Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch, Custom
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28 set 2014, ore 22:44
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Terrorists are using hostages to draw in western forces.

Hand painted normal maps integrated with the new csgo shader.
My first Blender model, a T80u tank. Started the model in Hexagon,
which provided a great learning base to get into Blender.
Converted as many brush enities to models as possible using Propper exe.
(draw distances and faster rendering)
Lots of detail made with Propper too. (propper exe made by cfoust, it's awesome)
Special attention to lighting and some new pathways.
Still not entirely satisfied with optimisation, grrr.
A side note about roof structures that were never in the original Toujane. They are necessary
for optimization or there would be very low frame rates .
There are areas that I'd like to add more detail to, but rather not sacrifice performance.
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10 gen 2015, ore 13:11
get the tank, other assets and non-compiled map here
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BANAN 4 set 2017, ore 3:59 
Hi, rate my skins for weapons ssg 08

Привет оцените мой скин для оружия ssg 08

Daffy |Romanticide| ♌ 25 giu 2017, ore 12:24 
deemoN 5 mar 2017, ore 1:41 
I love this map <3
Kenshin 19 dic 2016, ore 13:45 
Better than original
trbljz 18 ott 2016, ore 9:27 
smokeR ༼ಠ益ಠ༽ 1 ago 2016, ore 11:54 
cod2 5000h on xfire <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
akos 21 mag 2016, ore 22:03 
cod2 <3
strøbe 6 gen 2016, ore 16:07 
CoD 2 memories ❤
KIBWA 2 gen 2016, ore 16:50 
great map!
.ѣѦם ☻ ÅɔÏĐ. 9 ott 2015, ore 6:51 
Great map and realy nice. Good to see you put so much effort into it. :ss13ok: