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Sirgibsalot's Globally Offensive Glocks on Killing Floor 2 Animations
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7月21日 11時56分
9月3日 7時39分
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Sirgibsalot's Globally Offensive Glocks on Killing Floor 2 Animations

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Sirgibsalot's Globally Offensive Glocks on Killing Floor 2 Animations

not exactly default, but they still have that vanilla-valve feeling in the way that they're modeled and textured. because of this, they fit in really well with the rest of the weapons. unfortunately, because of the desire to stay as vanilla as possible (which i very much respect), Sirgibsalot compiled these beautiful models on valve's default animations. i felt as though these models deserved better than to be stuck on valve's animation set, and so here we are.

Lt. Rocky: killing floor 2 animations port
Sirgibsalot: models, textures, original compile
Tripwire Interactive: original animations
Sedqubus: rig, compile
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15 件のコメント
Sedqubus  [作成者] 8月28日 6時47分 
NeuroticJade 8月28日 2時53分 
can you do these on l4d1 anims too?
Sedqubus  [作成者] 8月16日 5時19分 
all of these weapons originally had different animation sets, mind you. you can easily go subscribe to those.
Kait Diaz 8月15日 21時15分 
every weapon mod you make, you put killing floor animations, why? not anyone likes this animation set, me either!
Sedqubus  [作成者] 8月10日 13時04分 
fair warning given, ignored warning twice, blocked. good day.
Fish Time, 8月10日 12時58分 
wth? I just said nice day and pointed out something I noticed. Even if I did appear rude or mean, I just wanted to help with a good mod. Please don't block me, it'd be quite rude. Have a good day :)
Sedqubus  [作成者] 8月10日 12時50分 
need i repeat myself again? there's nothing wrong with how the hand is gripping the slide. please stop commenting about fixing something that doesn't need to be fixed, last warning. if you comment again you're getting blocked, end of discussion. good day.
Fish Time, 8月10日 12時28分 
I guess I just see something you don't. Read the last line of my last message. ;)
Sedqubus  [作成者] 8月10日 12時00分 
i repeat, the hand is grabbing the slide. don't know what to tell you. also, please don't respond with basically the same message after i gave you an answer. i'm not going to fix it because there's nothing to fix here. the fingers are properly gripping the slide, there's no reason to fix it because there's nothing wrong with it.
Fish Time, 8月10日 11時27分 
okay, so I've seen a bunch of pistol empty reloads that grab the weapon and pull it back wrapping their hand around the weapon. It looks like he's pinching the weapon in the picture of Nick pulling back the slide, except with all fingers. If you wanna be very, VERY nit picky about it you can see the fingers barely touch the gun. The picture I'm refering to is the 9th photo in the list of photos you've provided. Hope this helps, and other than that, great mod! :steamhappy: