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Lost Sol
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Finnish, German, Turkish
Players: Single-player
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31 mar 2017, ore 7:59
20 apr 2017, ore 10:29
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Lost Sol Is Expanding
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Data di rilascio: June 2017
Lost Sol is a 2D strategy survival game inside a sandbox universe following the life of a spaceship's crew. As the player, you take the role of the captain, and you have to survive in the harshness of space. You must build, and take care of your ship, and crew with the resources you find.

The Storyline

By year 2499 humanity had extended its reach to the Moon and Mars, with a network of stations spread throughout the solar system, each serving their own purpose. Travel times between the planets were still long and space travel ever treacherous. However, a new technology was developed, one that promised to change everything – two colossal gates, constructed between Earth and Mars.

These gates represented the cutting edge of scientific research, capable of creating stable wormholes between the planets. While the gates promised to dramatically reduce the cost and time of space travel, concerns were raised over the instability of the technology. In spite of these concerns the project was pushed through in order to have the gates ready for the start of the New Year, a momentous event that marked the beginning of the new century and it was hoped, a new era for humanity.

Tragedy struck on the eve of the New Year. While each gate was powered up successfully, it was not long before the gates began emitting increasingly powerful waves of gravitational energy. The effects were devastating: all ships and stations in the vicinity of each gate were crushed in an instance. Those further away suffered less damage but the immense gravitational forces soon caused the gates themselves to collapse. Within minutes, Earth, the Moon and even Mars began to disintegrate.

After a while the anomaly became unstable, and collapsed in a violent explosion. The wave of destruction it left behind was unimaginable. The Earth, and Mars were no longer habitable, and the space around was filled with massive debris fields. The ships, which survived this apocalyptic event were now left stranded, and many of them did not have the facilities to survive more than a few hours.

However, a glimmer of hope remained. Important data from the event was shared throughout the Solar system. This valuable information might be used to develop new technological breakthroughs. There were still surviving smaller colonies like the Europa Science, and Mining Colony near Jupiter, and many smaller station colonies around the asteroid belts beyond Mars. Normally, the majority of these colonies relied on the central planets. Moreover, the communication network collapsed after the disaster. Only time will tell if the survivors are able to stay alive.

Gather Resources

You need resources to build your ship, but your equipment need also specific resources to function. Some of these resources can be looted, refined from asteroids, or even fabricated from raw materials.

Control Your Crew

At its core, Lost Sol is a ship management game, and your crew is an essential part of this experience. Everything from building structures to exploring wrecks is done by commands given to your crew members.

Fight For Survival

Depending on the difficulty setting in the start of your story, the game will generate events like asteroid storms, in different magnitudes, numbers, and speeds, which will test the capabilities of your ship, and crew. 

You will also face other ships, some of them will be wrecks, and might not have any active defenses, while the others will fight back. It's up to you to decide if you want to risk your ship for the rich spoils you may come across.

Structural AI

Lost Sol uses a special engine to assess each of your ships modules, checking information like how often they are maintained or how long they stayed damaged. It also makes calculations on how well the structure will continue to perform, if it is going to break down in a glorious explosion, or it will simply die down. It waits a handy crew member to tinker with it, because just like a neglected car is more likely to face serious problems sooner than a well maintained one, so is your ship.

This mechanism deepens the relationship between the importance of having a good crew to complement your ship, and the struggles you will be facing when designing such a large ship.

Game Views

Lost Sol gameplay is divided into two different views, the ship view, and the space view. In the ship view, you will have a fixed view of your ship with building options enabled. You are able to plan new structures, control existing ones, manage your crew, and assign or control various tasks. In the space view, you will have an outside view of your ship, and you will be able to view objects all around, take direct control over weapons, and use special ship modules.

Design, and Share

I think what makes a game great is also the power it gives to the players, who want to take it a step forward. Therefore, I made a powerful asset editor inside of the game for those, who want to have the core ship design experience. The in-game editor makes possible to build ships, wrecks, stations, and asteroids. For making file sharing easy for platforms like Steam workshop or forums, the editor has different options for importing, and exporting your designs in a single file format in JavaScript Object Notation. The players are able to present different starting challenges, and designs to show their skills, and techniques to the community.

Deeper Control

Some structures have unique panels for interacting with the structure controls. These can be anything from selecting what resources to refine, to picking new research projects. Every powered structure, which handles processes like research, refining, assembly etc. has an intuitive double hexagon design. This allows for quick overview of what's going on, how much of the progress is completed, and whether the structure is working, idle, or finished.

Time Dilation
Control the speed of the game. Speed it up, or slow it down. Give your self the time to think.

Icon Based Interface & Customization

While designing the UI, I tried to avoid a text wall as much as possible. Consequently, I made most of the UI design from icons. Both game views feature things like radar display (bottom right), and crew status (upper right), which can be toggled on/off. The ship status screen can be switch to full cargo view or both toggled off (upper left).

Future Plans

As the game continues to develop, I want to improve the game content, add new features, and improve user experience with better audio, and art. 

But Wait, There is MORE

For more information about the game mechanics, which I couldn't fit here, please visit our {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO} and our official website[].

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Engie 6 set 2018, ore 14:33 
Çok İyi Olmuş Kutlarım :) [Very Nice Game. Congrats :) ]
Acce 19 gen 2018, ore 11:07 
Heey, what happened to this?
Nerdy General 2 giu 2017, ore 21:32 
How much longer till it comes out???
Radiation 23 mag 2017, ore 15:35 
are there any websites to test tout the current game
Davelantor  [autore] 13 mag 2017, ore 8:52 
@Almantuxas - Thank you for supporting :) ... I am now waiting for Steam to verify my information for the game to be available to release on market.
Almantuxas 13 mag 2017, ore 6:58 
After seeing, that this game has been greenlit, I litterally got chills, since this is my first time helping a game get greenlit.
Гуманоид 2.0 29 apr 2017, ore 5:12 
Davelantor  [autore] 21 apr 2017, ore 3:34 
Wohooooo, we have been greenlit. Thank you all for your support.
Stay tuned for important updates :D
mohamed amine dghim 20 apr 2017, ore 1:40 
Im lost here with your amazing game and long descriptions :v good luck
MareGoldnHr 19 apr 2017, ore 17:21