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One-Way Street Arrows
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2015年4月11日 17時46分
2017年2月17日 17時18分
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One-Way Street Arrows

Adds togglable green arrows over one-way streets so it's easier to see which way they go.
Updates in real-time as you build one-way roads and change road directions. Also available in the Asset Editor.
Arrows can be round (default) or flat. See Configuration section below.

A toggle button to turn the arrows on and off is located in the roads panel to the left of the "Toggle Snapping" button. The arrows can also be toggled using the period key.

Arrows appearing in magenta indicate "suspicious" one-way streets. These are one-way streets which connect directly to two-way streets, which block half the lanes for the two-way street. This makes it easier to find streets which may have been accidentally changed into one-way streets.

Arrows for tunnels are drawn when in "underground mode". There might be a slight delay in drawing the arrows or hiding the arrows when going in or out of underground mode.

Right click the arrow toggle button to open the options panel for the mod.

The arrows can also be configured by editing one_way_street_arrows_options.xml found in the game's folder. The arrows are automatically updated when the file is changed.

The following options are supported:
- arrowColor: The color of the regular arrows. Default is green. Alpha is not supported.
- errorArrowColor: The color of the arrows for suspicious one way roads. Default is magenta. Alpha is not supported.
- arrowOffset: Where to position round arrows relative to the center of the road. Default is 6 units above the center.
- flatArrowOffset: Where to position flat arrows relative to the center of the road. Default is 2 units above the center.
- arrowType: The type of arrow to use. Possible values are "Round" and "Flat". Default is "Round".
- arrowDimensions: Size of round arrows.
- flatArrowDimensions: Size of flat arrows.
- hideWithRoadsPanel: Whether to turn off the arrows when the roads panel is closed. Either "true" or "false". Default is true.
- arrowToggleButtonPositionInGame, arrowToggleButtonPositionInEditor: The position of the button in the game or in the editor relative to the Toggle Snapping button. Defaults to (-38, 0) in the game and (0, 46) in the editor.
- arrowToggleButtonSizeInGame, arrowToggleButtonSizeEditor: The size of the button in the game or editor. Defaults to 36x36 in both.
- arrowToggleShortcutKey: The shortcut key to use to toggle the arrows (e.g. ".", "o", "backspace", "f8", etc). Defaults to period (".").

Known issues:
- Arrows not showing for tunnels Arrows should show for tunnels.
- Arrows point in the opposite direction for left-hand drive maps. Works correctly with left-hand drive maps.
- Removing roads by clicking and dragging with the bulldozer sometimes doesn't update the arrows. Turn the arrows off and back on to update.
- Arrows appear for harbors and airports. Arrows no longer appear for airports or harbors. Arrows appear again for aiport roads.
- Slight delay in drawing or hiding arrows for tunnels.

Crashes / Issues:
If your game crashes or has other issues with this mod, please send an email to with:
- Your save game that has the crash / issue. On Windows, saves are in
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Saves
- output_log.txt, located in (for example)
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data on Windows.
- The list of mods you have enabled.
- Any instructions to reproduce the problem.

Also try disabling all other mods and see if the issue goes away.

Source code is available at:
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2017年1月4日 10時27分
Error Upon Opening Road Menu
2016年7月29日 9時34分
Button gets removed from UI with 'Ploppable RICO' mod.
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Schlumpf 2月11日 12時29分 
When I enable the arrows in my game - the game becomes very laggy.

Since it does not crash, I have no idea what is causing this issue. Could it be Field of View, a "weird" road network, other mods. Since I have quite a few mods/assets - it would be very hard to find a culprit there if there even is one.
Chris6d 2月4日 15時52分 
This mod's obsolete now, but dang, those arrows are ugly. No offense. It was a great mod, though.
LANDLOOFER 2017年12月29日 13時19分 
Really helpful
TekkLuthor 2017年12月20日 12時21分 
Mines just stopped working. This game is unbearable without this mod. Can someone help?
nickvet419 2017年11月13日 7時42分 
doesn't seem to be working anymore.
Zombie民 2017年10月27日 13時20分 
nice work
vproman 2017年9月24日 16時15分 
Do the arrows work in map editor for underground roads? I can see them above ground but below ground they don't seem to be visible. I see in the screenshot they are visible underground with traffic view turned on, but I don't believe the map editor has a traffic view.

I lay roads 30 - 40u below ground and it can be hard to see the built-in errors that low. I was hoping this plugin would make the direction of underground roads easier to see.
Melty 2017年8月19日 22時43分 
loooooooove this
ConureGuy_411 2017年6月13日 3時14分 
The vanilla version doesn't let you 'auto-correct' airport taxiways/runways either whereas this mod does.
gravage 2017年5月30日 12時59分 
@Everyone: Actually, and please correct me if I am wrong because I DO want to know if so, I don't think the vanilla version shares any customized arrow options as this mod does, and most importantly, it doesn't highlight errors with an "errorArrowColor" to make such errors REALLY apparent.