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HCC - High Command Converter 1.5.4
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2015年11月26日 10時33分
1月26日 14時02分
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HCC - High Command Converter 1.5.4


Version : 1.5.4.
Author : Igitur

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Videos :

1. Advanced Waypoints synchronization (v1.3.0).
2. Static weapons, tanks and artillery (v1.3.1).
3. Leading a Platoon (v1.4.1).
4. Convoys (v. 1.5.4).

More info on usage in this post (and below) :


My other mods :


This addon enables a leader player to convert any unit(s) of his squad into a controllable HC group. Conversely, any HC group under player's command can join the leader's group.
The game's default High Command system has been heavily modified to allow thoughtful plans and coordinated execution via the addition of numerous commands and menus to the original interface.

Large groups formations and waypoints synchronization can also be used to handle movement at squad, platoon or company level and to plan ahead troops embarkment / disembarkment.

Use LCtrl+Space to access the High Command interface and hit the number keys (1 ... 0) to display the HC menus.



Group status menu :

9. Create HC Group - creates a new HC group made up of selected squad units.
0. Execute HC plans - gives an option to launch execution of all HC plans from the regular group mode (not HC).

HC group root menu :

* effective doWatch command (Left Alt by default).
* active suppression system (doWatch + suppress).
* Regroup / RTF => 1. Regroup Subgroups - 2. Form Back on Me - 3. Regroup Convoy/ 4. Return to Formation - 5. Form Back on Player - 6. Return to Convoy.

HC menu move :

4. Join group and wait - Selected HC groups join the player's group and stay where they are.
5. Join group and regroup - Selected HC groups join the player's group and regroup.
6. Wait - Stops the selected HC group(s) while setting up plans.
7. Execute - Selected units proceed to their next waypoints.
8. Define Array As => Squad/Platoon/Company/Convoy/Not Defined => Positional /Directional : Selected groups will follow the most ranked element of the array (formation).
9. Stop Following - Frees selected groups from following their leader.
0. Follow Me - Gives the player direct leadership over any selected group, whatever its rank.

HC menu engage :

3. Suppression = > parameters : duration + dispersion.
4. Combat mode => Red/Green/White/Yellow/Red.
5~6 . Engage/Disengage target -Unavailable.
7~8. Enable/DisableAI AutoCombat : enables/disables autonomous switching to COMBAT when in danger.
9~10. Enable Attack true/false : Team leaders send their units engage their targets or keep them in formation.

HC menu speed :

4. Copy - copy player's speed (walk/run).
5. Vehicle Speed :limits a vehicle's speed to the selected value so that unloaded cargo troops can follow.
6. Fly in height : forces an helicopter's next waypoint flying height.
7. Move in depth : unavailable.
8. Allow GetIn true : allows unloaded cargo troops to get in their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint.
9. Allow GetIn false : prevents unloaded cargo troops from mounting their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint.

HC menu transport :

1~3. Land/Sea/Air = > empty/crewed => returns a list of empty/crewed vehicles in a 200 m radius sphere. => assign/embark as crew/cargo.
4~5. Embark as crew / Embark as Cargo : enabled when HC cursor is on a vehicle.
6~7. GetIn assigned / GetOut assigned : assigned crew/cargo will get in/out.
8~9. Cargo load / Cargo Unload : cargo troops will get in/out but the driver/crew stay in vehicle.
0. Unassign current.

HC menu action :

1. Vehicles => 1~2. Engine ON/OFF - 3~5 : Helicopter land (in/out/off) + cancel landing.
2. Weapons = > 1~2. Unpack/Pack static weapon - 2~4. Fire/Repeat Artillery - 5. Clear Arty Markers.
3. Movement => 1. Convoys => 1. Display Convoy Leader - 2. Regroup Convoy - 3. Return to Convoy.
4. Subgroups Mode = > 1~2. Positional/Directional. = > 3~4. New Positional /New Directional.
5. Subgroups Formation = > 1. Line 2. Column 3. Wedge 4. Circle = > Interval : 20 - 200 m.
6. Chain of Command = > 1~2. Enable/Disable CoC for subgroups.
7. Add Vacant Groups of Side :
. In SP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the player's HC bar.
. In MP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the HC bar of the most ranked player of a side.
8. Add Curator Groups of Side : adds all groups that belong to a Curator player to his HC bar.
9. Remove Group from HC bar.
0. Display : gives access to all available display Modes.

