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100% Reward Blocks Guide (w/ nearby teles!)
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Guide of which tele to use to get close to reward blocks. Some might not be the closest, but they're what we used to get the reward blocks. This guide lists ALL 176 REWARD BLOCKS!

Collecting all reward blocks will grant the "Reward... who am I kidding, no one will ever get this one" Steam achievement, which is easily the most tedious of them all. It's pretty fun, though!

You can type "/rewardblocks" to see which ones you have and don't have (they'll get a [+] when you obtain them). This guide lists the reward blocks in the same order as the "/rewardblocks" command does, which seems to be the chronological order in which they were first placed. Use Ctrl+F in this guide to find any specific one you're looking for.

Going by your "player quests" is a good way to start. The green telepad at root (it's in the north part, to the far right) will warp you straight to the town your quest is in. Most reward blocks will show up as player quests eventually. I recommend saving kjh787's SpikeMaze for last as the creator will give you a free pass if you're at 175/176 reward blocks. It is absurdly difficult, even with the maze solution.

Use the MegaMap[8bitmmo.net] to know where to go. The coordinates provided with the reward blocks are not the exact location of the block, but give a small square area of where it's located. Though not all parts of the map are up to date with the game on the megamap (see last time it was updated), it's generally pretty accurate considering the servers are no longer as active as they once were. =68 does not seem to be included in the MegaMap.

You can use "/publicpad list" to look through the list of available pads that you can tele to. Use "/loc" to see current location (you can plug this into the MegaMap site linked above; this will give you a better idea of where to go sometimes).

I highly recommend keeping two MegaMap tabs in your web browser open for times where the telepad isn't right next to the reward block. In one, plug in the reward block coordinates, and in the other, type in the coordinates from /loc. Use these to compare the location of you and the location of the telepad.
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Reward Blocks (1)
  • zxc12321cxz - TUTORIAL (62,114=65) use /tele junk (walk south a bit)
  • Sim9 - The Law Offices of LOL & LOL, Inc. (125, -31=65) use /root and go to the yellow telepad to the right of Sir Zombie Brains (make your way north; the key is to the right of the big red building at the end)
  • PsychoticSmiley - Underground Hipster Dungeon (-33,-27=65) use /root and go to the northern telepads; use the one on the far left (just make your way through the area to the block, simple)
  • Trololo - The Land of The Trololo (-74,118-65) use /tele 17 (right to your left)
  • reap3r119 - ~Random Block~ (-126,101=65) use /tele nalf (you'll need to head west a bit; once you arrive, get the key in the wooden building to the right, and enter the gray structure (from the back) where the reward block is located in; the reward block is to the right once you enter)
  • setk - TROLOLOLO (0,0=220744) use /tele obstacle course (go into the spikes to the left, this is one of the hardest ones in the game, also known as the infamous WATER MAZE. I have created a FULL MAP of it for your usage; if you're having trouble keeping on one block, pay attention to the water texture or hold a block from your inventory above it if that helps)
    I wanna give a big thanks to Kasis for his handwritten map[imgur.com] that was partially incomplete but helped me get this reward block!
    Quick video as well!
  • El Dromedario - Thunder Moon Treasure (26,-77=65) use /tele thunder (it's on the bridge just above, then down the stairs at the center of it)
  • Sibsu - Guestbook (107,-61=65) use /tele Redrum (use the telepad directly northeast of you; then the reward block is in plain sight)
  • pikachu789 - Combustion (1,0=4214) use /tele combustion (slightly north; in plain sight)
  • jguy72 - Red Snow Guestbook (-120,111=65) use /tele alberta (see megamap; go south and then go up the snow stairs in this little town area)
  • zloc6 - WaterFountains (-23,-69=65) use /tele jade (from here, head east, and get into the town shown in the pic from its east side. There is a spike trap, so stay on the upper white block while entering) Immediately upon entrance, there are two telepads; take the one to the left to enter the maze!
    You can also walk up the the southeast corner of the maze (the maze is just a bit more west of the town) and go up the stairs in the wilderness to the reward block.
