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Max_Terminator by Maxjoiner

This addon adds Terminators Units (Human and Skeleton)
You can find them in Opfor-Skynet faction
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3rdshockarmy1945 9月18日 19時37分 
landonbaytown 9月16日 18時07分 
I still love this!
By chance, how did you get the characters to have a high tolerance to being shot at?
Can it be programed into other characters, I been wanting to work on factions and plan to have characters with high tolerance to damage.
MaceLupo 9月4日 23時35分 
@Maxjoiner Good that I could help.
Maxjoiner  [作成者] 9月4日 20時06分 
Yes Friend, just possible I'll release an update
MaceLupo 9月4日 19時13分 
@Maxjoiner What do you think about the 40k guns? Was it usefull to look at them?
LordStarhammer 9月4日 2時40分 
I must say this mod is great and I love the gun, only downside is the explosions lol like why does the plasma jolts cause an explosion lmao. It’s a really big one, should be more like starwars weapons and not like a 20mm cannon going off 😂 hopefully you’ll change it so its more like a bullet than a cannon haha
MaceLupo 8月26日 10時47分 
@Maxjoiner Like Columbo always said. One more thing. I really do not like the explosion effect so much because it blocks the sight. On the other hand in the scene from the first Terminator movie in the resistance base there a some explosions. Would it be possible to make the explosion a bit smaler? Or just to reduce the smoke a bit. Now I have something positive to say about the gun. I really like its soundeffekt. It is music to my ears. And enjoy the Warhammer 40k mod which is my absolute favorite. Test the Sentinel walker and see how good it is. Also the tanks.
Doctor Vanilla 8月26日 10時31分 
@Maxjoiner saying the problem is only to me, doesn't fix the problem... based on verifySignatures = 2; meaning, if you you make changes, then do not go through the bikey proccess of verification after you change content inside terminator.pbo you will get kicked from the server, as verification fails...
Doctor Vanilla 8月26日 10時24分 
Since your update your bikey no longer supports verification. Maybe others do not have the verification enabled on their servers. Either way, there is a problem with your bikey since the update, possibly it was corrupted when you updated the mod, I've seen that happen before with steam. It's not uncommon.
Maxjoiner  [作成者] 8月26日 10時22分 
OK Friend, meanwhile I'm downloading "There is only War", then I'll see what I can do ;)