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Keep Defence => Asymmetrical Tower Defence!
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5 dic 2015, ore 20:31
8 gen 2016, ore 9:03
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Keep Defence Combat Overview Video is here!
Keep Defence was exhibited at PAX AUS 2015!
Data di rilascio: Q2 2017
Experience both sides of an epic war across a unique Tower Defence adventure that spans nations. Lay siege to nigh-impervious fortresses and guard against relentless hordes of strange alien creatures in order to bring an end to the conflict. Build unique decks of customizable units and face your friends in combat, as both the defender and attacker.

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer - Dive into Keep Defence’s epic singleplayer campaign to determine the fate of the world; or test yourself in the ultimate battle of wits against other players in fast-paced online matches.

  • Asymmetrical Factions - No more mirror matches; whether you’re playing as the attacking Feldresh or the stalwart Gleaming League, you’ll have an entirely different arsenal and gameplay experience than your opponent.

  • Customize and Conquer - Alter your cards in a staggering variety of ways to suit your preferred play style. Even decks with the exact same cards can play extremely differently.

  • Real-Time CCG Combat - Experience collectible card game combat in fast and unforgiving real time: no waiting for turns and definitely no mercy.

  • One time purchase - No additional in-game purchases, all cards are generated via currency which is obtained from completing the single player campaign and competing in arena PVP battles.

In Keep Defence, players will take the role of either an attacker or a defender, with each bringing a completely different gameplay experience. Both players start with a hand of cards, and playing those cards will provide immediate effects on the field, whether it be summoning monsters or laying waste with devastating spells.

  • Real-Time Combat - There aren’t any turns in Keep Defence, and new cards are drawn periodically. Think and act fast to secure victory!

  • Strategies - Crushing your opponent through sheer force isn’t the only path to victory. Your strategies can range from slowly whittling down your opponent’s strength with a combination of troops and magic, to overwhelming them with sheer numbers and everything in between.

  • Monsters (Attackers) - The bread-and-butter of the attacking deck, there are cards for a variety of monsters; from small hordes to terrifying bosses.

  • Heroes (Defenders) - Heroes come in several forms - some halt the enemy’s advance through sheer strength, whereas others provide support to their allies. Placement and strategy is key to successfully using your heroes - think carefully!

  • Spells (Attackers and Defenders) - Utilize an arsenal of spells to dominate your enemy. Cast beneficial buffs on your troops, devastate your enemy’s forces or lay cunning traps.

  • Level-Up Cards - Every card can be levelled up, from a lowly Jungle Spora to a mighty Bioweaved Mammoth, increasing their power and keeping them relevant, no matter how extensive your collection.

  • Powerful Customization - Draw from a deep pool of attributes to drastically modify your cards and playstyle itself. Grant speed to a slow but powerful creature, focus on empowering its strength even further, or even turn it into a support-based unit.

  • Easy-to-Use Deck Builder - We’ve developed a new kind of deck building tool, allowing decks to be built and customised more quickly than ever. Whether you’re a grizzled card game veteran or a fresh recruit, you’ll be able to design and edit decks in no time at all.

  • Different Decks for Different Styles - Players have access to two primary decks - one for attacking and one for defending. As both play styles differ so drastically, so will the decks and strategies - skilled players will learn the ins and out of each.

While Keep Defence is already a fully realized game, we are giving the community access to the tools we use to create content.

  • Create maps to play online against your friends!
  • Upload your maps to the Steam Workshop and play maps generated by the community.
  • Create unique tile-sets and upload to the Steam Workshop.

We at Good Game Productions love CCGs and we’re excited to share our take on the genre with the world!

We’re a small team based in Melbourne, Australia, our team includes industry veterans with over 20 years experience who have worked on titles including the Chaotic Trading Card Game, Populous: The Beginning, Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron Unlimited, The Sims, SimCity 3000 and Neverwinter Nights 2.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch with us via our Facebook page or email us directly :
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javierucu 9 feb 2016, ore 2:10 
hi, I think this project looks fantastic.Nice cover. This kind of games are exciting. Now i´m finishing the soundtrack in other game and it would be great to work beside such a promising team. I think my music could fit well in your project. You could listen some of it here: What do you think? my email is: Thank you. Good Job.
stefanobuonocore 24 gen 2016, ore 13:47 
Bacon 8 gen 2016, ore 21:31 
Congrats on getting greenlit guys! :D:
Jeremiah 8 gen 2016, ore 0:36 
Looks awesome! The animated cards are a really nice touch too.
Jason 7 gen 2016, ore 22:06 
nice game! :)
Emberseed Studios 6 gen 2016, ore 19:51 
Nice work! Looks funky and innovative! YES vote from me. :)
denysoft 6 gen 2016, ore 18:39 
Very Cool! hope to see this soon on Steam :)
Nhneno Games 4 gen 2016, ore 23:24 
Nice game bro! :steamhappy:
Forever Humble PDX 4 gen 2016, ore 21:01 
Voted....and thanks for your support on our Greenlight submission as well
A88mph 4 gen 2016, ore 20:28 
Reminds me a little of Card Hunter.