  • Kobsterr - Nearly Impossible, have fun! (-107,18=65) use /tele canada (head west down the road until you hit water; then, head north until you hit a small building. from here, just go a little bit east and the block is in plain sight)
  • kjh787 - Free Gold At the Zoo. Top Left Telepad in black are of Bastion Hub (113,-85=65) use /tele zoo (in plain sight to your right)
  • MetaDraco - METAAWARD (-69,36=65) use /tele nowhere (go out of the building, and down the road until you pass the large bodies of water; go slightly northwest, into the castle, up the stairs inside in the upper right, then the block is in plain sight)
  • Nibrudly - Modville (74,-101=65) use /tele Skylounge (head northwest and enter the castle-like structure; the block is in plain sight in the center of this place)
  • Meep42 - The M.D.C (96,9=65) use /tele The Meep Directional Challenge (head through the doors on the left and use the telepad there; block is in plain sight then)
  • kjh787 - Wilderness Block B (29,-108=65) use /tele Ivalice (it's in the center of a tall tower, the entrance is at the top, you should be able to build next to the tower)
  • kjh787 - (-123,-101=65) use /tele 8bitmmo (head west for a bit and a tad north; the block is in plain sight in some grass)
  • kkfenix - McNoobingham guestbook (-121,-86=65) use /tele neon temple (go southwest for a little bit, not such a far walk to)
  • PsychoticSmiley - (-126,65=65) use /root and go to the northern telepads; use the one second from the left. (head to the northwest part of the hospital for the x key; then, go to the northeast and up some stairs to the next level; move across until you're in a large room with some enemies, then go south and around until you're on some grass. Open the locked door, then go down the hole and very quickly get to the block)
  • Grim Master Death - Northern Hub (0,-113=65) use /tele origin (use the telepad second from the left just north of you; the block is then in plain sight)
  • Sage - Visit Dire Island (=66 Map) (-125,-127=66) use /tele di (use the telepad to your left; go up to the mansion, use the telepad to the right just inside the entrance; next, use the telepad below you; the block is here)
  • Superior Robot - (120,27=65) use /tele ponyville (go southwest a bit; its in the bottom right corner outside a medium-sized red structure)
  • Superior Robot - (118,20=65) use /tele ponyville (go to the town just northwest; it's by the building behind the checkered tower, in the lower right corner hidden behind the wall)
  • swaggerton - Sages quest from Beyond the Grave (117,-43=65) use /tele platinum (then use the yellow directly to your lower left; walk down south a little bit; you can go over the northern half of the east wall of the town this quest is in. Go to house 1 (see picture) and grab the key; then go to house 2 (using the key) and fall through a fake floor. Walk through this little underground area until you hit a password door; the password is "faceyourfears" (/pdo faceyourfears). Go use the telepad in there, walk a little more, and the reward block is yours)
  • StarXStone - Noob Tutorial (112,31=65) use /tele noobis (grab the key right by where you spawn in, then go into the house just a little bit southwest using this key, go upstairs in that house and grab the key in there, then finaly go to the house on the right with the reward block and unlock the doors)
  • mumstheword - swags da reward (-89,-1=65) use /tele hub (at the edge of a town there is a tunnel it's in there)
  • shadowking107 - (114,63=66) use /tele king107 (in plain sight just north of you)
  • SnakeZXZ - Ship (28,79=66) use /tele boat (it's at the bow hidden)
  • d0uca - DDDDD (-107,-59=65) use /tele unum (after this, use the telepad in the top right corner and walk just a bit south from here until you're outside of the telepad hub. We have to do this because the door is locked, lol)
  • kjh787 - quack (109,-85=65) use /tele zoo (go south down the road and take a left at the first turn)
  • Hero of Time - Hyrule Adventure (73,103=66) use /tele goldroom (this is a bit of a walk to the town the quest is in, but I couldn't find a closer one, sorry)
  • poopyfarts - yoyo (-86,3=65) use /tele hub (take the stairway to heaven)
  • HoboNinja - The Quest For Mediocre Loot (-63,96=65) use /tele hub (go to Iocoland, which is second right from the bottom right corner; from here, go out the door and head west to the giant town with a lake in the middle of it. You need to get a key from inside a building, then open up a door to the building with the reward block. See the picture for these locations:
  • lettucehead619 - (-84,106=65) use /tele 51 (you'll need 100 gold)
  • swaggerton - (-125,122=66) use /tele swag (and take first tele to the right)
  • Jimmy - SPIKE DUNGEON #1 (0,2=64704) use /tele epic (then go southwest a little bit)
  • Jimmy - SPIKE DUNGEON #2 (17,-45=65) use /tele epic (then go southwest a little bit, then use the first telepad from the left)
