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Japan Railway JR E235 Series Electric Train
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Multiple Unit
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2017年10月11日 6時10分
2017年11月27日 23時24分
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Japan Railway JR E235 Series Electric Train

JR East E235 Series is the newest train set for Yamanote Line to replace the E231 series. Built by J-TREC Niitsu. Start in service since 2015 until present. Theres already 7 sets that already running in that line.

-Available in 2015
-Changeable Color
-Custom sound
-Door animation

Train specification
-11 Car set
-Passengers 385
-Top Speed 120 kmh
-Weight 357t
-Power 3360kw
-Te 850kN
-Cost $24.2M
-Running Cost $4.04M/year
-Lifespan 50 years
-Loading speed 88.0x

All scale is real except the bogies using 1435mm
and I wanna say thank you very much to JP : Ritera for the picture of boxes over the 3rd traincar. Its really helped me out to created that traincar.

for a better mod, donation are welcome
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硕硕好可爱 2021年12月13日 3時16分 
Ake200 2021年11月25日 17時48分 
Very nice thank you.:steamhappy:
Yamamba 2021年1月28日 4時52分 
I love this mod, are you thinking about making a Yokosuka Line version?
PandaJoueur 2020年10月21日 5時35分 
Convert it to TPF2 ! It look gorgeous btw
jerryhouzhihua 2020年1月16日 7時01分 
could you transplant them into tpf2 plz?:steamhappy:
Palama 2019年11月12日 1時09分 
Great mod would love to see a prop one
GRYDA 2019年1月14日 18時38分 
The first-person view is too height compared to the train tracks :/
ylij174 2019年1月4日 15時35分 
It would be great if the author continued to mod the Japanese trains. They are so lacking ...
銘吶 2018年8月15日 23時01分 
Perfect mod!!
Can you make Keikyu N1000 or 2100?Please!!
RobRibRab 2018年7月22日 8時14分 
d e n s h a d e g o !