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Extended Public Transport UI (Obsolete)
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2015年3月29日 12時16分
2015年8月9日 5時07分
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Extended Public Transport UI (Obsolete)

With the newest Patch/DLC EPTUI has become obsolete. All functionality
has been integrated into the base game by Colossal Order - and some! The mod
will stay up, as it might be useful for reference; finally a thanks to all subscribers
for their trust, and especially all the contributors for making EPTUI one
of the most popular mods for Cities: Skylines.

Extends the public transport UI with additional list views and toggles for bus, metro and train. Nicely integrates with the native UI. Just press the bus, metro or train panel in the public transport panel to bring up the extended UI.

  • List views for bus, metro and train
  • Toggle visibility of all lines with one click
  • Toggle visibility of individual public transport lines
  • Automatically hides transport lines of all other types

New in 1.2
  • Colorpicker is now working
  • Lines are being sorted on rename
  • Natural sorting instead of lexicographic sorting
  • Long line names are now being trimmed. There were some issues, coming back in a future update

New in 1.1
  • Zebra stripe background
  • Panel is now scrollable
  • Hidden lines don't reappear anymore when in edit mode
  • Fixed checkboxes in almost all cases

Known Issues
  • Checkbox misbehaves when hovering over a line in edit mode
  • While hovering over the name label in edit mode the line disappears

Interface heavily inspired by Mockup from reddit User jb2386
ModTools - invaluable tool for devs
Pastadiablo - Fix for reappearing lines[]
permutation - Zebra stripe background, scrollpanel and help with the colorpicker[]
LynxSnow - Helped getting the scrollpanel to work
leeclemens - Sortable columns[]
earalov - Delete buttons[]

Pullrequests welcome!
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2016年2月28日 5時37分
Bug? Error?
2015年7月12日 14時30分
[IDEA} Remove unfinished Lines..
2015年5月17日 16時50分
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sindar 7月9日 3時51分 
As this mod's title states, this mod is obsolete and it is since patch 1.3!!!
I totally NOT understand how people still use it.
As of today the appropriate successor is Improved Public Transport 2:
tufteberge 7月6日 1時39分 
Annyone know of a new version??
tufteberge 7月6日 1時39分 
Where can i choose vehicle?????
Sherriff buford T justice 7月5日 21時15分 
its been a little while since i played but , now when i put in the metro hardly anybody uses them now . like 7 ppl pere 6months wth, also i used to be able to change how much money i could charge for things like the buses taxies, metro now i cant
Darkangel 5月29日 1時48分 
Car trips saved all on one list is better than improved public transport but then you dont have the prices you can manually change for each public transport like IPT used to have before parklife!
Ttrucker 5月26日 8時36分 
One thing I still need is to be able to set speific vehicles to transit routes.
HGW.XX/7 4月14日 11時22分 
RobvT 4月2日 0時11分 
Not obsolete! We still can't select vehicels for a line and the game makes a mess of it )-;
Jack the Boss [ITA] 3月22日 11時31分 
Now that's implemented in the game, I can't choose the vehicles for the lines. Where can I find the option?
Craftking 1月2日 16時08分 
Even though this is obsolete thanks for one of the best cities mod ever!