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10 feb 2015, ore 10:28
9 mag 2015, ore 2:19
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Data di rilascio: Fourth quarter 2015


  • Players must properly exploit resources not to cause biological, energetic, atmospheric or seismic collapse on their planets
  • Each Player takes care of own unique generated planet
  • Player control up to 10 planets and armada build on each planet
  • Millions of generated planets for players to loot plus other players planets to loot
  • Explore universe to progress through story
  • Diplomacy dialog with other players
  • Marketplace, Buy and Sell resources and additional artefacts to help in your production
  • Crafting of new game items
  • Manage planets population and provide them with adequate resources
  • Build massive armada
  • Protect & Conquer

  • Micro management of resources on your planet
  • Arcade exploration of sectors in universe
  • Turn based strategy when looting other players
  • Real-Time strategy when attacking other players planets
  • Arcade when landing on planet
  • Action third person when looting on planet
  • 3rd person shooter with inverted perspective
  • Space combat
  • And more ...

  • Larger space battles with 140+ drones (16 now)
  • More assets on-screen at once and in higher quality
  • Refined GUI system suitable for big screens
  • New Reward system
  • Refined control system and gamepad support
  • Full Diplomacy system, establish trade routes and discover new sectors
  • Quest system, generated and player made
  • Bounty & Reward system, put bounties on players, send rewards, generated and player made
  • Character progression, player actions define his nature
  • Advanced and refined clan / guild system,
  • Planetary management, plan and place cities, defences and traps
  • Refined Marketplace
  • Open server for moding, reskin everything, load assets from custom URL
  • Community driven development, you suggest and choose features we implement

Dangerous and vast, Underverse is a universe of Sumerian underworld gods and their believers and home to numerous forgotten civilisations, clans and cultures. It evolves as players play trough 42 sectors and encounter many planets to fight and loot.

Find the artefacts, fight epic battles and meet unexpected guest while you roam through it.
Be aware, you will need all your skill and more to get trough.

Beautiful cut scenes, hand drawn by our brilliant Rok Ivančič will tell you the story that starts in parallel universe where Cpt. Starship left and as you explore sectors, story will unveil further.
Drawn for over a year, detailed and beautiful, cutscenes present the story, act as loading screens and give overall look and feel of the game. They present the mood and scenery of your Journey thought the treacherous Underverse.

Written by Sanja Loncar and Tadej Fius, the story has taken shape as a graphic novel, narrated by Lynsey Frost, which you can check out on i-Tunes Appstore.

Community driven development?
- Yes!

Have Additional Ideas? Send them, vote for features and we will implement them.

Forums will be open for players to suggest and vote over a wide range of features. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Steam, all will be read by our community managers, crunched trough and presented to the developers to work on. Some features will need more time to work on, some less.

Please join us at and follow us on or visit for additional info

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Steam trailer music composition by José Manuel Gómez Martínez.

Versions for PC, Mac and Linux available!

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17 feb 2015, ore 9:22
Feature request
8 mag 2015, ore 10:47
10 feb 2015, ore 10:16
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Yalme 12 giu 2016, ore 16:25 
Смерть эпилептика ))
Des  [autore] 8 mag 2015, ore 10:46 
Bob. 7 mag 2015, ore 6:16 
Can't wait this game looks awesome =)
Des  [autore] 28 apr 2015, ore 11:09 
Ty Beliy! :=)
beliy 27 apr 2015, ore 9:11 
good game
MediaAtlas  [autore] 27 apr 2015, ore 3:40 
спасибо some-fennel
FENNEL[UA] 26 apr 2015, ore 12:16 
+1. очень интересная игра:insfist:
MediaAtlas  [autore] 20 apr 2015, ore 6:13 
:) Fodro Baggis so we should stick with dubstep ?
Torch 19 apr 2015, ore 4:53 
Well. its got dubstep & flashing lights in the video so it must be good.
MediaAtlas  [autore] 17 apr 2015, ore 3:48 
Danke Schütze ! Спасибо kocyuba19880606 !