Reward Blocks (2)
  • Jimmy - SPIKE DUNGEON #3 (26,-48=65) use /tele epic (then go southwest a little bit, then use the second telepad from the left)
  • Reaver76 - Challenge Course 1 (-88,81=66) use /tele challenge course (watch out for the spikes at the very end of the first water section, hard to see)
  • Xerp - SPIKE DUNGEON #4 (1,3=84931) use /tele epic (then go southwest a little bit, then use the telepad on the far right)
  • Andy Lu - Mars Crash Site Rescue Mission (1,-1=179895) use /tele Space (this is an easy, fun little quest)
  • irondude - irondude's town (0,0=424353) use /tele irondude (in plain sight)
  • EvilXenon - Hyrule Level 1 (2,2=125070) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest. (simply make your way through to the telepad, very easy)
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Remcos hidden treasure (46,-115=65) use /tele ivalice (it's just a little northeast of "Another Hidden Treasure" and can be found via shortcut through some hidden stairs (there's paper on the first step inside the building) in the far northeast of this town)
  • Grim Master Death - (-106,29=65) use /tele dragon (hidden in pink tree)
  • Grim Master Death - The secret not so secret secret treasure (99,-2=66) use /tele east (go into the small building just northeast, there's a hidden passage through the "bookshelves")
  • Grim Master Death - Hidden loot is always fun (-89,-114=65) use /tele sula city (go up my giant curvy gray stairs and drop onto the gray structure; go down into a small water pit to the block)
  • Grim Master Death - They will never find this one (-93,-113=65) use /tele sula city (go into the center of the green circle thing in the northwest area; you fall through this gray block)
  • Ankos - Outside the Citadel (-63,127=66) use /tele citadel (if you go a little north, there's some steps over the wall, from there go to the left where there's a gap in the wall, then go up and then south down a small pathway to the southern border of the citadel. The reward block is hidden inside the lower gray block)
  • BetaRuler - Forest of confusfion medal (99,-66=65) use /tele platinum (then use the yellow telepad directly to your lower left; use the right side yellow telepad in this town that's just a little east of where you should be from there. This is a weird telepad maze, but it's easy enough; up right right up is the solution)
  • Grim Master Death - (-125,-112=65) use /tele beach hunt (exit this building; go to the beach just northeast and press "e" in the center of the fountain thing to be teleported to the block)
  • Grim Master Death - Secret Cave 1 (-109,-101=65) use /tele neon temple (go into the back of the fountain flowing into the body of water (just northeast) into a hidden alcove with the block)
  • Grim Master Death - Lighthouse (80,100=65) use /tele junk (go wayyyy eastwards; it's simply inside that lighthouse)
  • Black_Jack - 8bit history museum (68,31=65) use /tele museum (in plain sight northwest of you)
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Another Hidden Treasure (42,-106=65) use /tele Ivalice
    Quick video guide! This one had me stumped for a bit as the general routes are both blocked, but it is STILL possible if you go on top of the roof using stairs from the wilderness. I've also heard that simply walking up behind it and pressing "e" also works, lol.
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Not another hidden treasure?! (35,-114=65) use /tele ivalice (but from where the player quest spawns you in at the townstone, go up the stairs on top of the water maze, then go a little north to skip over it entirely to get to some brick stairs. Go up them, then down them a bit and into the wooden building. Go down a few stairs, then stand where I stand in the screenshot and press "e" as another shortcut to obtain the reward block)

    Video from Catalyst (though he doesn't use the skips)
  • miyukia - Ivalice's Airship (31,-103=65) use /tele Ivalice
  • alleykat - Seattle (0,1=97812) use /tele Seattle
  • retsejnomis - Picture of a Hotdog (1,-2=155822) use /tele There
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Beta & Remcos hidden treasure (44,-98=65) use /tele ivalice (you'll want to build some blocks up from the north wall to the right and hop into the tube from there to the block, this is the easiest way; some of Catalyst's blocks are built in tower formation here already)
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Hidden pirate treasure! (-85,112=66) use /tele bn (see map to see how to get to the area you need to be in; walk into the water, under the plank, if you're able to walk right into the boat up some stairs to the block, you've done it right, if not, try dropping down again, probably a little more north)
  • Emiliano12121214 - ... (1,1=161963) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest.
