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Palm Trees - 5 in 1
Assets: Tree
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2015年12月29日 13時51分
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Palm Trees - 5 in 1

A pack of 5 palm trees for your tropical landscapes.

I spent considerable time optimizing both the textures for a good look in-game, as well as editing the vertex normals on the models so the shading doesnt turn the plants black. However, most of the credit goes to Nobiax[], for creating the models and providing the original textures too. Thanks Nobiax.

How to use the pack

By subscribing to this item, you will get all 5 assets. If for any reason you don't want them all, you can either:

Find the ones you don't want in the Content Manger and disable them.


Navigate to your Steam workshop folder, find the folder of this workshop item (587483693), and delete the crp files of the items you don't want.

I recommend using the first method.

If you unsubscribe to any of the 5 palms, the rest of them will be automatically removed as well.


All use 512px textures.
Diffuse, Alpha, Specular and Normal

Singles: 940tris

Duos: 1880tris

Trio: 2820tris

Screenshots taken using using Terrain Themes Mod, New Caledonia map and theme.

Textures optimized for, and Images taken using Tropical LUT and BloodyPenguin's Daylight Classic mod. Can't guarantee perfect match for all biomes.

Due to the way the game creates LOD's for trees, the palms look pretty crappy from far away, sorry but until CO makes a way to fix this, I can't do anything about it.
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2016年8月4日 5時23分
Screen shots
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Mage Disast 2017年4月5日 15時44分 
These are seriously the best palms out there....which is niche, but still! Terrific
T​​​P​​​B  [作成者] 2017年2月28日 10時54分 
You're welcome. All credit goest to Nobiax over at deviantart for the models and textures :) Also, check out MrMaison's new coconut palms, they are above and beyond these :)
HackedByARussian 2017年2月28日 10時08分 
Thanks for the great palms, I've used these a ton.
Nicotine Machine 2016年10月26日 12時30分 
no workie =(
Harshpunch 2016年8月4日 5時20分 
very best looking palms on the workshop, thx a lot for the great work !
stonecoldtrck 2016年3月18日 12時57分 
These are the best custom trees yet!!!
T​​​P​​​B  [作成者] 2016年1月10日 0時19分 
Not really, not where I grew up they don't. They have light grey trunks and the leaves are about as close to the real thing as I could get.
Meteor Daddy 2016年1月9日 22時23分 
I do wish that the trunk is a bit dark-brown (like what you did on your first palm tree). The leaves a bit more dark-green. :D Coconut palms have natural dark green leaves :D I have lots of them in my backyard XD

BTW this is one of the must have trees in the workshop. Vanilla palms are less realistic.
Meteor Daddy 2016年1月9日 21時46分 
Man this is great!
Breeze 2015年12月31日 17時22分 
thank you. very good asset, and very good screenshots.