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Launch options for VRChat/Unity!
By RekoRed_
This guide has launch option commands and other shortcuts that people might find helpful! :)
Steam launch options
  1. Right click on VRChat in library
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Then, Click on "Set launch options"
Working commands (as of April 2019)
-screen-fullscreen #✅
Same as the option in the secret configuration menu.
Allows VRChat to run in either windowed or fullscreen.

You can also switch between both fullscreen and
windowed mode by pressing ALT + ENTER in-game.
1 = TRUE
-adapter # ✅
Changes the monitor that VRChat will run in.
1 = Monitor1
2 = Monitor2
3 = Monitor3
-screen-height ✅
Same as the option in the configuration menu.
Allows VRChat to run in diffrent resolutions.
-screen-width 1920
-screen-height 1080
-popupwindow ✅
Basically borderless if you ever want it.
Makes unity run in DirectX 9.
Makes unity run in DirectX 11.
Makes unity run in DirectX 11 + multithreading.
VRC secret config menu
When developers make games in the Unity game engine,
Unity will create a configuration menu when the game is launched.
(this is stereotypical with shovelware Unity games)

The developers behind VRChat have this disabled, But there is still a way to get this to appear:
  1. Go onto Steam
  2. Press the LIBRARY tab
  3. Press & HOLD down SHIFT key
  4. Launch VRChat whilst keeping hold of SHIFT

    DO NOT LET GO of SHIFT untill the menu appears!


Change the resolution that VRChat starts in.
This goes from 720p and beyond.
But I have seen this go lower on past occasions.

Regardless, you can edit these parameters by inserting these into the command line:
-screen-width [WIDTH]
-screen-height [HEIGHT]

Change the graphics quality for VRChat.
Originally posted by RekoRed_:
In more triple-A games this will have a massive boost in framerate because most triple-A developers will have different levels "sets" of models, textures etc.

Unity may perform some under the hood adjustments depending on the graphics setting but since most of the game is made by other users, this may not be the most efficient.

Want VRC to run in a diffrent mointor? No problem!
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RekoRed_  [author] Mar 30 @ 1:55pm 
Sorry took a while to respond, firstly if you want "true fullscreen" hit ALT + ENTER. To be honest thought limitfps to be pretty hit or miss and thought it worked, my bad. There can be another way around it by forcing it to enable vSync and I know in a few suites you can half the rate down to like 45fps. Apart from that idk if there is anyway to lower it.
DesolatePsyche Feb 28 @ 12:49pm 
So fullscreen doesnt enable true fullscreen and limitfps doesn't actually work. Trying to set it to 60fps, yet ingame still 90fps. On desktop mode. ?
RekoRed_  [author] Feb 1 @ 3:35pm 
An annoying fact is that most games have their own version of SteamVR that doesn’t even need Steam running to launch and if the core SteamVR isn’t running it would just run that instead. Tried looking for anything that would not make it boot up SteamVR but couldn't find anything. It's sad why there is no flag to stop it from running straight from the launch options/target line. :(
Tiara Jan 26 @ 4:13am 
Is there a launch option to run the game in non-vr mode?
Example: When i have vrchat's shortcut saved to my start menu and i run vrchat while my vive is plugged in, VRChat will start in vr mode. I had a issue that steamvr also started but i manage to disable that but VRChat still starts in vr mode without steamvr or anything. This makes it impossible for me to join lobbys from the website without having to manually un-plug my vive and forcing it to go into desktop mode.
RekoRed_  [author] Jan 11 @ 8:25am 
Yeah, I have a whole section dedicated to it lol
imelman Jan 11 @ 7:17am 
Also, if you launch the game trough shortcut, but not via Steam while ALSO holding Shift, you'll also get a config, which is VERY useful for low end machines via LowDesktop quality config.
RekoRed_  [author] Jan 10 @ 8:14am 
Yeah ikr they need to add that
[PrWh] Dragonisser Jan 10 @ 1:32am 
Still no way to change the audio output >_>
RekoRed_  [author] Apr 6, 2018 @ 10:52pm 
Thanks for 8K views! :D
Splinks Apr 6, 2018 @ 4:21pm 
By any chance have you had any luck getting the Friends+ feature to work on portal placed in a world?