  • kjh787 - Platshop Rewards Program (0,0=443738) use /tele platshop (in plain sight a little north of you)
  • Skycows - SKYFARM! THE QUEST FOR LOOT (0,-1=181663) use /tele sky (go around to the left of the house in the water, fall through a hole)
  • CRiSiSiDENTiTY - Welcome To Metropolis (1,0=202973) use /tele metro (in plain sight to your left)
  • Sendrei34 - The Future (-9,92=65) use /tele future (in plain sight, two blocks south of you)
  • Corngamer - Deep Mines #1 (-48,14=65) use /tele hub (then go to the middle telepad in the top right row to "Garbotown"; the entrance is just a little southeast. The key you need at the end is south of the dragon. Remember that you can go on the edge of a block to avoid a laser beam; their hitbox is as big is they look)
  • DrugCrazedRebel - Yet another hidden treasure... (57,-86=65) use /tele ivalice (in the red carpet hall, go down into the water to get a key; after that, go back to the brick stairs (or stairs from the wilderness) and walk into the glass house thing; you'll need the key here and after that you'll get to the block)
  • MarbelZ - THE MEEPING DEAD (0,2=95601) use /tele twd quest (get the x key in northwest, go to the hospital basement path for the square key, then go on top of the hospital)
  • NMSquirrel - NMSquirrels Maze (1,-1=204014) use /tele SNAP (go through the initial green maze, then go to the dirt maze on the left, finally after going up the glass/water stairs thing go to the middle path and through a little maze and you'll end up in a lounge with the reward block)
  • ToxicPenguin_ - C4HeLi's Tomb (113,119=65) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest. This one is hidden, so press "e" by the end.
  • retsejnomis - Nowhere (-67,26=65) use /tele nowhere (the maze entrance is two buildings west of the "/NOWHERE" written in sand on the ground)
  • DeadRunning - Nocturne (-4,43=66) use /tele nocturne (in plain sight just south of you)
  • retsejnomis - FAQ Path (-65,23=65) use /tele nowhere (there are ten questions, with either a green or red path (one kills you); the order is green, red, green, green (checkpoint after here), red, green, red, red, red, green. Once you go through these all, you'll get to a final telepad to a reward block :D)
  • Xerp - (0,2=117845) use /tele social (get inside of the green and glass thing to your left from the south side of it; it's in the center beneath a rainbow egg)
  • Shmease - Tower of Not Terror (-58,73=65) use /tele redrum (bit of a walk southeast)
  • Zooty - Casino Guestbook (-56,-126=65) use /tele casino (in plain sight)
  • Value - Sandcastle Treasure (0,-1=223633) use /tele hell (go to the right and climb up, going through various obstacles)
Reward Blocks (3)
  • Value - Glass 'Rare Item Museum' Guestbook [/tele rare] (99,-12=65) use /tele Rare (in plain sight to your right)
  • setk- setk's Obstacle Course (0,2=220744) use /tele obstacle course (do a bunch of parkour, w/ checkpoints along the way; block is at the end)
  • shcky - greyskull (83,28=66) use /tele pad (take the telepad in the top row, second from the left, press "e" where Catalyst is standing in the picture)
  • b1nary - Welcome to Switzerland (0,2=228249) use /tele swiss (inside the body of water in the south of this pocket dimension)
  • SomeguyPlays8BitMMO - the reviewer cave (1,0=454152) use /tele the reviewer cave (to get the key, you need to go on top of the laser block)
  • Captain Fearless - FREE GOLD for now at /tele Manhattan (1,0=199743) use /tele Manhattan (in plain sight)
  • BetaRuler - Businessmans Casino 1st time visits (98,-60=65) use /tele jackpot (in plain sight)
  • shcky - Moo (107,1=66) use /tele moo (the key is on the roof of a checkered tower thing in the southwest corner of the town)
  • MarbelZ - MEEPERS of the Caribbean (2,2=234896) use /tele treasure island (go up the tentacle and off the ship; then go to the volcano in the top left, grab the key, go down to the bottom right and into the other ship; the block is on top of the ship)
  • princewilliam3 - Dirt Desert (0,1=1381) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest. This one is hidden, so press "e" by where I've circled in the picture.
