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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
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15 gen 2015, ore 9:25
26 gen 2016, ore 19:48

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EGX Rezzed in London
Steredenn is a frenetic and chaotic space shooter, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles. Embark in your ship and engage the fight against dreadful space pirates in a never-ending combat for your survival.

Steredenn is at the crossroads between a shmup and a rogue-like. Enjoy the infinite replayability of the game with its unforgiving gameplay, intense boss fights, (almost-)randomly generated environments, twisted space events and a surprisingly large arsenal of weapons.

* Beautiful art and spaceships.
* Awesome boss fights.
* Addictive, ruthless.
* Endless arcade gameplay.
* Quick and intense sessions.
* INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: levels are (practically) randomly-generated.
* SCORING: beat your friends and be the best!
* CHALLENGES: Try to pass all the hard hand-made challenges.
* ARENA: Unlock a boss by defeating it in the normal mode. Then, train against it in a 1 to 1 duel. Your guns, your laws, your fight.


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26 feb 2015, ore 12:10
No linux version?
3 feb 2015, ore 2:00
Vo De Suport
3 feb 2015, ore 2:01
Son of Nocturne
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198 commenti
KenpA 7 apr 2015, ore 5:25 
Testé au Fest4Game, j'ai trouvé le jeu excellent ! La difficulté est plutôt bien dosée et le panel d'armes est vraiment énorme, j'ai hâte de voir ce que donnera la version finale ! =)
✪ RiOn 10 feb 2015, ore 7:29 
good game
shit de joga mal 4 feb 2015, ore 11:48 
eu compraria
Алексей Лештаев 4 feb 2015, ore 3:11 
Unsainted 4 feb 2015, ore 2:58 
:tradingcard: wow!
Akula 2 feb 2015, ore 14:09 
GANIBAL 2 feb 2015, ore 11:33 
SonicQuick 1 feb 2015, ore 18:41 
robertbacallado 31 gen 2015, ore 21:55 
good game (:
Inquisitor 31 gen 2015, ore 9:35 
Game looks fantastic