Conan Exiles
Leveling extended
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1月5日 13時35分
1月23日 12時53分
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Leveling extended

Increases the level limit to 100, allowing you to get ALL attribute points and ALL skills.
Small margin of additional attribute points in case there are new skills on future updates.

Legendary chests open at any level.

Augmente la limite de niveaux jusqu'à 100, permettant d'obtenir TOUS les points d'attributs et TOUTES les aptitudes.
Petite marge de points d'attributs supplémentaires au cas où il y aurait de nouvelles aptitudes sur de prochaines mises à jour.

Les coffres légendaires s'ouvrent à n'importe quel niveau.

ID du mod : 1961078499
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8 件のコメント
Raphytator  [作成者] 3月22日 2時15分 
@rh.sherwood1 no problem from 60 to 100, maybe that come from your server

@Torkkar sorry no, i made this mod to playing with my sister and we prefer without limitation for legendary Chest, we estim monster difficulty is enough like as barrier.

@priboy1985 you got a mod pannel in the title screen of the game, inside it you can select the mod you subscribed, this will restart the game with the actif mod.
priboy1985 3月22日 1時49分 
I don 't understand how to run modifications from the workshop?
Torkkar 2月3日 18時50分 
can we get a version that does not affect the min level req to loot Legendary chests?
rh.sherwood1 2月1日 5時43分 
Hello, I`m playing in a server with your mod, and it stopped leveling at level 62.
Raphytator  [作成者] 1月23日 13時00分 
Fixed, thanks for your feedback :winter2019happysnowman:
Osberonus 1月23日 11時15分 
mods bugged for me or something. i only got to level 71 then it stopped leveling me.
aram83 1月19日 13時37分 
simple and perfect, that's all i need, thank you :)
Kujiro.Sc 1月7日 5時48分 
bravo pour ce mod en tout ca !