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Maps (co-op): Checkpoint
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2014年9月24日 13時05分
2015年8月11日 14時41分
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You must clear several buildings and a subway of insurgent forces. This map is a checkpoint mode with 10 capture points.
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egocks 2018年10月20日 6時07分 
Great map
moejoejoejoe 2015年10月15日 18時48分 
Is this the beta5 version?
Darkith 2015年6月3日 17時19分 
Anybody else having problems with INS not downloading this map to the client? I've got a server subscribed to it, but the clients can't seem to download it. It used to work until the latest update of the map...wondering if maybe the uploaded file is corrupt or something???
Chief-C  [作成者] 2015年4月9日 4時37分 
There are two version of the map...the workshop version and downloaded version. The workshop version is block_party_coop_ws. Subscribing to this map won't help you, when joining a non-workshop server since there will be a version mismatch. To join the server you've mentioning, you'll need the block_party_coop_beta4 version. Since it doesn't exist anymore after the update, I've uploaded the older version to . You can find the beta4 version there and download it.
Tanaka.san 2015年4月3日 6時25分 
I have a question, map on the vote page is showing as "block_party_coop_beta4" while that map doesn't exist anymore on the workshop page, I subscribed to this one instead, what do I do? I'm unable to play on this map as they vote it with a different name
neiio 2015年3月31日 3時14分 
It's fixed in the latest version of Insurgency! Cheers.
Chief-C  [作成者] 2015年3月20日 8時12分 
doh...just saw hoadeath's post...what he said ; )
Chief-C  [作成者] 2015年3月20日 8時11分 
Word from the devs...the ""Failed to lock vertex in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer"" error will be fixed in the next update
neiio 2015年3月18日 15時36分 
@hoadeath Thanks for the information, hopefully NWI fixes it soon.
hoadeath 2015年3月15日 14時38分 
I get that error on multiple workshop maps from different authors, it's not limited to Block Party. Their is a thread related to it, and the dev's say there should be a fix in the next patch.