Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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2012年12月22日 22時10分
2016年5月6日 22時33分
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このアイテムを使用するには、 DLC が必要です。
Immigrants are attracted by happiness and productivity of your empire from foreign cities. Ideologies affect migration in different ways.

What's new in v6:
* migrants carry religion
* part of conquered population escape as refugees
* emigration system reworked: progress bars instead of probabilities

Includes Russian localization.

Sadly not working with other mods changing city view: EUI, Health and Plague and some other. You can remove the "UI" folder from the mod's folder to make it compatible, though there will be no UI, just notifications.
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Joel DeJonge 7月1日 9時35分 

There are plenty of comments pointing this out already, the back button is your friend....
ChairmanDavey 6月28日 0時31分 
I had to uninstall this mod because it prevented me from opening the production screen, which is a shame because I think the idea is really interesting.
twsworld 2022年3月27日 15時35分 
Can someone explain to me how prosperity works?
Admiral Johan 2022年3月9日 10時34分 
A diverse and tolerant culture isn't inherently good...
Fry McFly 2021年12月27日 17時49分 
Oh! So the mod is not as good as you might think? Too bad! I like mods that make the game less static.
Can anyone else confirm these problems / bugs?
sarasosio 2021年11月19日 9時49分 
For realism, this is a good idea -- especially for folks who like the Freedom ideology, as the concept of alien residents is central to a diverse and tolerant culture.

I've rarely had folks immigrating into my cities, even when my happiness is much greater than my nearest neighbors. Most of the time, my pops emigrate to my neighbors immediately after a growth event even when their happiness is only marginally greater than mine; therefore, the mechanic is nothing but a drain on my own Civ as I'm growing free pops for my competitors. It's a great incentive to keep my happiness as high as possible, but since half the world is a refugee camp for my (allegedly) neglected citizens, I've had to disable this mod.

There's no evidence of production playing any non-negligible role in attracting new pops, in any of my games (even when this is the only mod installed).
Funny Hunter 2021年9月1日 13時42分 
Anyone tested this with Vox Populi?
Владимиро 2021年2月6日 20時13分 
oh ok
Mk Z  [作成者] 2021年2月2日 21時38分 
TANK78 |HAM MAFIA|, iirc its an average material yield per capita (production, food, gold)
Владимиро 2021年2月2日 21時21分 
How is productivity calculated?