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COOP12 Missing in action
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop, Zeus
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry
Scenario Map: OtherMap
Meta: Dependency
タグ: Tag Review
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2018年8月31日 13時06分
10月27日 15時33分
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COOP12 Missing in action

Tags: CSAR. Infantry. Helicopters. Random. Tactical Bacon. RHS. CUP Terrains. CBA

One of our Blackhawks, Golf-7, enroute from Zargabad, was transporting a squad from Anvil-company, 2/22nd Infantry with couple of MARSOC operators from 2nd Recon.

What went wrong and where exactly is unknown. What we do know, is that they crashed somewhere beyond FLOT, and they're about to get company.

Most of our CAS is allocated elsewhere, so you have to make do with what you've got. Get airborne, and bring our men back!


My take in classic search & rescue theme.

- ACE compatible
- Dedi server compatible
- Random crash locations, multiple optional params including weather, time, difficulty.
- Option to use Zeus

Script credits to FHQ Task tracker, Tonic view distance, SHK Pos.

Requires following mods:

RHS. CUP Terrains. CBA.

Consuilt ----> right panel for details.
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26 件のコメント
Alwarren 11月14日 12時25分 
Just replayed it, as exciting as the first try. Great mission!
Solskipper 5月14日 11時46分 
Very intense, very high paced. Great mission.
Varanon 5月14日 11時46分 
Still a great mission!
Phantom Six 2018年11月22日 11時30分 
Excellent mission great extraction
Evans 2018年11月22日 11時30分 
Great mission Stag
FlashPoint 2018年11月22日 11時30分 
Nice start
Robbo 2018年9月23日 11時28分 
Love this mission! Always fun.
Verstanden 2018年9月23日 11時28分 
enjoyable :) looking forward to playing it again.
ultra_wrongway 2018年9月23日 11時27分 
Great work as always Stag!
Stick 2018年9月23日 11時27分 
Great mission, thank you.