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[VF] CO 08 Stealth v1.01
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Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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2 apr 2016, ore 10:42
2 apr 2016, ore 15:30
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[VF] CO 08 Stealth v1.01

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-= Contexte =-
A few hours after the Charkia massacre, the ennemy is getting closer and closer to the border. The presence of self-propelled howitzer is stopping our progression. We must act quickly.

We have sent a special force unit ( call sign : Alpha). Their mission is to neutralise the armoured column. A local contact (code name : Mirabelle) has stolen a transport truck from the ennemy as well as uniforms, they will help. All you have to do is hide at the back of the truck.

-= Renseignements =-
For this mission you have no support and must observe radio silence!
The presence of AA batteries (Type ZSU-39 Tigris) denies you any air support.

The Limni marshlands are a possible approach vector, however it has been heavily mined with Apers.
The ennemy is not expecting an attack, remain undetected or lying the explosives will be much more difficult...

-= Version =-
v1.01 : 02/04/2016
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3 commenti
[=VF=]-Cepu 20 apr 2016, ore 5:05 
Que du bon. ;)
Very nice !
Anatoli 5 apr 2016, ore 9:27 
Je confirme... Super série de missions... Allez faire un tour par là, ça vaut le détour !
Il s'agit de débriefings réalisés après avoir joué chaque mission de Flash...
Flash  [autore] 2 apr 2016, ore 12:33 
Cette mission fait partie de la campagne dynamique de la Virtual Force.
20 missions environ jouées depuis le lancement de cette campagne qui est toujours en cours.
Les débriefings et récits de guerre sont visibles sur notre forum.