.1 Compatible.
Update 28 June: 1.2 Compatible.
Update 22 Oct: 1.3 Compatible!
Update 24 Jan: 1.4 Compatible! Should also Bugfix AI not using them.
Update 12 Apr: 1.5.* Compatible!
Update 26 Sep: 1.8.* Compatible!

To use this mod.

Click Subscribe.
Open Stellaris
Click the mod. The corners will highlight to show it is activated.
Play any game and enjoy :)
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Rayray 2018年12月8日 8時06分 
update please?
GT640_Player 2018年12月1日 10時28分 
would be cool if you would update this mod. i likded it
Hunter 495 2018年11月17日 16時38分 
how fitting is it that I got the skids anomaly while looking at the workshop? vroom
Averax  [作成者] 2018年2月24日 17時53分 
Rhia 2018年2月24日 8時57分 
awesome! looking forward to that.
Averax  [作成者] 2018年2月24日 8時48分 
@Cake Addict Thanks for the kind word :)
@Rhia broke is a funny term :P If this mod tweaked a car’s engine, PDX removed the car from the game :P I might make another mod that removes the influence cost to put a space station, just for fun.
Rhia 2018年2月24日 6時45分 
Its a shame that 2.0 broke this mod, I considered Stellaris unplayable without it.
Cake Addict 2018年2月24日 4時25分 
@Averax Thanks so much for creating this mod! I've been using it ever since i found out about it and would like you to know how much we appreciate you :steamhappy:
Averax  [作成者] 2018年2月22日 15時42分 
As of 2.0 this mod is now extinct.

Requiescat in pace.
Elite Guard 2018年2月22日 10時21分 
Does this mod need an update or is useless with the 2.0?