HC menu combat :

6~10. Stand/Crouch/Prone/Auto/Copy : groups stance management.

HC menu team :

1~5. Assign Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main.
6~11. Display Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main. - The player's group is always team Main.
Display All => All groups/All leaders.

HC menu reply :

5~6. Sentences On/Off : allows sentences or mutes all groups.
7~8. 3D Icons On/Off : Shows or hides the 3D icons.
9. Rename group : change the selected group's ID via gui.

(standard features) :

0. Right click on a group icon to select/deselect the group.
1. LCtrl + Action MseBtn lets you place several successive waypoints for several groups at one time.
2. Right click on a waypoint to edit its parameters.
3. Place a "Cycle" waypoint close to another waypoint to create a loop (patrols).
4. Place a "GetIn" waypoint close to an empty vehicle to make a group board the vehicle.
5. An "Unload" WP will disembark cargo troops (e.g mechanized infantry). A "GetOut" WP will disembark the whole crew.
6. A "Load" WP will embark assigned cargo troops. A "GetIn" WP makes a crew re-embark their vehicle.

(HCC features) :

1. Synchronization :

1. Deselect all groups.
2. Hit and release Action MseBtn (MMB by default) on a WP, drag the sync line to another WP, hit and release Action on the second WP.
3. To un-synchronize a WP, just synchronize it with itself.

2. Embark/Disembark :

1. Select an infantry group (G1). Stop it (1-6). Place 2 WPs. WP1-1 MUST be a "move" type WP (default type). Set WP1-2's type : "Get in" (right click to edit). Deselect the group.
2. Select a crewed vehicle (G2) with cargo capacity. Stop it. Set WP2-1's type : "Load".
3. Synchronize WP1-2 with WP2-1.
4. Select G1 + G2. LCtrl+ActionBtn : place 2 new WPs for the two groups at once. WP1-3 = "Get Out". W2-2 = "Unload". WP1-4 = "Move". WP2-3 = "Move".
5. Deselect all groups and synchronize WP1-3 with WP2-2.
6. Select G1 + G2 and execute (1-7).

Note that you can synchronize your own waypoints to trigger other groups movement, provided you follow your own plan.

Mission or mod makers : To turn groups into HC controllable units with this addon, just put the following line in the proper trigger, waypoint, script or group leader's init field. :
player hcSetGroup [groupname, "", "teammain"]; Use the playable unit's variable name in MP.
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103 件のコメント
Igitur  [作成者] 3月17日 7時21分 
Sorry, I'm no longer working on this mod. I've checked your issue though but i've not been able to replicate.
SuperSaijun 3月16日 23時46分 
I've also noticed a bug - when you unpack a static weapon like an hmg, then ask the squad to pack it up again, they are stuck in place and refuse to respond to move orders. I've tried a few different things and it seems like once they are packed up they refuse to respond to move orders of any kind.
SuperSaijun 3月16日 19時20分 
This is fantastic - it extends all the basic functionality that HC should have came with out of the box.

I do have one request though - is it possible to add support for slingloading? Ie. Pick the vehicle the helicopter should sling load and then drop it off at another location?
TheLo 2月20日 10時33分 
Really awesome work!!! Btw I've tested a few mods and even in Internet MP Ares has compatibility issues, the Zeus cannot place almost any of the Ares modules, still good job thou
Machiya 2月2日 14時30分 
@Igitur : Just got around to testing it -- works perfectly.
Igitur  [作成者] 1月31日 7時45分 
@Machiya : Helis work just the same as the land vehicle shown in the first video (check at 1:50). The proper sync sequence is explained in the Enhanced Waypoints note just above.
Machiya 1月31日 2時06分 
Awesome Mod. Solved HC supression; my bad, my keybinds! Loving the firepower.

Next, has anyone sorted co-ordinating Helicopter pickup/drop offs? WLT get this working.
Igitur  [作成者] 1月30日 6時22分 
Version : 1.5.4. First pass on convoys. Please read the change notes for more info on usage.

@Roostergod : I've tried Achilles and MCC. They seem to work fine in SP and MP when hosted on internet. The modules are indeed greyed out when hosted on LAN though. No clue why.
Roostergod 1月19日 11時57分 
they both add new modules to zeus, when hcc is also installed some of them dont work
Dekker 1月19日 8時48分 
Ok,and for a waypoint wich make the squad pack and unpack weapons,for mortar squad and stuff like that...Can be this possibile?