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Holodeck (Open Door)
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Theme: Space, Tech
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27 mag 2016, ore 20:56
18 mag 2017, ore 16:55
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Holodeck (Open Door)

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I merged "Real Holodeck" (by Kevin) and "Holodeck Exit" (by Critter). The height of the room was also increased. Proportions should now match the TV show.

Thanks for the original work, guys!
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4 nov 2018, ore 3:33
How do I select this in Home?
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SMX87 26 nov 2017, ore 0:22 
Very nice work though some of the lines around the door could use adjusting according to this image
WinterMutation 4 giu 2017, ore 0:53 
I believe it's source 2. It was mentioned in the commentary of one of the vrhome environments valve released. Well it's not really crucial, keep doing what you're doing.
kideternal  [autore] 3 giu 2017, ore 14:53 
@WinterMutation Yeah, it doesn't look as nice with whatever new renderer they're using. I may update it in the future when I get time, but right now I'm super-busy with
WinterMutation 3 giu 2017, ore 2:13 
Well that sucks. I can't even get this or any environment to load in the standard compositor since the last few betas. I just notice this looks extremely banded when viewing even from the original static position.
kideternal  [autore] 2 giu 2017, ore 11:05 
@WinterMutation VRHome Beta adds the ability to move around within the environment. Both the model and lightmap were designed to be seen from a static position.
WinterMutation 1 giu 2017, ore 22:12 
Looks nice, but in vrhome beta the lightmap is very bad quality for some reason.
Libre 27 mag 2017, ore 4:29 
Sencillo y fantástico, y gasta poquitos recursos.
kideternal  [autore] 19 mag 2017, ore 1:55 
@Peachslices @Avatizer The model is installed on your local disk in a Steam subfolder somewhere. It's just a basic .obj file, so if you guys want to do something with it feel free.
kideternal  [autore] 19 mag 2017, ore 0:45 
@Avatizer Hmmm, looks interesting, I may just do that. Have my hands full just now though on a patch for Magnificent Ships: Volume 1 , and I have to do two more patches for other titles after that. Could be a while!
Avatizer 18 mag 2017, ore 21:55 
With new SteamVR update, can this be updated with the Enterprise hum and maybe some other appropriate sounds coming from the hall?