  • Value - Vista (117,-7=65) use /tele pathy
  • Sharpsorrow13 - SorrowVille's Gift (0,0=253588) use /tele bounty pvp (free, in the northwest corner)
  • Tracend -TrancendDungeon (-1,-1=27846) use /root and go to the northern telepads; use the third one from the left (complete the small challenge here, easy enough)
  • TheGreatOnion - Weeping Mountains (-73,-91=66) use /tele marbington (go northeast to some docks, and there's a telepad in the northmost one that brings you to the quest, which you need to go east and then south around the mountains to get to. Go to the password door and type "/pdo poltergeists" then complete the maze and get the square key. Go a bit down south to find a square key door with an invisible spike maze inside (you're shown the solution before you begin, it's quite easy) and then go upstairs to get the reward block)
  • Value - Tree of Life (0,0=281464) use /tele spectrum (it's inside the tree dude)
  • EPIC BRONY - WELCOME TO EPIC CITY (0,1=278630) use /tele epic city (in plain sight)
  • MarbelZ - THE MARBEAN FOREST (47,-57=66) use /tele the marbean forest (go left first to grab the key, then tele back and go through the doors. Just follow paths, simple, but lots of walking lol)
  • TheGreatOnion - Chinese Ghost Story Part 1 (-71,-100=66) use /tele marbington (go northeast to some docks, and there's a telepad in the northmost one that brings you to the quest, which you need to go east to get to. Go to the basement of the lighthouse and do the quick underwater maze)
  • MarbelZ - the fall of bitmas (43,-47=66) use /tele fall of bitmas (drop straight down onto a reward block on a Christmas tree)
  • retsejnomis - Laser Training (-76,2=66) use /tele laser (this one SUCKS, good luck, it's VERY hard, there is no cheese unfortunately! This is the hardest one in the game, that is if you get a pass from kjh787 for spikemaze)
    Some tips:
    You can grab the square key to the right of start by pressing "q" on it instead of traversing over to it. This means getting to the first HIDDEN CHECKPOINT quicker and easier (Catalyst does not do this in his video)


    Safe spot! Buy some food, then right click it in your inventory. This is where you'll need to be able to take that extra hit.

    Video guide, created by my friend Catalyst!
  • The Icy - Welcome To The Town OF Hope! (60,63=66) use /tele hope (in plain sight)
  • ryankk135 - Riverside (-19,33=68) use /tele PixelPark (in plain sight)
  • LegoBox - Saga of the Four Winds: Arc 1 (2,-1=281598) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest. (get the key near the center of the south half, then bring it to the southeast corner and go up)
  • Nairnlemonade - You have found the hidden treasure! (1,1=330139) use /tele Garden of Eden (a quick little maze; you won't be able to see the block itself, so press "e" when you get to the end shown in the picture)
  • StarmanFan - Welcome To Termine! (-101,53=66) use /tele termine (in plain sight)
  • Pygmypi - Pygmypi's Awesome Reward Block! :D (1,0=431538) use /tele platstore (in plain sight)
  • TheGreatOnion - Saga of the Four Winds (-81,-104=66) use /tele marbington (go northeast to some docks, and there's a telepad in the northmost one that brings you to the quest; go behind the building in the southwest corner until you activate a trapdoor and are brought to a laser dodging course; at the end of this is a triangle key. Once back up in the town, enter the leftmost building of the top row of buildings. Go upstairs and use the telepad to be transported to the lower deck of a ship. Go up the stairs of the ship to the top, and of the left side is a room with the reward block)
  • Chris_Ramos - /tele Beer 948,89=65) use /tele Beer (in plain sight)
  • bumchin - 16BitMMO Devlopment (-1,0=191099) use /tele 16bitmmo (go through the door to your right at the very start; from here, just follow the path. There's some parkour, enemies, and obstacles along the way, none of which are hard at all)
  • Dat1Ninja - Minigames (1,1=382230) use /tele Minigames (in plain sight)
  • kjh787 - Zoo Rewardblock Number 4 (Hidden) (116,-85=65) use /tele zoo (go south, take a right at the first turn, then continue until you see the block in plain sight here)
  • kjh787 - Zoo Advertisement Block #3 (112,-82=65) use /tele MegaZoo (in plain sight, just south a little bit)
Reward Blocks (4)
  • Demintika - Draconian's Treasure (0,0=433292) use /tele draconian (this one is quite tricky, but not so hard if you know where to go. See the video guide for more clarity. Anyways, first, go up to the house, then take a detour right in the water, avoiding spikes. Go around to the other side of the house (one more spike block on the other side of it) and press "e" to open a door two blocks north of the bridge and at the base of the house. You'll have just enough air. Come out from under the stove (bit jittery) and go upstairs; at the password door, type "/pdo yggdrasil" to open it. Go up some more stairs, then jump off the roof into the waterfall to get the square key. With the square key, go from the map to the right of spawn (with the eggs) down into the area by the dragon. Go around its head to its right side, and then get on top of it. From the top, get to its mouth, then fall into it; open up the left door using the square key, and quickly maneuver to the x key at the end of the path (pay attention that you walk on it and don't run into the walls a bunch or you'll run out of air). The final key was the hardest for me to figure out on my own, but it is easy to execute. Get to the roof of the house again, then drop down to the door on the right side of the house and enter the little bedroom. Get on top of the bed (watch out for laser), and at the right time, go to the block directly to the left of the bed and press "e" to open a door above you; this will allow you to see the triangle key. Grab the key from afar using "q" (may take a few tries) and get back to the roof once again. Jump down to the area in the northwest corner. Go through the first (unlocked) door, then around to the left go up a block and south a tiny bit, retracting immediately to tease a laser, then go back and quickly pass it to the square key door. Go around to the left again, going up a block and into some water, retracting as soon as you exit the water as to tease this laser, and come back once again, quickly opening the x key door. Do this same process again for getting to the triangle key door, entering from the north this time; there are too lasers. Tease the first one, then just let yourself get hit by the second. Open up the triangle key door quickly; here is the reward block at last!!)
