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TVSI-Tech Hangar Doors [DX11]
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Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
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8 dic 2015, ore 10:48
16 gen 2016, ore 9:39
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TVSI-Tech Hangar Doors [DX11]

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Tristavian Shipyards Inc: TVSI-Tech
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TVSI-Tech Hangar Doors
Revision: 2
Direct X: 9 & 11
Date: 16/01/2016
Version: 01.117
Model Sizes: 2,400 kb
Texture Sizes: 90 kb


Construction of asteroid and planetary bases led to Tristavian Shipyards engineers requesting substantially larger hangar door options from sub-corporation TVSI-Tech. The result was a wider range of parts capable of allowing pressurized hangars for much larger ships instead of just small fighters.

Author Notes

There are two other well known mods which seem quite similar. This is meant to compliment them with additional options rather than compete with them...
By Eikester also offers a 4-block hangar door and has long been a staple mods on some of my ships. There's a couple of subtle differences; mine uses the stock sounds, has a slightly different base part and I wanted the doors to move at the same meters-per-second as the stock one rather than have the same total opening time.
by Sektan offers a staggering array of parts but due to self-enforced stock-alike performance on modded parts for my ships, I felt that every single door having a 1x1x1 base was unrealistic and wanted the extra challenge of properly sized base parts.

All respect to both authors, especially Eikester for advice in getting my own working.


Colourable: Yes
Available On: Large Ships, Stations
Survival Ready: Yes
Build States: Yes
Collision Mesh: Yes
Correct Mirroring: Yes

Current Functionality: Airtight Hangar Doors
Future Functionality: Considered Complete

Current Content

TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 2.5m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 7.5m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 10m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 12.5m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 15m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 17.5m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 20m
TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door 50m

TVSI-Tech Airtight Hangar Door (Corner) 5m

Planned Content

Possibly some much larger parts


As basically zero of this work is mine other than adjusting a couple of models I provide this with no stipulations. A mod-list is polite but not required for uploaded workshop items.

Version History

16/01/2016: Rev2: Added 20 Block Version. Added 2 Block Corner.
15/12/2015: Rev1: Added 1, 3, 5 and 7 Block Versions
08/12/2015: Rev0: Initial Release


All models and textures by KSWH and adapted by Tristavius.
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64 commenti
Rude 31 mar, ore 7:02 
This should just be vanilla
QWERTY128BITS 23 dic 2018, ore 2:30 
It i possible to create a half block hangar door? I have a 9 block wide ship. And I cant use two horizontal hangar door, because the central line.
Theseus718 18 nov 2018, ore 8:24 
Damn...why in the hell did Keen make so many vanilla blocks with uneditable yellow parts, like conveyors? Ugh...the least liked color ever. Having two color regions to edit would be epic, as much as this game capitalizes on building.
DSiren 20 apr 2018, ore 23:53 
@danky Kang at that point making a complicated door with mergeblocks and stuff will make more sense than just "blocks" and even then blast door and rotor should cover you fine.
FloppyDolphins 20 apr 2018, ore 14:11 
Pretty sure they still work though when placed.
Da' Memes 8 apr 2018, ore 16:10 
FloppyDolphins 4 mar 2018, ore 8:50 
How big, specifically? @Danky Kang
Danky Kang 22 feb 2018, ore 14:15 
Yo, anyone know of a mod with even bigger hangar doors? I cant fit my star destroyer in the hangar yet. (giant crater hangar)
FloppyDolphins 14 feb 2018, ore 15:54 
Guys! Please stop asking for a texture update to make it look like Vanilla! It looks good as it is now!
Maison De Cornusiac 17 gen 2018, ore 10:19 
This while hangar doors from within this mod pack when placed against each other, no matter which size, still perfectly provide airtightness, also against armor.