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High Volume Roundabout
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Assets: Intersection
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17 mar 2015, ore 6:56
18 ago 2015, ore 4:21
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High Volume Roundabout

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See attached Youtube video for demo.

High volume roundabout suitable for most 2/4/6 lane situations. Don't use this as an intersection/ junction between two highways/ motorways as its not meant for that amount of traffic.

Upkeep: 55 / week
Cost: 5760
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11 commenti
Ozymandias 25 ott 2015, ore 11:38 
This is just the roundabout I wanted! Thank you for uplaoding this.

Do you know why Canada doesn't use many roundabouts? Because Americans would think they call them roondaboots.
Crux Magic 15 giu 2015, ore 12:04 
Alright sounds good, I've been making thumbnails for a few people. Only took me a couple mins to do so no trouble. Glad you figured it out. There is a problem with old assets not letting you add thumbnails so you have to use a mod someone made called sprite changer which lets you create a new asset, apply thumbnails copy them then you can load your old asset and paste and save then.
Firejack  [autore] 15 giu 2015, ore 12:02 
Heh if only I'd seen your message before spending 90 minutes figuring out how to add the thumbnail myself LOL!
The process isn't straight forward. I was expecting there to be an "add thumbnail" button or something simple!
Still it works thats the main thing.

Thanks for your efforts all the same :)
Crux Magic 15 giu 2015, ore 8:51 
Ok so I've gone ahead and made a custom thumbnail and tooltip image for this. I've named the file exactly how your currently have it so no one will have issues who have already subscribed. I changed the main image to look exactly the same as you have it here only I added a +Custom Thumbnail in white text.

All you have to do is download the .crp file here...
Crux Magic 15 giu 2015, ore 8:51 
Then to update, Subscribe to this intersection and open up Cities Skylines, go to the content manager then assets and find your intersection and click update. Then a popup should come up and there will be a tiny folder in the bottom right hand corner of the preview image. Open that folder, then open the content folder. There you will see your old .crp file. remove it to your desktop if you wish to save/back it up. Then place my new .crp file in that content folder. Now you can go ahead and click update and it will overwrite the file on the steamworkshop and everything will be good to go.

Quick note before doing the update though, make sure to copy the description on the workshop page first because the update will erase it, then you can just paste it back and save.

This should only take you literally less than 2 mins to complete.
Hope you will update this! Thanks :)
Firejack  [autore] 14 giu 2015, ore 11:32 
Will do. Was planning to edit the roundabout anyway. Trying to finally nail down what causes the "points" of the roundabout to sometimes mis-align to the grid by a single degree. Isn't a huge issue but it breaks the zoning into multiple parts.
Crux Magic 14 giu 2015, ore 3:52 
Hey, anyway you could update this with a preview thumbnail for the toolbar in game? Thanks :)
Chaosengine 25 mar 2015, ore 17:42 
RoundAbout Perfection!
Carch 23 mar 2015, ore 16:59 
perfect roundabout!
The Red One 21 mar 2015, ore 7:25 
Uses the AI's pathfinding and lane-chosing perfectly!