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40K: The Solo Heresy - Starter Kit
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
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2015年10月14日 19時42分
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40K: The Solo Heresy - Starter Kit

Now you can play Warhammer 40K by yourself, using a simple set of rules to automate the deployment and behavior of your enemy's army.

Download the free core rulebook here:
(requires 7th edition Warhammer 40K rules)

This package includes a set of tools to streamline your game of The Solo Heresy:

-1 Enemy Type die to quickly roll for the enemy A.I. personalities
-1 reference card listing the behavior of each Enemy Type
-36 Battlefield Event cards
-6 Challenge Event cards
-1 custom scatter die
-6 custom Spawn Markers
-6 custom Objective Markers

40K armies, maps, and tactical objective cards are available elsewhere on the Workshop. A full listing is available here:

The Solo Heresy is still in BETA, so I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments. Hope you enjoy the game!
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16 件のコメント
Mezentius  [作成者] 11月15日 23時26分 
Hey everyone, the issue is that I just haven’t had time to familiarize myself with the differences between 7th and 8th editions. If anyone can provide a good primer on this — with maybe some ideas on what current Solo Heresy rules don’t make sense in 8th — I’d be happy to update it.
tcab2003 10月28日 22時07分 
update for 8th???
Baktillus 2018年5月25日 16時47分 
Any news on an 8th ed version?
D6 2017年12月27日 11時12分 
No news on a 8th edition version?
Mezentius  [作成者] 2017年7月4日 18時20分 
@Abaddon: Thanks! The latest version is the most current, although I'd like to do a big update for 8th edition.
van cleef 2017年7月2日 17時14分 
this is brilliant are u still updating it?
Kommandant Frisk 2016年9月23日 13時47分 
Ah. I never looked at the orks, thank you for informing me.
Mezentius  [作成者] 2016年9月21日 23時04分 
@[Katls] Kommandant Frisk: In the forward, I was referring to the Ork "Natural Instincts" rules in Epic 40K, which govern how an Ork unit becomes autonomous when separated from its Nob. You can find these described here:

It would be interesting to adapt the Solo Heresy rules for use in Epic 40K, although a bit tricky due to the emphasis in Epic on keeping units in formation. But I think it would be possible if you applied the Natural Instinct rules described above to govern movement, at the cost of a more chaotic game.
Kommandant Frisk 2016年9月21日 11時01分 
So you mentioned in the forward that there were similar, offical rules for Epic 40k, but I can't seem to find them. I would love to practice agaisnt an automated opponent while I got more familiar with the ruleset. Regular Warhammer 40k is cool, but I'd love to actually run massive armies (i.e. a titan legion) without bogging the entire thing down and destroying the balance of the game.

On Solo Heresy itself, this is a great tool to help someone new play against eachother or if you want to represent a hostile NPC faction in a narrative campaign. Good work.
Mezentius  [作成者] 2016年1月6日 19時18分 
Thanks -- let me know how it works out!