  • MarbelZ - mopshausen (4,-1=175168) use /tele no arms no reward (then climb the tree to the left and go through the roof to the telepad)
  • madman2002 - reindeer incident at north pole (-95,-110=66) use /tele north pole (in the northwest corner is a dragon; press "q" on the key on the top of its left side. Then, go to santa's workshop in the northeast corner, carefully drop down a hole from the back (it leads straight into spikes, you have to quickly maneuver around them in mid air as you jump in, may take you a few tries) then unlock the door to a quick and easy water maze. Go down, and make sure you get air at the little pockets throughout (where the walls look a bit off) and after this, the reward block is yours)
  • d00by - d00by & shcky's excellent adventure (47,-53=65) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest. (start with the telepad; use "/pdo sim9" on the password door just up north, then go through a bit of a tricky maze (just always be on the lookout for hidden passages, as the sign says), and then finally a quick and easy "parkour" thing which you can actually walk around lol)
  • asedita1 - Ancalagon the Black (11,-106=66) use /tele pad (climb up the dragon to your left from its tail; you'll need to make a short leap to get to the block once you're a few blocks away from it)
  • setk - ~Marble Dungeon~ (0,-1=205960) use /tele marble (password is "city in ruins" though you'll still need to collect three keys at the top left, middle right, and bottom left areas)
  • MarbelZ - ice kingdom (49,-123=66) use /tele ice kingdom (go a bit south to enter the dungeon, not north like you might initially think; make sure to pick up the X key before going to the telepad about 3/4 of the way through)
  • JakeAwesome - (-97,91=66) use /tele west (then take tele to southwest, use "/pdo illuminato" on the password door)
  • -STEVE- - HOUSE OF LIGHT (49,29=66) use /tele TGM (it's located in the lighthouse)
  • xXCopperKidXx YT - Dark Bayside Village (1,1=467077) there is no telepad to here but it'll appear as a player quest eventually. Use the green telepad in north root to get to it when you have it as a quest.
  • d00by - /tele 420 (35,31=66) use /tele 420 (in plain sight)
  • Ankos - Parkour (Pros Only) (-39,58=65) use /tele sand (get into the sandcastle where the block is via the water (go around to the left for a breathing spot) and go through a layered water maze up and the block will be upstairs)
  • shcky - Rainbow (127,-17=66) use /tele cloud (entrance on the right side)
  • ListDigger - /rewardblockname (0,0=390013) use /tele list (in plain sight)
  • MarbelZ - Return to Castle Marbelstein (26,-56=66) use /tele castle marbelstein (go north into the "castle", then upstairs to the southwest wing and get the key. Then, go to the southeast wing upstairs and get that key. Go to the downstairs southeast wing, and go through the little doors maze to the rewardblock)
  • GHiltyHG1 - Private Island (-116,65=66) use /tele private island (in plain sight)
  • knightcrayon - Beginners Obby (47,127=66) use /tele platmart (no obby, lol, this one is free)
  • shcky - (91,-16=66) use /tele moo (then take tele to mootwo)
  • MarbelZ - The Vault (66,-60=66) use /tele east marbington (use "/pdo open" on the door; once inside, head west and eventually you'll find some stairs; grab the checkpoint, do the quick laser course (fairly easy), grab the key, and open the door at the end of this hall)
  • Grim Master Death - (-117,-114=65) use /tele neon temple (this is hidden in the sand. Press "e" by the block that looks just a little bit off)
  • d0uca - Dstore (0,0=1107) use /tele dstore (just go to the northwest corner of the pocket universe, there's a door you can't open, but you can just go around lol)
  • CD87 - The Graveyard (0,0=402899) use /tele graveyard (go under the island in the northwest of the pocket dimension; you'll drop down onto an underground layer. From here, go to the grave in the middle of the southern border of the pocket dimension, where you need to press "e" while on top of to activate a checkpoint. Do "/ch" and then go around into the telepad, past the enemies, then onto another telepad that leads to the block)
  • Desius - Desius' Hidden Storageroom (-13,45=68) use /tele Desium (just a little southwest is a "storm drain" which will bring you to the secret underground tunnels where the reward block is hidden)
  • MarbelZ - Assassins Beep Part I (36,-56=66) use /tele assassins beep (read all of the signs; this is a fun three part quest, but I am not writing a guide for it as it should be intuitive enough if you can read)
  • MarbelZ - Anatomy Park (1,-2=1362) /tele Ruben (read signs throughout; go on the bone train, then from the skull go through a gap to the right and make your way to the brain (watch out for lasers) where the reward block is!)
