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22 feb 2015, ore 6:54
29 nov 2016, ore 12:42
Data di rilascio: 2017

Snowbroken is a fast paced action RPG,
Highly recommended for players who enjoy exploring and surmounting difficult situations.
You'll be inhabiting and likely defending your home against players from around the world on interjoined desktop, laptop and mobile platforms.

It's currently in development and will release in 2016.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!
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13 apr 2015, ore 9:15
snow broken
4 nov 2016, ore 21:45
when is it coming out?
7 mar 2015, ore 9:05
a K . 4 seven
Rog3r that <SΛGΛ> sJc
< >
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RaR3X2  [autore] 28 mar 2017, ore 23:14 
@Auros Valve time™ and Soon™
Pr0fane 16 mar 2017, ore 1:35 
It's now 2017 with no game in sight. Thank you RaR3X2 for completely destroying my faith in Greenlight devs.
Animalistic 29 nov 2016, ore 12:37 
Player Guaranteed :D
BThRe3 27 set 2016, ore 11:25 
In dec of 2016 will it be released? Love your modding man, you do some amazing work. As well with Tribes One
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ 10 ago 2016, ore 21:11 
"Most hyped game of 2016..." -SNES Insider Magazine
psycho 4 apr 2016, ore 17:45 
is this still in development
oye 21 dic 2015, ore 6:04 
I loved to paly it <3
N1kKkmMm ♕ [Mix] 29 set 2015, ore 8:17 
Good Game
Snoob 25 ago 2015, ore 13:15 
@RaR3X2 Noice! glad to hear it as ive been following this game for quite some time.:steamhappy:
RaR3X2  [autore] 23 ago 2015, ore 18:43 
@Snoob Yes, but with many changes to the original design :)