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Explosive Microwave
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Type: Weapon, Addon
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Explosive Microwave

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Gamemode: Trouble in Terrorist Town

Source: Explosive Microwave on GitHub []

The Explosive Microwave is a Traitor Item which explode if Innocents/Detectives are nearby.
It won't explode if Traitors stand close to it, except an Innocent activate it. Traitors will also see the Microwave as "marked", Innocents won't. So don't worry about this. After placing, the Microwave will only arm itself after 2,5 Seconds.

Weapon Name:
  • weapon_ttt_expmicrowave

Compatibel with:
  • TTT
  • TTT2
  • TTT Fate

Latest Patch:
  • [TTT2] Added full TTT2 support

If you find any bugs please report them! I will try to fix it as soon as possible!
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4 commenti
Determination In The Flesh 9 giu, ore 9:32 
maggnificent :missing::melon:
69ArmyBug 26 mag, ore 17:17 
do a sandbox version please
Speedy  [autore] 19 mag, ore 15:21 
@Jasorn, I'm sorry, I guess that happened with the latest update, I will fix that tomorrow. Thank you for your feedback!
Jasorn 18 mag, ore 20:24 
glows red for everyone including innocents so kinda useless