  • zockerjirk - Jirkshire Town (26,-35=66) use /tele jirkshire (in plain sight)
  • ZombieGunner3000 - (1,-1=1009) use /tele AERO (go up one of the statue in the northeast's legs)
  • MarbelZ - Assassins Beep Part II (31,-53=66) use /tele assassins beep (read all of the signs; x key is in the area of Assassins Beep on the right)
  • zeRenity23 - Hotel serenity (4,3=427431) use /tele hs (press "e" next to the christmas tree in the southeast corner)
  • BlockMaker - blockmakers HUB (-52,16=66) use /tele blockmakers (in plain sight)
  • MarbelZ - Assassins Beep III (31,-59=66) use /tele assassins beep (read all of the signs)
Reward Blocks (5)
  • zeRenity23 - Mt. Serenity (0,1=436347) use /tele mts (just go to your right a bit, it's in plain sight)
  • shcky - Lost keys (127,1=66) use /tele Value (south of the townstone is an easy maze to an x key, after that make your way up to the house and fall through the fake floor. Press "e" where I'm standing in the picture)
  • LoneWolfXD - Rebellion Prize (1,0=442476) use /tele mayo (this one comes up as a quest, but gives false information)
  • d00by - /tele shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-1,-1=431542) use /tele shop (in plain sight, just to your left)
  • xXCopperKidXx YT - Come to Teh Dank Games! (-27,91=68) use /tele teh dank games (in plain sight)
  • Scratso - Spike Mountain Reward (-42,74=66) use /tele Spike Island (it's just a tad west; climb to the top, on the second snow layer is a laser to watch out for. Grab the reward block from behind as to avoid invisible spikes)
  • irondude - The Red Iron Clan's pedestal of Knowledge and Riches! (96,124=66) use /tele ric (in plain sight to your left)
  • dinodog1998 - (77,-69=66) use /tele bounty (then take tele to the right)
  • ryank135 - Fallout (-14,12=68) use /tele Wasteland (a little north of where you spawn in is a "vault"; enter this from the right side. Go upstairs, grab the key. A little east of the publicpad is another "vault"; open it from the door on the lower left side of it; the reward block is yours)
  • gamer9x - /tele gc - Gamer Colony (-115,94=65) use /tele GC (in plain sight just north of you)
  • gamer9x - /tele gr - Gamer Residential Town Hall [Level 4+] (33,92=66) use /tele gr (go into the building just north of you; it's in plain sight here)
  • TheDarknessFury - Happybirthday, Onion! (-45,-25=66) use /tele onion (go south a tad bit; it's in plain sight on top of the cake)
  • kiolo - Welcome to Blakeland (0,-1=269949) use /tele blakeland (just northwest of spawn is a fee door for 50 gold, just enter in there and there you go)
  • Tonksdude - Maze (1,-2=302990) use /tele mushbury (entrance is in the northeast corner; there's a skip you can do by activating checkpoints early here)
  • kjh787 - SpikeMaze (/tele maze) (0,0=403734) use /tele maze (you can also contact the creator of it on Discord if you have 175/176 to get a free pass at kjh787#0001. This is the hardest in the game otherwise)
    (Image Creds go to erijon3[forums.8bitmmo.net])
  • not respond - Not Respond mansion (0,1=206215) use /tele not respond (in plain sight just inside the mansion)
  • Sharky - /tele hills (3,3=1045) use /tele hills (in plain sight)
  • Sharky - /tele Aquarium (57,10=68) use /tele Aquarium (in plain sight to your right; tinted blue here due to glass)
  • d00by - 420 again (38,33=66) use /tele 420 (it's right behind some pixel art outside of where you'll spawn in)
  • d00by - RS Base 420 (36,21=66) use /tele RS420 (go north into the area above; in the courtyard is the block in plain sight just to the left)
  • d00by - d00by's mansi0n (0,-1=303763) use /tele d00by (go into the mansion, its just up some stairs)
  • Sim9 - Bitmas 2015 (-1,3=442982) use /tele Gift (go upstairs in the building, then to the south east area of the upstairs level; get the triangle key there, and bring it to a pink gift down in the southwest corner of the pocket universe where there's a door to the rewardblock)
  • ShadowOfLight - Revenge (-2,-2=446890) use /tele revenge (this is a maze with invisible spikes throughout, but you can cheese it by walking on the walls! See the video below)
