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Buyable Quest Rewards
Mod, 1.0
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1月25日 0時13分
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Buyable Quest Rewards

V1.0 Adds items normally only available through quests to appropriate trader inventories

I make no claims that this is balanced in any way, shape, or form,
save that antigrain warheads have been limited to 2 at most per trader, rather than 50.

I made this mod due to being unable to locate something similar for 1.0.
And having to buy them feels less cheaty than making high tech artifacts out of spare parts lying around the base.

Included items are: AI Persona Core, Healer Mech Serum, Ressurector Mech Serum, Techprof Subpersona Core,
Antigrain Warhead, Orbital Bombardment Targeter, Orbital Power Beam Targeter, Tornado Generator,
Psychic Emanator, Vanometric Power Cell, and Infinite Chemfuel Generator.

Most are purchasable from Exotic Goods traders either Outlander faction or Orbital. The Antigrain Warheads show up on
Combat Suppliers. Basically whatever merchant has the tech level sufficient to sell them.
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ReaperXGen 5月24日 5時23分 
@Adara Firecaster great job! would be nice if you create another mod that allows to select a reward for quest yourself, instead of waiting till you get a bargain.
Adara Firecaster  [作成者] 5月2日 22時22分 
@Jeff making mod options like that would require a lot more effort than I want to put into it. as it's not as simple as creating some xml patches. It also would make the mod harder to add and remove from saves. So while possible, I'm not planning to do it.
Adara Firecaster  [作成者] 5月2日 22時20分 
@ChildofGaia Should be, it is entirely patch based and has no new assets. So it can be added and removed with few worries.
Jeff 4月29日 2時55分 
Any way you could add an (optional) cost multiplier to buying these without just raising their base value?
ChildofGaia 4月26日 9時56分 
Is this mod save game compatible?
luh mao 4月14日 9時34分 
nvm i put it near the top and now theres no error
luh mao 4月14日 9時33分 
any specific spot on load order for this mod? i got a dubug log or something pop up when i installed this mod.
Adara Firecaster  [作成者] 3月11日 23時08分 
The random (or semi-random) selection of trader inventories is base game behavior, nothing I did.
pgames-food 3月11日 22時36分 
plus usually i get just enough time to make a small sculpture (or 2 maybe) and sell for 100-200 silver, but that just means there are less sculptures remaining in my base to make it nicer :)
pgames-food 3月11日 22時35分 
hi, its cool that traders select items randomly, as it add a nice variety, but spartan in case you dont have many chances or get traders less often, theres a mod which lets you specify how many days to go by without a trader.

in my game, i have it set to 1 orbital trader every day, but im trying out tons of mods so need the variety... also its not that cheaty, because most of the time i cant buy all the stuff lol :)