ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Ark Steampunk Mod
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Dr.Oswald and The Steampunk Index

Dr.Rubeus Oswald had a vision. A vision of survival in the harshest environment ever encountered!

Alas, with that came a deep primordial drive to show the confused people of the island that anything is possible, if given enough effort and time!

Having been a pioneer for all his life, he made it priority to record, in detail, every successful contraption he has ever put to use, no matter how small or large.

The journey was long, hard, and at times, quite freightening for the Doctor, but through trial and error, deaths and loves, he accomplished feats no other Survivor had.

Amid his final hours, with his last breath, the Doctor muttered, "Share the Index with all! Take my lifetime of knowledge and Ssuurrrvviiivvveeee......."

Thus, the "Steampunk Index" was created!

Dr.Oswald’s Steampunk Index contains the following works...

  • 7 different Copper Wall pieces
  • 3 different Copper Foundations, including 1 illuminated Foundation
  • 3 different Ceiling Pieces
  • 6 different sets of lights
  • Automated Doors and Dino Gates
  • Behemoth Gate and Walls
  • The Great Dr.Rubeus Oswald’s Statue
  • Various other Structures including Gazebo, Bed, and Stairs
  • Copper Generator
  • Refrigerated Icebox
  • Metal Blast Forge, Copper Forge and Smoker
  • Copper Grinder
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Automated Drills
  • The infamous and renowned, Steampunk Teleporter
Armor and More
  • The much acclaimed, Steampunk Armor, with multi-stat buffs
  • Much, much more . . . .

Lore, Guides, and Discord

Want to know more about Dr.Oswald and the Steampunk Index? Come read the whole story HERE![]

Basic Steampunk Guide: Click HERE!

Patch Notes

Looking for Patch Notes? Click HERE!

Admin Spawn Codes

Spawn code list: HERE![]

Steampunk Wiki


Legal Agreement and Notices

ARK Steampunk MOD, including individual content, is NEVER to be resold or used on any form of donation-based or pay-to-win servers, unless granted permission directly by the developer

This product and its residing code and assets are protected, as a whole, by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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16 ago, ore 23:24
16 ago, ore 6:52
[Question] Metal blast forge
Nek ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
11 ago, ore 13:06
IN EVIDENZA: Suggestion/Ideas/addons
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Thomas 7 ago, ore 6:05 
im so in love with this mod, is it possible toe make rounded or triangle buildingparts so we can make castles etc.
BumbleRae 6 ago, ore 4:30 
nwm ,.got it
BumbleRae 6 ago, ore 3:44 
i heard you can make flyers faster,
Iowan 5 ago, ore 20:25 
I am using this mod on the Hope map. I have this strange white, glowing slipstream behind me everywhere I go after putting on the armor. How do I get rid of that? It goes away when I take the boots off. Haven't seen it before when using this mod on my other maps on my server.
iSpeZz  [autore] 3 ago, ore 14:25 
it isnt a TC mod
Rooster 3 ago, ore 12:09 
is this a total conversion mod or just addon?
RaptorRob456 3 ago, ore 6:00 
This mod deserves WAY more attention from Wildcard and the community than it gets! Reallly should be officially implemented! Would be an awesome, And in my opinion much needed, mid tier between Industrial and Tech.
123 1 ago, ore 12:07 
hi. little question. Do you know the problem that the ice machine and steam power machine is always filled with fertilizer? Sorry for my english - use Translater for it.
iSpeZz  [autore] 31 lug, ore 11:51 
most likely ah mod using use exact resource @riverTaro
Makc 31 lug, ore 11:33 
Hello! Installed your mod server is loaded all is normal but after a minute throws out the game. Tell me because of it, maybe?