  • 8bittbro - SAFETOWN (2,-2=443890) use /tele safetown (go to the northeast lava, then onto the stepping stones and into the far corner; there is an underground tunnel here. Get the key, then open the left door at the entrance to the town with it. Go the the mayor's building (white, gray M on top) and type /pdo win to get to the key inside. Just north of it is a blue glass building; go onto the roof of this then go to the right onto the pink building, and follow the wooden bridges on the roofs until you reach the yellow building in the northeast corner of the town. Open the door using the key you got, then go down the stairs from the roof and the rewardblock is yours)
  • knightcrayon - LOL & LOL's Remnants (76,-15=66) use /tele platmart (then use the telepad directly to your lower right)
  • chadl - Skyscrapers Reward Block (-1,1=446911) use /tele SS (this is a long obstacle course; start by entering the wall behind the "SS" letters. Go up the stairs, drop down to the left once at the top; at the wood floor, enter the next level from the glass wall to the right; once you get to the top of this, drop down to the left again; climb up the path, the reward block is at the end of the snow path just past the laser)
  • knightcrayon - CrayonQuest LOL&LOL (106,-1=68) use /tele crayon (then go to the telepad to the left; the key is in a little cave in the northwest corner)
  • Philnemba - Phil (0,0464649) use /tele phil (this one is an obstacle course, but it's fairly easy)
  • oldmatecodfish - (2,76=68) use /tele oldmates (walk directly south until you reach a maze in the southeast corner is a hole to get under ground and the reward block is in a large hidden area)
    Hole to underground
    Side areas and large room are normally hidden
  • Jking39 - Free reward block (0,0=445007) use /tele jclan (in plain sight)
  • ShadowOfLight - Fairy Maze (0,0=443727) use /tele fairy (hop into the fountain just a tad northwest and use the telepad; walk up to every wall until you find their hidden passages to the next inner layer, then go to the spikes in the middle to get to the block)
  • eaglehawk519 - A prize. (37,60=65) use /tele coin (go south a bit; it's in plain sight in front of a building)
  • Ankos - Bounty (91,98=66) use /tele goldroom (go onto the road just south of this town; then, go east until the next town; it's in plain sight up there)
  • leeny - Highgarden - Meep Manor (-113,119=68) use /tele highgarden (password to the door is "the butler")
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45 commenti
ChesterKiwi 6 dic 2019, ore 8:56 
Ankos - Bounty has changed. In-game it now shows "Ankos - Blood Shrine" at (-27,63=65). The closest tele is /tele sand, which is south of it, and it will be just east of the stairway to heaven in a small house with two hipsters, hidden behind a block of spikes.
DDtective 28 nov 2019, ore 10:13 
Easy way for 'DrugCrazedRebel - Not another hidden treasure?!' directly through sign: https://i.imgur.com/PsQCF57.png
Cynbel Terreus  [autore] 27 nov 2019, ore 18:09 

Only took 3 and a half years for you to notice XD

I see Mercury has been keeping it up well, awesome
Mercury  [autore] 27 nov 2019, ore 15:40 
thank you!!
RobbyZ  [sviluppatore] 27 nov 2019, ore 15:36 
Wow, amazing guide! :D :sign: :draco:
Mercury  [autore] 18 mag 2019, ore 8:05 
sent you a friend request, give me a beep when ur available
Mercury  [autore] 18 mag 2019, ore 8:03 
I never completed it the intended way; if you need some help getting the cheese to work I'd be glad to hop on and give you a boost
ESDave 18 mag 2019, ore 8:01 
Hey, amazing work you did there. It saved me days if not even weeks so far.
However, I'm currently struggling with the revenge maze by ShadowOfLight. I can't get the cheese to work on my own (not getting up the wall at the beginning).
Is there any guide for the proper way to solve this maze?
I have made it so far to the 2nd door (after the first lasers), but it's quite tedious, since you have to run through the whole maze over and over again just to make a little progress.
Catalyst 21 apr 2019, ore 15:12 
Without this guide I wouldn't be able to complete the reward blocks! Huge thanks to all who worked on it! [also me haha, I helped a bit]
Cynbel Terreus  [autore] 14 apr 2019, ore 8:10 
Thank you, Mercury has been a lot of help recently, adding them as they go.