Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Audio Test Chamber
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Game Mode: Classic, Custom, Training
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13 gen 2016, ore 5:55
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Audio Test Chamber

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This map helps you to determine your best speaker configuration setting, by playing repetitive in-game sounds.
By pressing/shooting the button, you can toggle the chosen sound.
Try turning/moving around, to train your sound localisation skills.
You can also do a bot sound test on the ground floor. After you activate it, you can use your movement keys to control the bot.

-The distance of the sound may be different from the original ones.

How to open the map?
- Press Subscribe above
- Launch CS:GO.
- Press the "Workshop" map section.
- You can select the map there.
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61 commenti
geri43  [autore] 8 mag, ore 15:31 
Thanks JymZ, enjoy your new headphone
✪ JymZ# 8 mag, ore 10:30 
+rep %100 Recommend this map, I got my knew headphone and I just couldn't get over the settings but this map helped me a lot. nice job man and keep the good work up.
★ ResisTance ★ ☠ 27 apr, ore 17:18 
I will test it ;) and then i see :D
`Ethan csgo500 12 apr, ore 10:24 
can you please make it so that we can turn on more than one sound source at the same time?
Team Nightmare Freysa 18 mar, ore 7:38 
6 page comment wtf
j e r e 27 feb, ore 8:26 
Yaşar Kemal 8 feb, ore 7:18 
★Moβit★ CS.MONEY 21 set 2017, ore 23:59 
Nice Map!!! thx!!
ONIMUSHA 10 giu 2017, ore 15:44 
thx mate u helped a lot
MARAFON 10 feb 2017, ore 11:37