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Potion of Ultimate Leveling
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2015年4月27日 19時58分
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Potion of Ultimate Leveling

Played this game for hundreds of hours already and want to start a new character without having to grind out levels? Don't feel like making a 1000 daggers or potions to max out your skills? Had a character you lost the save to and want to make them again like you had them? Have a job, spouse, and or kids so don't have the time needed to get your character to level 81? Then this mod is for you.

With one Daedra Heart and one Human Heart you can craft the Potion of Ultimate Leveling to increase every skill by 85 giving you 100 in all of them. If your really felling frisky you can Legendary your skills and do it all over again to get more perks. FYI you need to be level 252 to have every perk in the game.*

There is a Satchel of Hearts located in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood on the Alchemy table with everything you need to max out all your skills and get every perk*. This Satchel will respawn so do not store items inside of it. This mod doesn't require any of the DLC or any other mod to work.

*If you want to have every perk in game you need to be level 252, it only takes 10 Ultimate Leveling Potions to hit that level. After the first potion that makes you level 81, you need to Legendary all the skills, then use another 8 potions using the same technique of making your skills Legendary, you will be level 250 after 9 potions total. Then you only need to Legendary any 3 skills you want and use the final 10th potion to hit level 252 and have all 251 perk points to get every perk in game. Do not make every skill legendary with the 10th potion or you perk points will reset. Please note you should wait for the text telling you all your skills are at 100 to stop before you Legendary your skills and take another potion for added game stability.

Also be warned that the game doesn't like you having more then 251 perk points and will reset them if you go much past that amount. You can avoid them resetting to get higher levels by spending some perk points and not making those skills Legendary. One way to do it is spend all your perk points on all but 6 skills, then only make those 6 skills Legendary till you get close to 251 perk points again. It is a much slower way to level up at high levels but it is much safer and your points will not reset on you.

Really hate grinding and want a place to create a character exactly how you want to? Then please check out my other mod, Dragonborn Crafting Hall that includes every thing you need all in one place such as all the spells, all the learnable enchantments, all the uncraftable armors, clothes, etc.

If you have all of the DLC use this version that even includes chests at each Hearthfire house that includes everything you need to build the entire house both inside and outside. Click this link:
Dragonborn Crafting Hall Legendary Edition

If you do not have the DLC you can use this version that still includes everything you need from the base game. Click this Link:
Dragonborn Crafting Hall No DLC Edition
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145 件のコメント
Gavin 10月21日 19時43分 
the satchel doesnt appear and when i tried to just crafting it just makes an ordinary potion
kessa.putin 9月19日 12時44分 
I just keep getting damage magicka. i don't know whats happening, it was working fine before today. please help,
verarscht22 2018年1月28日 7時08分 
nice one
cristianderois 2018年1月8日 7時27分 
Works just fine. Thank you
SenatorPickle 2017年9月18日 18時28分 
I got damage magicka
Jaegur01 2016年12月9日 18時56分 
There's no satchel in the Inn in Riverwood. what am I doing wrong?
AtomicTermite 2016年11月28日 21時35分 
Tilda key ( ` ) player.additem 0003AD5B (Daedra Heart) and 000B18CD (Human Heart) 10 of each and legendary all skills between potions. Max everything in no time at all
Dannie Clark 2016年9月7日 14時41分 
Works great
suit 2016年8月14日 9時25分 
There's console commands for doing all this leveling stuff. For example "player.advskill marksman 99999" would instantly level up your Archery to 100. Replace the "marksman" with any other skill name and you can do it to that too, some of the skills have different names though which are probably on the wiki if you need help.
Shadow5000 2016年7月10日 11時00分 
i got damage magicka not ultimate leveling. fix please