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Power Drive 2000
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Genre: Action, Racing, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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4 mag 2015, ore 11:50
12 mag 2015, ore 11:14
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One Year Update
48 hours to go in the Kickstarter!
Data di rilascio: May 2016
Power Drive 2000 is an arcade racer set in the year 2000...the future! Get behind the wheel of a technologically advanced sports car and tear it up as you battle to become A-number-1! The game features many unique game modes set in a 1980's cinematic scf-fi world and boasts a totally radical Synthwave soundtrack! Also...the car talks.

Some of the artists on the soundtrack include:

Vector Hold, Mega Drive, Absolute Valentine, Amplitude Problem, Dance With the Dead, Carpenter Brut, Dan Terminus, Killstarr, Dynatron, Dream Fiend, Niky Nine, MOXX, Gost, Starbound, Sung, TEMPHUiBIS, Garth Knight, NightStop, Kalax, Ex-Machina, Opus Science Collective, Jepzon

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20 nov, ore 2:50
There is no game
The rootiest tootiest cowboy
4 set 2016, ore 10:12
this game is good?
16 giu, ore 15:23
This project live?
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478 commenti
Nebula 9 nov, ore 16:38 
Please finish this game already
◆ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ◆ 9 nov, ore 16:37 
Wait, where is the game, we've been waiting forever now!
Nebula 6 nov, ore 17:41 
Please i really want this out
CptVømy 5 nov, ore 12:42 
probably never
BIG BLACK COCK 4 nov, ore 0:22 
when will this gonna finish?
CptVømy 1 nov, ore 12:34 
yeah, this is the probably the closest it's gonna be.
Don Mario 1 nov, ore 11:28 
@CptVømy Yes indeed, however it's not finished. Would be great if the developer could comunicate with the backers and the fans or atleast hand it over to someone who could finish it.
This game would be awesome! It would easily pay 30 bucks for this.
CptVømy 1 nov, ore 8:58 
Here's the download link for the game:

It only works for windows, but it may be able to work on mac with wine bottle. If it doesnt work or load on windows, run it as an adminstrator. hope this works
Sam 19 ott, ore 14:52 
The notifications to this comment section always gives me false hope :(
Sizercopter 19 ott, ore 11:45 
Oyun çıkacak mı???