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Pook H-13 / Bell 47 Heli Pack
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Data Type: Mod
Mod Type: Helicopter
DLC: Apex
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12 feb 2017, ore 11:58
5 ago, ore 18:45
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Pook H-13 / Bell 47 Heli Pack

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This pack adds the H-13 (Bell 47) helicopter along with several variations based on historical information: MH-13 Medevac (the M*A*S*H helicopter), the UH-13 transport w/ M60 door gunner, the OH-13 Amphibious CSAR chopper, and the AH-13 Light Attack Heli with dual-mounted M-60 guns. Default and Civ factions are now represented. The CUP version is now hosted as a separate addon.

This mod is signed and my bikey is included.
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9 mag 2017, ore 20:20
hellis not working?
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ph328 16 ago, ore 17:38 
please make the 4077th
ciny 7 ago, ore 6:58 

Nicomedes 8 lug, ore 4:02 
But i'd like to find the class names, so i can add them to spawn and traders.
Nicomedes 8 lug, ore 4:01 
@Mooseman: 4077 - Best Care Anywhere :)
Player 1 22 giu, ore 12:21 
After the last Arma 3 DLC the Sights in First Person does not work for the pook_H13_gunship variants, any chance of fixing this?
Elegy 7 giu, ore 6:18 
And also the difficulty of getting into OH-13 when it's floating on the water.
Elegy 7 giu, ore 6:16 
This mod causes the rate of fire of Coaxial MG on all offical APCS and tanks becoming slower, hope this will be fixed.
SergioBrZ 26 feb, ore 11:07 
I can not get on the heli when it's in the water!
BoloYeung 21 nov 2017, ore 20:41 
BoloYeung 21 nov 2017, ore 16:06 
wheres the pook class names to add them to traders?